CBSE Class 10 Verification, Revaluation 2024 – Date of Rechecking Results

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CBSE Class 10th Rechecking Result 2024: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will start with the CBSE class 10th revaluation and rechecking of the answer scripts tenatively from May 16th, 2024. Candidates who wish to get their answer sheets rechecked are required to apply for the CBSE class 10th result reverification process by visiting the official website,

Thereafter, CBSE will declare CBSE Class 10 verification & revaluation result 2024 tentatively on June 13, 2024.
CBSE Class 10 Result Verification Link: Click Here.

cbse class 10 verification revaluation

Students are required to fill out the application form and pay required fees. Candidates will have the option to get a photocopy of the evaluated answer script. Only those who have applied for the verification of CBSE 10th Class result 2024 will be able to get their answer scripts for the required subject. The details mentioned below will help candidates learn about the CBSE class 10th rechecking process 2024.

Important Dates for CBSE 10th Rechecking & Revaluation Results 2024

The table mentioned below consists of all the important dates for the CBSE 10th rechecking & revaluation process 2024. 

Particulars Dates
CBSE Reverification Application Form Date 2024May 16 to May 20, 2024
CBSE Class 10th Dates for Photocopied Answer Scripts May 31 to June 1, 2024
CBSE Revaluation Form Date 2024June 5 to June 6, 2024
CBSE 10th Rechecking & Revaluation Results June 13, 2024
Expected Dates of CBSE 10th Result Rechecking

How to Apply for the CBSE 10th Rechecking & Revaluation Process 2024?

The CBSE board has laid down a few guidelines for candidates to fill out the CBSE 10th rechecking and re-verification application form. The steps mentioned below will guide candidates in filling out the application form.

  • Visit the official website of CBSE at
  • Click on the link to directly fill out the application form for the CBSE 10th grade eligibility and rechecking process.
  • Enter your login credentials to fill out the application form.
  • The CBSE 10th class rechecking and revaluation form 2024 will be available on the screen.
  • Enter all the details required to be filed in the application form.
  • After entering all the details, candidates must pay the application form fees.
  • Click on the “Submit” button and submit the application form.

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CBSE 10th Rechecking & Revaluation Fee Structure 2024

The table mentioned below consists of the fee structure for the reverification and revaluation processes.

Particulars Fee Structure
CBSE 10th Verification of Marks Rs 500 per subject
Photocopy of the Evaluated MarksheetsRs 500 per answer book
CBSE 10th Re-Evaluation Rs 100 per question 

How is the CBSE 10th Verification of Marks Conducted?

The CBSE 10th verification process 2024 will be conducted online, and the marks will be uploaded on the official website of the board. A detailed explanation of verification process is mentioned below.

  • The charges for the CBSE 10th grade verification of marks is Rs 500.
  • The exam conducting board will upload the results on the official website, and the results will not be sent personally.
  • If changes in the candidates assignments have taken place, such as an increase or decrease, then candidates will be notified.
  • Therefore, once the result is calculated, the candidates will be notified.
  • Candidates are required to visit the official website of CBSE to check the status of their verification request.
  • Only candidates who have applied for the verification process will be eligible to obtain the answer scripts of the verified subjects.

How to Obtain the Photocopy of the Evaluated Copy of the Answer Script?

Candidates who have applied for the verification of marks online will be eligible to receive a photocopy of the answer scripts. The fee structure for obtaining the answer script is Rs. 500. A list of all the important points for the photocopy of the evaluated copy of the answer script is mentioned below.

  • If candidates have left out all the important details and left the form incomplete, their application form will be rejected.
  • The fees paid at the time of submitting the application form will not be refunded.
  • Applicants will be provided with a scanned copy after removing the details of the examiner or the identity of the assigned examiner.
  • If the candidate wishes to challenge the answer to any question, they are required to apply for the evaluation of their marks online.

How is the CBSE 10th Revaluation Process Conducted? 

Only candidates who have applied for a photocopy of the evaluated answer script will be eligible for the revaluation process. A detailed explanation of the CBSE 10th revaluation in 2024 is mentioned below.

  • The charge for CBSE 10th grade evaluation 2024 per question is Rs 100.
  • Candidates must refer to the marking scheme for the concerned subject along with the question.
  • After going through the question paper and applying the scheme, candidates can submit their request for the revaluation process along with an explanation of their choice.
  • The status of the revaluation will be communicated by the regional office.
  • A decrease, even by one mark, will be affected.
  • The CBSE 10th revaluation result for 2024 will be final, and no appeal against the revaluated result will be entertained.

CBSE 10th Revaluation & Reverification Result 2024 

After the CBSE 10th revaluation and rechecking process, the CBSE board will release the updated CBSE results 2024 on its official portal. Candidates must download the CBSE revaluation and rechecking results 2024 using their login credentials. After entering the login credentials, the CBSE 10th revaluated results 2024 is displayed on the screen.

Candidates must note that the revaluted results will be final and the board will not accept any appeal. If changes in the marks have taken place, candidates will be issued a new marksheet by the board, which they can receive from their responsible schools.

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FAQs Related to CBSE 10th Revaluation & Rechecking Results 2024 

  1. When will the CBSE 10th exam results be released?

    The CBSE 10th rechecking results is released tentatively around June 13, 2024 on the official site.

  2. Do marks increase after the CBSE 10th grade evaluation process 2024?

    Yes, if a candidate has marked the correct answer, then the marks will be increased, but if a candidate’s marks are decreased, the original marks will be taken into account.

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