Image Credits

We have used featured images and in-content images in our blog.

Featured Image Credits

At, we have used featured image or FS image in most of the articles which appears below the title. Almost all the FS images are taken from Just a few images are taken from other free image websites like pixabay for which we have mentioned the credit in the image. is a free stock photos website which provides high quality images under Pexels license. This allows to use all its photos at free on any website or blog without any attribution. It also provide the license to modify and edit the images for digital and print publication purpose.

pexels license

FS Image Editor

It’s Canva which is used to design the images taken from pexels.

In-content image Credits

The in-content images are those which are in between the content after first para, second para, lists, tables and other sections. Most of these images are of login window, official notice, answer key, result, admit card, etc. which are taken from official website for explaining better to the students so that they can understand the process well.

Apart from this, if we use images and infographics from other media, then source for these images is given immediately below the image in the same article. is being used for cropping the in-content images and editing them.

Students or users can contact us, if they have any query regarding the content or images.