GSEB SSC Grading System & Percentile Rank convert method

Gujarat Secondary Education Board SSC Grading system is the unique system introduced by the authorities of GSEB in 2011 to grade the marks that students got in the SSC Main examination. The GSEB SSC Grading system ranges from A1 to E2 in which A1 is the highest grading range whereas E2 is the lowest grading point. 

In general, the GSEB SSC Grading system is a nine-digit grading point evaluated based on the marks obtained by the students in the SSC result 2025 Gujarat Board. Not Grading system alone but also the GSEB Percentile rank is also set based on the marks obtained by SSC Students in the examination. Read the article to know more about GSEB SSC grading system and percentile rank followed by Gujarat Board.

GSEB SSC Grading System 2025 

Students who score above 90% are graded A1 and grades get degraded as the marks minimised. With the help of the GSEB Grading system, students are able to evaluate their grade in each subject and aggregate of all subjects. We have shared detailed explanations all about the GSEB SSC Grading system and Percentile Rank.

Marks Vs Grade

Based on the Gujarat Board SSC Grading System 2025, we have shared a table of information on Grade vs Marks.

E2Up to 20

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GSEB SSC Percentile Rank 2025

Once Gujarat Secondary Education Board SSC result 2025 is released, students can evaluate GSEB SSC Percentile 2025 from the total marks scored in the main examination. 

Gujarat Board 10th Percentile Rank Details

image 2

Calculation of Percentile Rank: How many students are ahead of the entire batch i.e. behind them in the order of rank is to be compared on a scale of hundred percent. E.g., if some students have scored 473(x) marks out of 500 and the number of 0 to 472 marks is 95,000 (L) and the total student body is 1,00,000 (n) then the said 472 i.e. The percentile rank of students scoring x marks is 95,000/1,00,000 x 100 i.e. 95.00. In other words this student falls in TOP 5% of total students.

Thus, Percentile Rank = L/n x 100

Where x = the coefficient on which the percentile rank is to be calculated
L = Total number of students who scored 0 to x – 1 marks
n = total number of students covered in the cohort (eg n = 822401 in March-2023).

If your percentile rank is more than 99 then you are among the first 8224 students in March 2023.
The mark obtained from the above calculation gives the GSEB SSC Percentile 2025 using which GSEB SSC Grading 2025 evaluated.

GSEB SSC Passing Marks

Gujarat Board qualifies a student in GSEB SSC 2025 examination if he/she scores minimum 33% in each subject and also in aggregate. GSEB SSC Grading system 2025 is implemented based on student’s total scores in the main examination.

FAQs Related to GSEB SSC Grading System vs Percentile Rank 2025

  1. What are the minimum marks required to clear Gujarat Board Class 10 exam 2025?

    A student should score a minimum of 33% in each subject and also aggregate to clear GSEB SSC 2025.

  2. When will Gujarat Board release GSEB Class 10 result 2025?

    GSEB announces Gujarat Board SSC Result 2025 on May 11, 2025 at 8 am.

  3. How is the Grading system GSEB SSC evaluated?

    GSEB SSC grading system 2025 ranges from highest grade A1 to the lowest grade E2 evaluated from the marks obtained.

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