CBSE vs ICSE, Which is Better ‣ Know Difference Between CBSE & ICSE Boards

CBSE vs ICSE – The CBSE and ICSE are the two prominent education boards of India. CBSE full form is Central Board Of Secondary Education. It is a national level education body governed by the Central Government. 

ICSE, The Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education is a private board of education. ICSE examination is conducted for class 10th whereas class 12th examination is conducted under the aegis ISC, Indian School Of Certificate to test the knowledge gained by the students after class 10th. 
Also know about CBSE vs State Board.

CBSE vs ICSE – Key Differences between CBSE and ICSE Board

You can check the comparison of CBSE and ICSE on the following basis in the below given sections: 

CBSE vs ICSE – Syllabus: 

The syllabus of ICSE is huge in comparison to CBSE board syllabus. Also, the syllabus under CBSE board is more theoretical whereas the syllabus taught in ICSE board is more practical to understand. 

CBSE vs ICSE – Difficulty Level: 

ICSE Board is considered more difficult in comparison to CBSE Board. 

CBSE vs ICSE – Grading System: 

There is alphabetical grading system in CBSE whereas numerical scoring system provision is there in ICSE board. 

CBSE vs ICSE – Medium of instruction: 

English language is used as medium of instruction in ICSE board. CBSE board prefer no such particular language as medium of instruction. 

CBSE vs ICSE – Acceptability: 

The acceptability to ICSE board is more when talking about seeking education, imparted by foreign universities whereas CBSE board is also well recognised in India and across the border of India as well. 

CBSE vs ICSE – Popularity:

CBSE encourages NCERT textbooks which are foundation of clearing any entrance examination in India. The approach used by CBSE board is more student friendly. Hence, It can be said that CBSE Board is more popular in India than ICSE Board.

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