CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024: Chhattisgarh CG Board Class 11 syllabus PDF Download

CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024 –  Chhattisgarh Board will publish CG Board class 11 Syllabus 2024 on its official website. Students can download CGBSE 11th class syllabus 2024 PDF from CG Board 11th syllabus 2024 will be available for all three streams (Science, Arts and commerce).

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Chhattisgarh Board 11th syllabus 2024 has a detailed list of chapters for each subject. Students can utilize CG Board 11th class syllabus 2024 to obtain an overall idea of the marking schemes and exam pattern. Continue reading to learn more about CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024.

cgbse 11th syllabus

How to Download CG Board 11th Syllabus 2024?

Candidates can follow the below mentioned steps to download CGBSE class 11th Syllabus 2024:

  1. Go to the official website of Chhattisgarh Board-
  2. Click on the ‘Academics’ tab located on the top of the home page.
  3. You will get a list of syllabus for each class. Now, choose your academic class- ‘class 11’.
  4. On the next screen, a complete list of subjects will be available. 
  5. Click on your required subjects to download CGBSE syllabus 2023 Class 11 for your stream.

CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024 – PDF Links

We have provided subject-wise links to download the Chhattisgarh Board Class 11 Syllabus 2024. Open the links given in the following table to download the syllabus for any subject.

Subject NameDownload Link
CGBSE 11th Accountancy Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Biology Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Business Studies Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Chemistry Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Commercial Maths Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Economics Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th English Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Geography Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Hindi Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th History Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Home Science Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Industrial Organization Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Maths Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Music Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Physics Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Political Science Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Sociology Syllabus 2023Click Here
CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2023 PDF Links

Highlights of CGBSE Class 11 Syllabus 2024

  • Chhattisgarh Board recommends NCERT books which are offered in two languages: Hindi and English. Students can download the books in pdf format from the official website of NCERT.
  • Candidates preparing for competitive examinations should read CG Board class 11 Syllabus 2024 along with CGBSE class 12 syllabus 2024. Candidates should thoroughly examine the study materials and prepare for the tests efficiently.

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CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024 for Maths

CGBSE Class 11 Maths syllabus 2024 comprises of a total of 16 chapters. The question paper of Maths carries a weightage of 100 marks. Check the CG board 11th syllabus 2024 for maths here.

CGBSE 11th Syllabus for Maths

  • Sets
  • Relations & Functions
  • Trigonometric Functions
  • Principle of Mathematical Induction
  • Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Sequence and Series
  • Straight Lines
  • Conic Sections
  • Introduction to Three-dimensional Geometry
  • Limits and Derivatives
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Statistics
  • Probability

CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024 for Physics

  • Theory paper carries 70 marks.
  • Practicals carries 30 marks. 

The CGBSE 11th physics syllabus 2024 for theory and practicals is given below.

CGBSE 11th Syllabus for Physics Theory

Chapter / TopicMarks allotted
Physical World and Measurement3
Laws of Motion10
Work, Energy and Power6
Motion of System of Particles6
Properties of Bulk Matter10
Kinetic Theory of Gases5
Oscillation & Waves10

CGBSE 11th Syllabus for Physics Practical

Two experiments from one of each section8+8 marks
Practical record (experiments of activities)6 marks
Investigatory project3 marks
Viva5 marks
Total30 marks

CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024 for Chemistry

Unit NameMarks
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry5
Structure of Atom6
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties4
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure5
States of Matter: Gases and Liquids4
Chemical Thermodynamics6
Redox Reactions3
s -Block Elements5
p -Block Elements5
Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniques7
Environmental Chemistry3

CGBSE 11th Syllabus for Chemistry Practical

Volumetric analysis8 marks
Salt analysis8 marks
Content based experiment6 marks
Project work4 marks
Class record and viva4 marks
total30 marks

CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024 for Biology

There are a total of 5 units and 22 chapters in CG Board 11th Syllabus 2024 of Biology class 11. Check the tables below for a complete theory and practical syllabus.

CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024 for Biology Theory

Unit NameChaptersMarks
Diversity of Living OrganismsThe Living World
Biological Classification
Plant Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
Structural Organisation in Plants and AnimalsMorphology of Flowering Plants
Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Structural Organisation in Animals
Cell: Structure and FunctionCell-The Unit of Life
Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Plant PhysiologyTransport in Plants
Mineral Nutrition
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
Respiration in Plants
Plant – Growth and Development
Human PhysiologyDigestion and Absorption
Breathing and Exchange of Gases
Body Fluids and Circulation
Excretory Products and Their Elimination
Locomotion and Movement
Neural Control and Coordination
Chemical Coordination and Integration

CGBSE 11th Syllabus for Biology Practicals

One major experiment5 marks
One minor experiment4 marks
Slide preparation Part A5 marks
Spotting Part B8 marks
Practical Record + Viva4 marks
Project record + Viva4 marks
Total30 marks

CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024 for Economics

The CG Board 11th Syllabus 2024 of Economics is segregated into two parts: Theory (80 marks) and project work (20 marks). The chapters along with the marking scheme are given below:

CGBSE 11th Syllabus for Economics

Part A – Statistics for Economics
Collection, Organisation and Presentation of Data10
Statistical Tools and Interpretation27
Part B – Indian Economic Development
Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 199112
Current Challenges facing Indian Economy20
Development Experience of India – A Comparison with Neighbours (OTBA)8
Project Work20

CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024 for Business Studies

The question paper of Business studies comprises 90 marks and 10 marks will be awarded on the basis of project work. Check the syllabus below.

CGBSE 11th Syllabus for Business Studies

Part 1
Nature and Purpose of Business9
Forms of Business Organisations11
Public, Private and Global Enterprises8
Business Services9
Emerging Modes of Business4
Social Responsibility and Business Ethics9
Part 2
Sources of Business Finance11
Small Business9
Internal Trade11
International Business – IInternational Business – II9
Project Work10

Tips to cover CG Board Class 11 syllabus 2024

Students are advised to complete the whole CG Board 11th syllabus 2024 without skipping any topic. A proper study plan is necessary to ensure that students are prepared enough to answer any questions asked in the exam from Chhattisgarh Board 11th syllabus 2024. We have suggested below few helpful tips below:

  • You should go through the questions and marking scheme of CGBSE class 11 syllabus 2024. It is necessary to have complete knowledge about the exam in which you are going to appear. 
  • Divide the content of each subject according to your convenience. You can complete the easiest part at the beginning and then move to the toughest part. 
  • After covering CG Board 11th Syllabus 2024, wou should solve previous year question paper to practise with various questions. 
  • Always remember that last moment preparation is stressful and you may miss out some important details while hurrying up in covering CG Board 11th Syllabus 2024. Hence, you should always try to wrap up your syllabus prior to two- three months of your final exam. The rest of the time you can use for revision. Keep in mind that the more you revise, the more likely you are to get excellent scores in your examinations.

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FAQs related to CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024

What is the best study plan to complete entire Chattisgarh Board 11th Syllabus 2024?

Students should complete the entire syllabus at least 2 months before the exam and then proceed to revision for strengthening the topics.

Can I download CGBSE syllabus in English?

No, students can only download CGBSE syllabus 2024 class 11 in Hindi versions.

Can I study CGBSE 11th Syllabus 2024 for entrance exams in colleges?

Yes, students can also use the class 11 syllabus 2024 to study for the entrance exam to pursue higher studies and get good grades on the written test.

Is it important to study all the NCERT sources for CG Board 11th Syllabus 2024?

NCERT Class 11 books are carefully designed by the experts as per NCF 2005. So, studying NCERT textbook material will provide students a comprehensive understanding of Chhattisgarh Board class 11 syllabus 2024.

Is it necessary to solve sample papers after covering CGBSE syllabus 2024 class 11?

Yes,  students are advised to solve sample papers for each subject to improve their scores in CGBSE 11th exam 2024. 

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