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Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) has revised the GBSHSE Goa 10th Class exam dates on January 16, 2024. GBSHSE will conduct the Goa Board SSC exam 2024 from April 1 to April 23, 2024.
Goa SSC Exam Date 2024: Click here to download FINAL time table.

Earlier, the tentative Goa 10th time table was released on September 15, 2023. The Goa Board SSC time table 2024 is published on the website, gbshse.gov.in. Students can download the Goa board Class 10 time table 2024 PDF and check exam dates, day, timings, etc. Read further to know the exam dates of theory, practicals and supplementary exams.

Goa Board SSC Time Table 2024

Students can follow the Goa Board SSC exam Time Table 2024 PDF to prepare a study schedule for the upcoming exams. In the below table, the Goa board SSC exam time table 2024 is provided for reference of students.

Goa Board 10th Exam Time Table 2024

Exam DateSubject Name
April 1, 2024First Language
1) English (1111)
2) Marathi (1112)
3) Urdu (1113)
First Language (Cwsn)
1) Functional English F.L. (2115)
2) Functional Marathi F.L.(2114)
April 2, 2024Second Language
1) Hindi
Second Language Composite

2) Hindi-Arabic

Second Language (CWSN)
1) Functional Hindi S. L.
April 3, 2024Home Vegetable Gardens
April 5,2024Fundamentals of Bakery
April 6,2024Social Science Paper 1

History & Political Science
April 8, 2024Social Science Paper II

Geography and Economics (CWSN)

Geography & Economics with Accommodation (E /M)
April 10, 2024Tailoring and Cutting (M)
April 4, 2024Third Language
1) English

2) Konkani

3) Marathi

4) Urdu

5) Sanskrit

6) Kannada

7) Arabic

8) French


Third Language (CWSN)

1 )Functional English T.L.

2)Functional Konkani T.L.

3 )Functional Marathi T.L.
April 12,2024Mathematics Level 1 (Regular
April 15, 2024Science
General Science (CWSN)
General Science (E/M)
General Science with Accommodation (E/M)
April 16, 2024Basic Floriculture (E)

April 18, 2024Data Processing
April 19, 2024Basic Cookery
April 13, 2024Automobile (S-1072)

IT/ ITeS (S-1073)

Retail (S-1075)

Beauty and Wellness (S-1078)

Apparel (S-1079)

Construction (S-1080)

Agriculture (Paddy Farming) (S-1081)

Telecommunication (S-1085)

Logistic (S-1086)

Tourism and Hospitality (S-1089)

Electronics (S-1094)

Agriculture (Solanaceous crop) (S-1091)

Plumbing (S-1092)

Health Care (S-1095)

Banking, Financial Service & Insurance (S-1096)

Astronomy S (2093)
April 20, 2024Drawing and Painting (CWSN)
April 22, 2024Mathematics Level II (Basic Mathematics)
(English medium
Marathi medium
Urdu medium)
Mathematics (CWSN)
Everyday Mathematics (E)
April 23, 2024Desk Top Publishing (CWSN)
Pre-Vocational Subjects


3) Garment Cutting Sewing

4) Food Processing

5) Bakery

6)Horticulture (E)

7)Fine Art

Goa Board SSC Time Table 2024 for Practical Exams

Date (Tentative)Subject
March 1 to 15NSQF Subjects
March 1 to 15Science (General & CWSN)Geography (CWSN)History (CWSN)
March 1 to 15Pre-vocational/ CWSN special subjects

How to Download Goa Board SSC Time Table 2024 Online?

Students can download GBSHSE Goa 10th Class exam date PDF by following the steps listed below: 

  • Step 1: Visit the official Goa board website gbshse.org
  • Step 2: Check the ‘recent announcements’ section, the link for the SSC date sheet 2024 will be given. 
  • Step 3: Click on the ‘Goa Board SSC Date Sheet 2024’ link. It will redirect you to a new web page. 
  • Step 4: The PDF of the Goa SSC time table 2024 will be open on your screens. 
  • Step 5: Click on the download button to save the Goa Board Time Table 2024 SSC PDF. 

Details Mentioned on the Goa SSC Time Table 2024

Students can find the following details in the Goa Board 10th exam Time Table 2024.

  • Exam day
  • Exam dates for each subject
  • Subject name
  • Exam timings
  • Exam day instructions

Goa Board 10th Time Table 2024- Exam Day Instructions

It is compulsory for students to follow the exam day instructions, hence read all the given instructions carefully. 

