JKBOSE 11th Syllabus 2024 for Math, Physics, Chemistry & Biology

JKBOSE 11th Syllabus 2024: The Jammu and Kashmir Board of Secondary Education (JKBOSE) conducts and regulates everything related to JKBOSE 11th standard including the JKBOSE 11th 2024 syllabus. The board releases all the important notifications along with the syllabus on its JKBOSE website, i.e., jkbose.nic.in.

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jk bose 11th syllabus

Class 11th is an important year for all the students as it is a preparatory level for the upcoming 12th board exam. For well-versed studies and effective learning, it is very important for the students to know the JK board 11th syllabus 2024 and prepare accordingly as the topics asked in the JKBOSE 11th exam 2024 are all from the JKBOSE syllabus 2024. Read the complete article below to get the subject-wise syllabus of the JKBOSE 11th class. 

JKBOSE 11th Syllabus 2024

Students who have the syllabus and attentively read it before studying are better prepared for their exams. It provides a thorough introduction to the subject and includes a list of all the chapters for that academic year. Students can create a study schedule that takes into account the extensiveness of the material after learning this. Additionally, when students adhere to a well-organized schedule, it enables them to finish their coursework on time and avoid exam-day dread. The JK board Class 11 subject-by-subject schedule is presented in the section below.

JKBOSE 11th Maths Syllabus 2024

In order to score good marks, it is important for the candidates to know the syllabus and prepare accordingly. The JK board 11th maths syllabus 2024 is as follows.

Chapter No. Chapter Name 
2Relation and functions 
3Trigonometric functions 
4Mathematical induction 
5Complex numbers and quadratic equation 
6Linear inequalities 
7Permutation and combination 
8Binomial theorem 
9Sequences and series 
10Straight lines 

JKBOSE 11th Physics Syllabus 2024

The applications of physics ideas in daily life are numerous. Students who take Physics learn about ideas like gravity, the laws of motion, thermodynamics, and many others. The foundation for the following class will be provided by these ideas. The table below contains the Class 11 Physics syllabus for the Jammu and Kashmir Board.

Chapter No. Chapter Name 
1Physical world 
2Units and measurement 
3Motion in a straight line  
4Laws of motion 
5Work, energy, and power 
6Systems of particles and rotational motion 
8Mechanical properties of solids 
9Mechanical properties of fluids 
10Motion in a plane 

JKBOSE 11th Chemistry Syllabus 2024

Physical, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry make up Class 11 Chemistry. Additionally, the curriculum covers ideas such as organic chemistry, redox processes, chemical bonding, atomic structure, and many more. The Jammu and Kashmir Board’s Class 11 Chemistry curriculum is listed in the table below. Before beginning their exam preparation, students can use the table below to familiarise themselves with the syllabus.

Chapter no. Chapter name 
1Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2Structure of atom 
3Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
4Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
5States of matter 
8Redox reaction 
10The s-block element 

JKBOSE 11th Biology Syllabus 

Numerous theoretical ideas and scientific jargon are present in biology. Despite the large material, students might do well in the JK board 11th result 2024, if they effectively plan their studies. The total number of chapters in Class 11 Biology is 22. The table below contains the JK board Class 11 Biology syllabus for the Jammu and Kashmir Board.

Chapter No. Chapter Name 
1The Living world 
2Biological classifications 
3Plant kingdom 
4Animal kingdom 
5Morphology of flowering plants 
6Anatomy of flowering plants 
7Structural organization in animals 
8Cell: the unit of life 
10Cell cycle and cell division 

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FAQs related to JKBOSE 11th Syllabus 2024

  1. Where can I find the JKBOSE 2024 11th syllabus?

    The candidates can easily find the syllabus on this page or from the official website of JKBOSE. 

  2. How many chapters are there in JK board class 11th maths syllabus?

    There are around 10 chapters in the maths subject.

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