KVPY Syllabus 2022 for SA, SX & SB (Math, Chemistry, Physics & Biology)

KVPY Syllabus 2022 for SA, SX and SB – The syllabus for Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana which is conducted by IISc Bangalore is not released officially. But on the basis of previous years’ KVPY exam analysis, we get to know that in KVPY Syllabus 2022 SA stream comprises questions broadly from the chapters of Class 10th and Class 11th syllabus.

In the KVPY 2022 syllabus SX stream, the topics are asked mainly from 11th and 12th Class curriculum. Since the paper for SX and SB stream are same, so the same KVPY exam Syllabus 2022 is applicable to SB stream also.

KVPY Exam date 2022 is May 22, 2022, so students must try to cover their KVPY Syllabus 2022 at least a month before the examination so that they can focus more on revision and KVPY mock test 2022 during the last month. They can check KVPY Syllabus 2022 for SA, SX and SB streams below and prepare for their respective streams accordingly.

KVPY Syllabus 2022 SA Stream

According to IISc, students will be assessed only on the basis of syllabus of 10th and 11th in SA stream but some of the topics of 12th which had minor introduction in 10th are also asked so students need to prepare accordingly. After filling KVPY form online 2022, students must boost their preparation and attempt KVPY 2022 mock test.

Below is the KVPY Syllabus 2022 SA stream students which includes the name of all chapters and topics which will be covered in KVPY SA Exam 2022. These tables are prepared after KVPY SA exam analysis of previous years.

KVPY Maths Syllabus 2022 – SA Stream

Chapter NameClassNumber of questions asked in last 10 years
Fundamental of Mathematics9th & 10th93
Trigonometry10th & 11th18
Sequence and Series10th & 11th21
Quadratic Equations10th & 11th17
Binomial Theorem11th8
Permutation and Combination11th23
Complex Numbers11th0
Straight Line11th17
Conic Section11th0

KVPY Physics Syllabus 2022 – SA Stream

Chapter’s NameClassNumber of questions asked in past 10 years
Rectilinear Motion10th & 11th14
Projectile Motion11th2
Relative Motion10th & 11th3
Newton’s Laws of Motion11th4
Friction10th & 11th5
Work, Power and Energy11th8
Circular Motion11th1
Centre of Mass11th12
Rigid Body Dynamics10th & 11th7
Fluid Mechanics11th9
Elasticity & Viscosity11th0
Surface Tension11th0
Unit and Dimension10th & 11th4
Simple Harmonic Motion11th4
Waves on String11th 0
Heat Transfer11th2
Electrostatics10th & 12th13
Gravitation10th & 11th9
Current Electricity10th & 12th 21
Magnetism10th & 12th7
EMI12th 2
Alternating Current12th 2
Geometrical Optics10th & 12th35

KVPY Chemistry Syllabus 2022 – SA Stream

Chapter’s NameClassNumber of questions asked in past 10 years
Basic concepts of Chemistry10th & 11th28
Redox Reaction10th & 11th21
Atomic Structure10th & 11th15
Periodicity10th & 11th12
Chemical Bonding11th11
Gaseous State11th11
Hydrogen and S-block11th6
P- block11th6
Organic Chemistry ( GOC, Hydrocarbons, Functional groups )10th & 11th52
Kinetics11th 3

KVPY Biology Syllabus 2022 – SA Stream

Chapter’s NameClassNumber of questions asked in past 10 years
Cell Biology10th & 11th28
Plant Anatomy10th & 11th4
Plant Morphology & Families of Flowering Plants10th & 11th2
Plant Physiology and Diversity10th & 11th45
Human Physiology – I10th & 11th45
Human Physiology – II10th & 11th33
Animal Kingdom11th7
Common Human Diseases10th & 12th14

KVPY Syllabus 2022 SX/SB Stream

All the topics and chapters which will be asked in KVPY SB or SX Exam 2022 are mentioned below along with the class in whose curriculum those chapters are available.

Some of the chapters are very easy to score and mostly have topics of Class 10th, as per KVPY 2022 exam pattern. So students must prepare with these topics to score better without much effort. Check the KVPY Syllabus 2022 for SB or SX stream below.

KVPY Maths Syllabus 2022 for SX/SB Stream

Chapter’s NameClass
Surface Areas and volume11th
Vectors and 3-D Geometry12th
Real Number11th
Coordinate Geometry11th
Quadratic Equation11th
Geometry in 2 dimension11th
Mathematical Reasoning11th
Evaluation of Integrals11th
Functions11th & 12th
Calculus 12th
Vector Algebra12th
Linear Programming12th

KVPY Physics Syllabus 2022 for SX/SB Stream

Chapter’s NameClass
Sources of Energy11th
Wave and Optics12th
Physical World and Measurement11th
Laws of Motion11th
Work Energy and Power11th
Electromagnetic Induction12th
Alternating Currents12th
Modern Physics12th
Simple Harmonic Motion11th

KVPY Chemistry Syllabus 2022 for SX/SB Stream

Chapter’s NameClass
Carbon Compounds10th & 11th
Acid Bases and Salts10th & 11th
Periodic Classification of Elements10th & 11th
Environmental Chemistry11th
Metals and Non – metals10th & 11th
Isolation of Elements12th
Chemical Bonding11th
Chemical reactions11th
Noble Gases11th
Dienes and Alkynes11th
Chemical Kinetics12th
S, P, D, F – Block elements11th & 12th
Coordination Compounds12th
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes12th
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids12th
Alcohols, Phenols and ethers12th
Organic Compound with nitrogen12th
Everyday Chemistry12th

KVPY Biology Syllabus 2022 for SX/SB Stream

Chapter’s NameClass
Plant Physiology11th
Genetics and Evolution10th & 12th
Cell Structure and function10th & 11th
Control and Coordination10th & 11th
Our Environment10th & 11th
Human Physiology10th & 11th
Ecology and Environment11th
Diversity in Living organisms10th & 11th
Biotechnology 12th
Reproduction in organism10th & 12th
Reproductive Health12th
Molecular Basis of Inheritance12th
Microbes in Humans12th
Environmental Issues12th

Also Check

What is the level of questions in KVPY SX/SB Exam?

According to KVPY exam Syllabus 2022 SB/SX, the advanced level questions from the curriculum of 11th and 12th are asked in the examination to be held at KVPY 2022 exam centre. To give context, students preparing for JEE advance can crack KVPY with their JEE preparation.

Are the topics deleted in CBSE also removed from KVPY Syllabus 2022?

No, the portion deleted by CBSE for their board examination has no effect on KVPY, there has been no reduction in KVPY Syllabus 2022.

Should students of SA stream prepare topics of 12th Class?

As per KVPY Syllabus 2022 SA, there is no specific chapter of Class 12 but some of the chapters like Electrostatics, Magnetism and Optics, which are there in Class 10th are asked up to advanced level which is given in Class 12 syllabus 2022, so it is advised to prepare such topics form 12th Class NCERT also.

How to cover the KVPY Syllabus 2022 for SX stream in less time?

If students have less time left for exam, then instead of doing the whole syllabus, they can skip the topics which come rarely and focus on high weightage topics like Calculus, Conic section and geometry in maths, Modern physics, magnetism and electrostatics in physics, hydrocarbons, chemical kinetics and thermodynamics for chemistry and Cells, Biomolecules, Human and Plant Physiology in Biology.

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