  • Check the Goa Board SSC routine 2024 carefully and go through the exam dates and timings. 
  • Reach the exam centre at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination and get yourself comfortable in your seating area. 
  • Once the exam begins and 30 minutes passed, then no student will be allowed to enter the examination hall. Hence, reach the exam centre on time. 
  • Do not use any electronic devices such as phones, digital watches, calculators, etc. 

Tips to follow after Goa SSC Board Exam Time Table 2024

Students must follow the preparation tips provided below to score well in the Goa Board SSC result 2024 online

  • Complete the prescribed syllabus before the declaration of routine, so that a good amount of time will be given to the revision. 
  • Make small notes for the important topics and jot down all the definitions, formulas, etc. 
  • Practice from Goa Board SSC question papers 2024 to know your weak areas. 
  • Revise as much as you can. Dedicate the last two months of your exam preparation for revision only. 

Goa Board SSC Time Table 2024 for Supplementary Exams 

In the table below, the tentative exam dates of GBSHSE Goa 10th Class exam dates for supplementary exams are given. These exam dates are based on the previous year dates, latest dates will be updated soon. 

Tentative Goa Board SSC Time Table for Supplementary Exams

June 2024

Bakery and Confectionery (129) (CWSN)

First Languages:

Urdu (113)

English (111)

Marathi (112)

Marathi (114) (CWSN)

English (115) (CWSN)

June 2024

Second Languages

Hindi (121)

French (123)

Second Language Composite

Hindi- Arabic (165-164)

Hindi- French (165-167)

Hindi- Marathi (165-162)

Hindi- Sanskrit (165-163)

Hindi- Portuguese (165-166)

Hindi (125) (CWSN)

Home Vegetable Gardens (071) (CWSN)

Tailoring and Cutting (902) (CWSN)

Basic Cookery (065) (CWSN)

Basic Cookery (066) (CWSN)

June 2024


Urdu Medium (023)

English Medium (021)

Marathi Medium (022)

Mathematics (CWSN)

Word Processing (145) (CWSN)

Marathi Medium (024) (CWSN)

English Medium (025) (CWSN)

June 2024

Prevocational Subjects

Domestic Wiring (041)

Domestic Electrical Appliances (042)

Bakery (048)

English Medium (011-A)

Marathi Medium (012-A)

Electronics (043)

Cookery (044)(E), (064) (M)

Horticulture (049) (E)

Floriculture (050)

Horticulture (069) (M)

Social Science paper 1

Garment Cutting Sewing (045)

Garment Designing and Decoration (046)

Food processing (047)

Urdu Medium (013-A)

History and Political Science (CWSN)

English Medium (016)

Marathi Medium (013-A)

June 2024

NSQF Subjects

Construction (080)

Agriculture (Paddy Farming) (081)

Physical Education (082)

Media Entertainment (083)

Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) (084)

Telecommunication (085)

Logistic (086)

Electronic and Electrical (087)

Automobile (072)

IT/ITeS (073)

Health Care (074)

Retail (075)

Travel and Tourism (076)

Travel and Tourism (Hospitality) (077)

English Medium (011-B)

Marathi Medium (012-B)

Urdu Medium (013-B)

Beauty and Wellness (078)

Apparel (079)

Agriculture (Vegetable Cultivation) (088)

Drawing and Painting (CWSN) (801)

Social Science Paper 2

Geography and Economics (CWSN)

English Medium (017)

Marathi Medium (019)

Marathi Medium (Vis. impaired) (020)

English Medium (Vis. impaired) (037)

June 2024

Desk Top Publishing (150) (CWSN)

Third Language:

Sanskrit (135)

Kannada (136)

Arabic (139)

French (141)

English (131)





Konkani (147) (CWSN)

English (146) (CWSN)

Marathi (148) (CWSN)

June 2024

Floriculture (053) (CWSN)


General Science (CWSN)

Marathi Medium (034)

English Medium (035)

English Medium (031)

Marathi Medium (032)

Urdu Medium (033)

Marathi Medium (Vis. impaired) (036)

English Medium (Vis. impaired) (038)

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FAQs Goa SSC Exam Time Table 2024

  1. When will the practical exams of Goa SSC be held?

    The practical exams of Goa SSC will be held from March 1 to 15, 2024. 

  2. When will the Goa Board release the time table for SSC exams?

    The time table for SSC exams has been released on September 15, 2023 and it has also been revised on January 16, 2024.

  3. What is the meaning of CWSN mentioned in the Goa board SSC date sheet?

    It refers to children with special needs. They are provided with extra time in some subjects.