AP Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2025 For All Class 12 Subjects

Board of Intermediate Education, AP (BIEAP) has released AP Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2025 on the official website. The syllabus has been released for all the streams Arts, Commerce and science. Students are suggested to download AP Inter 2nd 2025 Syllabus and go through the all the topics of each chapter.

AP 2nd Syllabus Inter 2025 will contain Exam Pattern, marking scheme, important chapter etc. Students should complete the entire AP 2025 Inter 2nd Year Syllabus at least 2 months before the exam, so that they can get enough time for revision. Go through the article to know subject-wise Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2025 AP and how to download it.
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How to AP Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2025?

Below, easy steps are given, follow the steps to download AP Inter 2nd 2025 Syllabus.

  • Visit the official website: bie.ap.gov.in.
  • Click on the link of AP Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2025 on the homepage.
  • After clicking on the link Inter 2nd Year Syllabus AP will appear on the screen.
  • Select your subject and click on AP inter syllabus PDF download button.
  • The PDF file of AP Syllabus 2025 Inter 2nd will be downloaded on your phone.
SubjectDownload Link
English, Telugu, UrduClick Here
Administration, Geography, Logic, Music, SociologyClick Here
French, Arabic, Kannada, Oriya, Persian, TamilClick Here
Practical syllabusClick Here
AP Intermediate Syllabus 2nd Year PDF Download Links

AP Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2025 – Highlights

Exam nameAP Inter 2nd Exam 2025
Board nameBoard of Intermediate Education, AP
Syllabus release dateReleased
Syllabus nameAP Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2025
BIEAP 2nd Year hall tickets 2025 release dateFebruary 23, 2025
Official websitebie.ap.gov.in

Subject-wise Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2025 AP

Below, you can check subject-wise AP Inter 2nd 2025 Syllabus.

AP Inter 2nd Chemistry Syllabus 2025

  • Solid State – General characteristics of solid state, Amorphous and Crystalline solid, Probing the structure of solid.
  • Solutions – Types of solutions, Expressing concentration of solutions, Molarity and molality.
  • Electrochemistry and Chemical kinetics – Electrochemical cells, Galvanic cells, Corrosion of metal hydrogen economy.
  • Surface chemistry – Adsorption and absorption, Classification of colloids, Catalysis.
  • General principle of Metallurgy – occurrence of metals, Thermodynamic Principles of metallurgy-ellingham.
  • P- block elements – occurrence electronic configure, Atomic and ionic redil, Phosphorus halides.
  • Polymers – Classification of polymers, Types of polymers, Structure mode of polymerization.
  • Biomolecules – Classification of carbohydrates, Properties and structure of glucose, importance of carbohydrates.
  • Chemistry in everyday life – Drugs and their classification, Classification of drugs on the basis of Chemical structure, Catalytic action of enzymes.

AP Inter 2nd Physics Syllabus 2025

  • Atomic structure – Subatomic particles, Development to the Bohr’s model of atom, Nature of electromagnetic radiation, Dual behaviour of matter.
  • Quantum theory – Limitations of Bohrs model, explanation of Line spectrumOf hydrogen.
  • Features of Quantum mechanical model of atom – Shapes of atomic orbitals, Energies of orbitals, Orbitals and quantum numbers.
  • Chemical bonding and molecular structure – Kossel, Ionic or electrovalent bond, crystal structure of sodium chloride, bond parameters.
  • Gases and liquid – Thermal energy, The gas laws, Ideal gas equation, kinetics molecular theory of gases, Behaviour of real gases, Liquefaction of gases.

AP Inter 2nd Maths Syllabus 2025

  • Algebra – Functions – types of functions, Domain, range.
  • Mathematical induction – Principle of mathematical induction and theorem, Problems of divisibility.
  • Matrices – types of matrices, Determinants, Transpose of matrix.

Vector algebra:-

  • Addition of vectors – Classification of vectors, Vectors as triad or real numbers, scalar multiplication, Linear combination of vectors.


  • Graphs and periodicity of trigonometry.
  • Trigonometric ratios and compound angles.
  • Trigonometric equations.

Properties of triangle:-

  • Definition of hyperbolic function.
  • In – circle and x circle of a triangle.
  • Half angle formula and areas of triangle.

AP Inter 2nd Botany Syllabus 2025

Diversity in the living world:-

  • What is living diversity in the world?
  • Biological classification.
  • Science of plants.
  • Plant kingdom.

Structure organization in plants morphology:-

  • Morphology of flowering plants.
  • Reproductive.
  • Vagetagive morphology and modifications.
  • Types of fruits.

Reproduction in plants:-

  • Modes of reproduction.
  • Sexual reproduction in flowering plants.
  • Double fertilization.
  • Vegetable propagation in plants.

Internal organization of plants:-

  • Histology and Anatomy of flowering plants.
  • Tissues- types, structure and function.
  • Root, stem and leaf.
  • Ground and vascular tissue system.

Plant ecology:-

  • Ecological services.
  • Introduction.
  • Plant succession.
  • Mesophytes and xerophytes.

AP Inter 2nd Commerce Syllabus 2025

International Trade:-

  • Types, procedures, Formalities, export processing zones and Special economic zones.

Marketing system:-

  • Marketing vs selling.
  • Wholesaler and retailers.
  • Advertise, positive and negative effects of advertising.

Stock exchange:-

  • Meaning, significant, Functions and trading mechanism.

Computer awareness:-

  • Introduction, evolution, Role advantage and disadvantage.

AP Inter 2nd History Syllabus 2025

What is history:-

  • Introduction.
  • Definition of history.
  • Scope of history.
  • Historiography.
  • Sources of history.

Ancient civilizations and culture:-

  • Introduction.
  • Pre- Harappan culture.
  • Harappan civilization.
  • Society and economy.
  • The post Vedic culture.

Early state empire and economy:-

  • Introduction.
  • Early state.
  • Sixteen mahajanapadas.
  • Economy and rural life.
  • Rise and growth of magadh.

Early society and religious movements:-

  • Introduction.
  • Early society.
  • Jainism.
  • Buddhism.
  • Social difference.

Bhakti and sufi tradition:-

  • Introduction.
  • Salient features of the bhakti saints.
  • Bhakti movement in Maharashtra.
  • Prominent Sufi orders and sufi Saint.
  • Summary.

AP Inter 2nd English Syllabus 2025


  • Respond instead of Reacting to Azim prem ji.
  • How to live to be 200 stephen leacock.
  • Spoon feeding WR ingle.
  • Mother’s day.


  • Equipment edgar albert guest.
  • The giving tree shel Silverstein.
  • Human family Maya Angelo.
  • Harvest hymn- John bethjeman

Study skills and communication skills:-

  • Conversation practice.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Reading comprehension.
  • Letter writing.
  • Note making.
  • Word stress.

AP Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2025 – Preparation tips

  • Students should finish the AP Inter second Syllabus 2025 at least 2 months before the AP inter 2nd year exam date 2025, so that they can get the revision time.
  • Give extra attention to those chapters which will be difficult for you.
  • Solve previous year question papers as much as possible to get better marks in AP inter 2nd year result 2025 by performing well on exam day.
  • Ask your seniors if you have any doubt and clear it.
  • Take care of your health.

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  1. How can I download AP Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2025?

    You can visit the official website to download Inter 2nd AP Syllabus 2025.

  2. When will the AP Inter 2nd exam be conducted?

    AP Inter 2nd Exam will be conducted tentatively from March 2 to March 20, 2025.

  3. Why should I download AP Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2025?

    To better understand the exam pattern, marking scheme and important topics you should download AP Inter 2nd 2025 Syllabus.

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