Tamil Nadu 10th Syllabus 2024 PDF Download for TN State Board SSLC Exams

Directorate of Government Examination has released the new TN SSLC syllabus for 2024 exams. TN 10th Syllabus 2024 Tamil Nadu State Board is available online on official website in the form of pdf in Tamil and English medium as well. Students should download and refer to the Tamil Nadu SSLC syllabus 2024 to prepare for their exam well and understand the exam pattern.

This article provides the latest Tamil Nadu 10th syllabus 2024 for all subjects: Tamil, English, Science, Social Science, and Mathematics. Students must follow the new TN 10th 2024 syllabus to prepare for the board exams as question paper will be prepared on the basis of same.

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Tamil Nadu Class 10th Syllabus 2024 will also help students to understand the marking scheme. Cover syllabus by the release of 10th time table 2024 Tamil Nadu and start revision. Go through the article to know complete information about Tamil Nadu 10th Class Syllabus 2024 along with exam pattern and preparation tips.

How to download Tamil Nadu Class 10th Syllabus 2024

Below, we have provided easy steps to download Tamil Nadu 10th Class Syllabus 2024.

  • First of all, visit the official website.
  • Now click on TN 10th Syllabus 2024 under the notification tab.
  • TN SSLC Syllabus 2024 will appear on the screen.
  • Click on download link and save the Tamil Nadu 10th syllabus 2024.
  • Take a print out of Tamil Nadu Class 10th syllabus 2024 for the future reference.

Tamil Nadu SSLC Syllabus 2024 Download Link

Below, we have tabulated Tamil Nadu Class 10th Syllabus 2024 for all the subjects.

Syllabus NameDownload Link
TN SSLC Priority Syllabus 2021-22 English MediumClick Here
TN SSLC Priority Syllabus 2021-22 Tamil MediumClick Here
TN SSLC Syllabus PDF Download Links

TN 10th Syllabus 2024 for all subjects (Topic/Subtopics)

Knowing what the topics and subtopics to study for an exam, is a good strategy to prepare well. Students should go through the following table to get list of exact topics and subjects to study:

TN SSLC Syllabus for Mathematics

The topics and sub-topics need to study for Maths subject are given below:

Relations and functionsOrdered Pair, Cartesian product, Relations, Functions, representation and types of Functions
Numbers and SequencesEuclid’s Division Lemma and Algorithm, Modular Arithmetic, Sequences, AP, Seris, GP
AlgebraSimultaneous Linear Equations in three variables, GCD and LCM of Polynomials, Rational expressions, Square Root of Polynomials, Quadratic Equations and Graph, etc.
GeometrySimilarity, Thales Theorem and Angle Bisector Theorem, Pythagoras Theorem, Circles and Tangents, Concurrency Theorems
Coordinate GeometryArea of a Triangle, Area of a Quadrilateral, Inclination of a Line, Straight Line, General Form of a Straight Line
TrigonometryTrigonometric Identities, Heights and Distances
MensurationSurface Area, Volume, Volume and Surface Area of Combined Solids, Conversion of Solids from one shape to anotherwith no change in Volume
Statistics and ProbabilityMeasures of Dispersion, Coefficient of Variation, Probability, Algebra of Events, Addition Theorem of Probability

Tamil Nadu 10th Syllabus 2024 – Social Science

History, Geography, Civics and Economics are the integral part of social science. Chapters covered in these parts are tabulated below: 

Part NameChapters Covered
HistoryOutbreak of World War I and Its AftermathThe World between two World WarsWorld war IIThe World after World War IISocial and Religious Reform Movements in the 19th Century
GeographyIndia – Location, Relief and DrainageClimate and Natural Vegetation of IndiaComponents of AgricultureResources and IndustriesIndia – Population, Transport, Communication and Trade
CivicsIndian Constitution Central GovernmentState Government
EconomicsGross Domestic Product and its Growth: an Introduction Globalization and Trade

TN 10th Syllabus for Science

Chapters/Topics covered in this subject, are provided below:

Laws of MotionOptics
Thermal PhysicsElectricity
AcousticsNuclear Physics
Atoms and MoleculesPeriodic Classification of Elements
SolutionsTypes of Chemical Reactions
Carbon and its CompoundsPlant Anatomy and Plant Physiology
Structural Organisation of AnimalsTransportation in Plants and Circulation in Animals
Nervous SystemPlant and Animal Hormones
Reproduction in Plants and AnimalsHeredity
Origin and Evolution of LifeBreeding and Biotechnology
Health and DiseasesEnvironmental Management
Visual Communication

Tamil Nadu SSLC Syllabus 2024 for English

There will be 5 sections in the exam of English Subject and topics need to study for these sections are given below:

Section AVocabulary, Synonyms, Antonyms, Lexical
Section BGrammar, Filling in, Transform, Punctuation
Section CProse, Textual Comprehension, Paragraph
Section DPoetry, Memory, Comprehension, Paragraph
Section ELanguage. Functions, Normal Comprehension, Error Spot

Tamil Nadu 10th Syllabus 2024 – Exam pattern

Students must be aware about TN 10th exam pattern along with TN 10th Syllabus 2024. Below, we have provided the Tamil Nadu 10th Exam Pattern.

  • All the students have to appear for a total of 6 subjects.
  • These 6 subjects will comprise a total of 11 papers.
  • Each paper will carry 100 marks in which 80 marks for theory and 20 marks for practical.
  • The minimum passing marks are 35% for each subject including theory and practical.

Tamil Nadu SSLC Exam Pattern 2024




Maximum Marks

Minimum Marks to be

obtained for pass

Part I

Tamil (Compulsory)

Paper I



Tamil (Compulsory)

Paper II


Part II


Paper I




Paper II


Part III







Social Science



Part IV

Optional Language

Telugu, Arabic, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati Sanskrit, Tamil, French and Urdu


Not Prescribed

Tips to Cover Tamil Nadu Class 10th Syllabus 2024

Students must follow below given preparation tips to prepare for SSLC Exam and score better in 10th result 2024 Tamil Nadu.

  • Go through TN 10th Syllabus 2024 thoroughly to understand the exam pattern and marking scheme before starting your exam preparation.
  • After going through the TN SSLC Syllabus 2024 make a time table which includes all the subjects and stick to it everyday.
  • Clear all your doubts with your seniors and teachers before the exam.
  • Solve previous year question papers as much as possible.
  • Do not take stress and take proper diet and sleep, exercise daily to keep yourself physically and mentally fit.

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FAQs related to Tamil Nadu Class 10th Syllabus 2024

  1. How can I download Tamil Nadu 10th Class Syllabus 2024?

    Visit the official website of Directorate of Government Examination to download Tamil Nadu 10th Syllabus 2024.

  2. Who will release Tamil Nadu SSLC Syllabus 2024?

    Tamil Nadu 10th Syllabus 2024 will be released by the Directorate of Government Examination, Tamil Nadu.

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