PM YASASVI Preparation Tips 2024: Know How to Prepare for PM YASHASVI Yojana Exam

Students planning to appear for the PM YASASVI need to prepare for the exam strategically. PM YASASVI is a national-level scholarship test whose difficulty level is expected more than the NMMS exam. Therefore, students must prepare for the PM YASASVI exam in a consistent way. 

Last-minute hustle-bustle will not help as the PM YASHASVI yojana syllabus 2024 needs thorough study and clarity of basic concepts. It is considered as slightly tougher than other scholarship exams. However, making a smart study schedule, implementing it sincerely and planning preparation will definitely help the students excel in the PM YASASVI exam. 

They need to prepare Mathematics, Science, Social Science and GK topics of previous class for acing the exam. We are providing some of the best PM YASASVI preparation tips for students.

How to prepare for PM YASASVI?

Students must make a specific study plan in order to prepare for the PM YASASVI exams in the best way possible. Go through some of the simple but effective PM YASASVI study tips and score high in the Pm yasasvi scholarship result 2024.

PM YASASVI Preparation Tip 1: Refer to the Exam Pattern

NTA commences the PM YASASVI scholarship exam for students of Class 9 and 11. Hence, this exam is a little tougher than other scholarship exams. Students are advised to go through the PM YASASVI exam pattern and know the question-wise breakup of marks to prepare well.

PM YASASVI Preparation Tip 2: Know the Complete Syllabus

However, NTA does not prescribe any specific PM YASASVI syllabus. But as per NCERT, we have compiled some of the important topics asked in the exams. Go through the PM YASASVI syllabus and prepare accordingly.

PM YASASVI Preparation Tip 3: Make an Effective Study Schedule

Students must make specific study schedules in order to prepare well and analyse their preparation level. Go through some of the best ways to prepare an effective study routine and follow it blindly.

  • Complete the Syllabus at the earliest: Finishing the syllabus on time will help the students to dedicate maximum time to revision. Therefore, students should wind up the syllabus as soon as possible.
  • Make personal notes: Students are advised to make personal notes of the topics they’ve covered and revise from this notebook on a regular basis.
  • Be Consistent in the preparation: It must be remembered that consistency is the key. Studying on a regular basis for a minimum of 8-9 hours is very essential to ace the PM YASASVI exam.
  • Set Targets: Setting a specific target and achieving the same will infuse confidence in the students and prepare them for D-Day. They must set high targets for them and try their best to achieve them.
  • Refer to the Best Study Materials: Students are advised to use the best books for PM YASASVI preparation. This includes NCERT and other reference books (if required). They must complete the syllabus of NCERT Class 8 or Class 10.
  • Analyse the preparation level: Students must give the PM YASASVI mock test and practise the previous years’ question papers. This will help them to keep track of the time in which they are completing the test. Hence, analysing the preparation level, knowing the weak areas and paying attention to the same will be very effective in the exam preparation.

PM YASASVI Preparation Tip 4 – Revision is the key

Students need to remember that revising thoroughly is essential. It will enhance the memory of the students and help them ace the exam in a better way. They can go through some of the quick pointers below to know how to revise effectively:

  • Make notes of the covered topics and write them in points to revise later
  • Highlight the important lines while reading
  • Do not mug up. Try to understand the concept
  • Revise consistently on a regular basis
  • Try to revise the entire syllabus at least twice or thrice

PM YASASVI Preparation Tip 5: Prefer Solving Mock Test and Sample Papers

Solving the previous years’ question papers and giving the PM YASASVI mock test will help the students in innumerable ways. To name a few, they will be able to know the exam pattern, important topics, question paper design, etc by solving the sample papers. 

Giving the mock test will help the students in knowing the difficulty level of the exam. This will also infuse within them the time management skill and help them solve the PM YASASVI question papers in a stipulated time.

PM YASASVI Preparation Tip 6: Refer to the best PM YASASVI Books

Students can prefer completing their entire NCERT syllabus. But they also must refer to some other books to get a variety of questions to solve. 

PM YASASVI Preparation Tip 7: Seek Expert Advice

After completing the syllabus, solving the mock test and previous years’ question papers, students must revise the course, at least, twice or thrice before appearing for the exam. This will help them to clear all the basic concepts and enable enough time to solve the doubts. 

To solve the doubts, students must seek expert advice and watch the topper interviews to know their strategy. Also, clearing the doubts right away is very important as it will enable the students maximum time for revision.

PM YASASVI Preparation Tip 8: Distraction will lead to a Downfall

Students must concentrate on preparing for the PM YASASVI exam and take short breaks in between. They must remember that taking breaks in between is very important or else the course will seem monotonous.

But there’s a very thin line between short and smart breaks and indulging in social media and other things which waste precious time. Therefore, students must be wise enough to know about this thin line and prepare for the exams with all their hearts and get selected in this prestigious scholarship exam.

Last Minute PM YASASVI Preparation Tips

Students can go through some of the quick last-minute preparation tips and implement them for better results.

  • Do not touch the new topic in the last few days
  • Revise the topics already covered thoroughly
  • Answer in a to-the-point way
  • Try to complete the multiple-choice questions in 3-5 minutes.
  • Do not overstress yourself and keep calm

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