MSCE Pune 5th, 8th Class Passing Marks 2024 (OUT)

MSCE Pune has released the Maharashtra Class 5 and 8 result 2024 today. Now, students are looking for 5th std scholarship passing marks and 8th std scholarship passing marks. They should know that the council has set a minimum qualifying marks in PUP and PSS exams.

har ek paper mai kam se kam 60 marks lene honge. 60 marks paper 1 mai aur 60 marks paper 2 mai….

msce pune passing marks 2024

MSCE Pune Scholarship Passing Marks 2024

The minimum marks to pass each paper are 60 marks. So, a student need to score at least 60 marks in paper 1 and 60 marks in paper 2, to qualify the exam. Students should note that passing marks are same for 5th and 8th classes. Along with this, they need to score Maharashtra scholarship cutoff marks. Here are the important points on MSCE Pune Passing marks

  • Students have been declared qualified or ineligible instead of passed or failed in the scholarship examination
  • A minimum of 40% marks in each paper is required to qualify. However, students who have scored between 39.5000 to 39.9999 hundredth marks are declared qualified assuming 40% marks for that subject.
  • Persentage marks are calculated from the marks obtained for the remaining correct questions by deducting the marks of the cancelled questions. (रद्द झालेल्या प्रश्नांचे गुण कमी करून उर्वरित अचूक प्रश्नांच्या प्राप्त गुणांवरून शेकडा गुण काढण्यात आलेले आहेत.)
  • Merit list will be prepared for the eligible students based on the merit and prevailing criteria within the limit of number of scholarship sets sanctioned district wise.

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