KCET Biology Answer Key 2024 Available): Biology Questions with Solutions

The unofficial KCET answer key for Biology subject is available to download here. Students who appeared for KCET exam, can check KCET 2024 Biology questions along with answers here. Check latest KCET answer key here.

KCET Biology Answer Key 2024

KCET Biology 2024 answers along with questions have been tabulated below.

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1Following representations P, Q and R denote a few steps of Griffith Experiment. Identify the Correct ones:P.   R strain → Inject into mice → Mice die XQ.  S strain (Heat killed) → Inject into mice — Mice dieR. R strain → Inject into mice → Mice liveR only
2In tRNA that region that binds with mRNA isAnticodon loop of tRNA
3The principle of vaccination is based on which property of the immune systemDryopethicus
4Mule is the result ofInterspecific hybridization
5Genome HIV replicates in the macrophages with the help of an enzyme calledReverse Transcriptasee
6Read the following statements:
Statement I: Morphine is obtained by acetylation of Heroin.
Statement II: Cannabinoids are known for their effect on the cardiovascular system
Statement 1 is incorrect and Statement 2 is correct
7Which among the following is used to treat Emphysema?
(A) Human Hormone – alpha – Antitrypsin
(B) Human alpha – Interferon
(C) Human protein – alpha -Antitrypsin
(D) Human alpha – Lactalbumin
8Homeostasis is a condition where the organisms
(A) Maintain a constant internal environment in everchanging external environment
(B) do not maintain a constant internal environment
(C) Change their internal environment according to their external environment
(D) Change their internal environment when the external environment is constant
9Which of the following is not a parasitic adaptation?
(A) Loss of unnecessary sense organs
(B) Absence of adhesive organs or suckers
(C) Loss of digestive system 
(D) High reproductive capacity
10DNA polymerase of Thermus aquaticus isThermostable
11If a recombinant DNA bearing gene for resistance to Ampicillin transferred into E.coli cells, host cells become transformed into Ampicillin resistant cells. What happens when these E.coli are grown on medium containing Ampicillin?Non-transformants will die and transformant will grow
12Which of the following based upon the principle of antigen-antibody interaction?ELISA
13A strict protection of biodiversity hotspots could reduce the ongoing mass extinction by almost30%
14Identify the incorrect match respect to recently extinct animals and their place extinction according to IUCN Red list
(A) Dodo-Mauritius
(B) Quagga – Africa
(C) Thylacine – Australia
(D) Steller’s Sea Cow – North America
15According to the hypothesis proposed by environmental biologists, a relatively constant environment in tropics promotesNiche specialization and greater species diversity
16In the prevention of air pollution, the role of scrubber is to removeGaseous SO2
17Match List-I with List-II and choose the correct answer. (Nitrite rich fertilizer, carbon dioxide…….). B
18The mRNA has Untranslated Regions (UTRs)At both 3′ -end and 5′ -end beyond Terminator codon and before AUG respectively
19In Structural gene, the template DNA strand has nucleotide sequences 3′ ATGCATGCATGCATGC 5′   . Find the correct and complimentary nucleotide sequence on coding strand5′ TACGTACGTACGTACG 3′
20Read the following statements Statement I : All vertebrates develop a row of vestigial gill slits during embryonic stage. Statement II : Embryos always pass through the adult stages of other animals.Statement I is correct, Statement II is incorrect
21Which of the following exhibits haplodiplontic lifecycle ?Ectocarpus
22Identify, the phylum which shows the following characteristics:Ctenophora
23When a flower has both stamens and carpels it is described asBisexual
24Ciliated epithelial cells are present inBronchioles
25Which of the following statements is correct with reference to vacuoles?It is membrane bound and contains water and excretory substances.
26Exoskeleton of Arthropods is made up of unique complex polysaccharide known asChitin
27The enzyme Recombinase is required at which stage of Meiosis I?Pachytene
28The water potential of pure water isZero
29. Match the pigments given in List I with their colour in chromatogram given in List II. (Chlorophyll ‘b’, CarotenoidsB
30Which is the intermediate compound that links the end product of Glycolysis with TCA Cycle?Acetyl CoA
31. Auxins : Apical dominance : : Gibberellins :Bolting
32The term Uremia refers toAccumulation of Urea in blood.
33The typical ‘lub-dub’ sounds heard during heartbeat are produced due toClosure of bicuspid and tricuspid valves followed by semilunar valves
34The functional unit of contraction is aPortion of myofibril between two successive Z-lines”
35Match the parts of the brain given in List I with their functions given in List II. (Medulla oblongata, Hypothalamus, …….D
36Hydra reproduces asexually by producingBuds
37When male and female gametes are morphologically distinct, the condition is known asHeterogametes
38The role of Filiform apparatus in synergids is toGuide the entry of pollen tube
39Transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of another flower of the same plant, is calledGeitonogamy
40Which of the following hormones is not secreted by human placenta?LH
41In human females, the endometrium of uterus consists ofGlandular layer
42If two primary spermatocytes and two primary oocytes undergo meiosis simultaneously, what will be the ratio of spermatozoa and ova produced at the end of the gametogenesis?4:1
43The Government of India legalised MTP with some strict regulations in the year1971
44The process in which a small part of the vas deferens is removed or tied up through a small incision, is calledVasectomy
45Test cross in pea plant isA cross between F2 tall plant and recessive parent.
46The genotype ratio of incomplete dominance is1:2:1
47Find the incorrect statement among the following:
(A) In sex linked recessive traits the gene is transmitted from unaffected carrier female to some of male progeny.
(B) Accumulation of phenylpyruvic acid in brain results in mental retardation
(C) Individuals affected by Down’s Syndrome will have congenital heart defect and are more intelligent.
(D) Turner’s Syndrome is caused due to the absence of one X- chromosome.
48In a dihybrid cross between a true breeding round yellow seeded and true breeding wrinkled green seeded pea plant, the ratio of segregation of round and wrinkled seed traits in F2 is3:1
49Stanley Miller simulated the conditions of pre – biotic earth using spark – discharge apparatus. Which organic compounds were observed by him on analysing the end product of his experiment?Amino acids
50Most ape – like ancestral primate wasDryopithecus
51The principle of vaccination is based on which property of immune system?Memory
52Genome of HIV replicates in the macrophages with the help of an enzyme calledReverse Transcriptase
53Read the following statements:
Statement I: Morphine is obtained by acetylation of Heroin.
Statement II: Cannabinoids are known for their effect on cardiovascular system Which of the following options is correct with reference to these statements?
54Identify the bacterial disease among the following:
(A) Brown rust of wheat
(B) Tobacco mosaic disease
(C) Black rot of crucifers
(D) Late blight of potato
53Match the nutrients given in List-I with the source in List-II: (vitamin A, single cell protein)B
54The chemical substances which are produced by some microbes which can kill or retard the growth of other microbes are known asD
55Select the correct statement from the following:D
56Which of these enzymes is required to cleave a plasmid?B
57The natural reservoir of phosphorus isA
58The sequence of communities of primary succession in water isPhytoplanktons -> Rooted hydrophytes -> Free floating hydrophytes -> Reed swamps -> Marsh meadows -> Scrubs -> Trees.
59Match the type of adaptation given in List-I with their examples given in List-II. Select the option showing correct combination (Biochemical adaptation, Behavioural adaptation1-q, 2-p, 3-s, 4-r
60The annual net primary productivity of the biosphere is approximately170 billion tons
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