SOF Awards, Medal & Prizes 2024-25 for Students, Teacher & Principal

SOF Awards and Medals – Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) conducts an Olympiad exams every year for Class 1 to 12. The purpose of this exam is to find hidden talent of the students and nurture and sharpen them by providing them scholarships for their further study. SOF Olympiad awards are distributed to the students through respective schools, after results. results 2024-25 available.
SOF helps students to prepare them for competition exams and also facilitates them with SOF awards 2024 when they clear the Olympiad exam.

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Every year, SOF spends crores on awards and recognition. These awards and recognition for students and teachers are based on different categories. Go through this article to know what is the eligibility criteria for SOF Awards and Medals and what Awards and Medals students and teachers get by SOF.

Types of SOF Awards and Medals 2024

SOF Medals and Awards are of three types. Below, we have listed all the types of SOF Awards and Medals.

  • School level award
  • Zonal level award
  • International level award

SOF Awards for NSO, IMO, IEO, ICO and other SOF Olympiad exam are almost similar. We have provided all level awards and distribution criteria below:

Criteria of SOF Awards 2024

SOF has different exam categories so the award will also be given to different categories.

  • For NSO, IEO, IMO exam:
    • From Class 3-12: SOF distributes International & Zonal topper awards to the 2nd level winners of Class 3 to 12.
    • From Class 1-2: SOF distributes International and Zonal toppers awards to the 1st level winners of class 1 to 2. 
    • Class Topper awards will be provided to 1st level winners.
  • For NCO, ICO, ISSO and IGKO exam:
    • SOF distributes International and Zonal awarded to the 1st level winner from all classes. These exams are single level exams.
    • Class-wise topper awards given to topper from each class including all sections.
    • One award is awarded to a winner for each exam. The SOF winners are awarded with higher-level awards for an exam. For eg: International awards are entitled to winners based on their international ranks. Whereas the zonal ranks attributed to the same rank holder is not given him/her but given to next rank holder.

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SOF Awards 2024 for School level

  • Medal of Excellence
    • Students who will score 100% marks will be awarded a gold medal of excellence.
    • If 5-9  students write exams from a class, then top rank will get a gold medal of excellence.
    • If 10-25 students write exam for a class, top 3 rank holders will get gold medal of excellence.
    • If more than 25 students write for a class then, top 10% rank holders will get a gold medal of excellence.
  • Student Performance Report (SPR) to each student
  • Participation Certification (in digital form) to each student who filled SOF registration form 2024 and appeared for exam.
  • Merit Certificate to 2nd level participants
  • Top 25 rank holders from each class & each Olympiad exam will be awarded Medals of Distinction. This will be applicable for winners from 26 Zones for performance in the 1st level Olympiads/ single level Olympiads.

SOF Awards 2024 for zonal level

Certificate and medal of distinction will be given on the basis of 1st level rank. Zonal Excellence certificate will be given for final rank. Check the below table to know SOF zonal level awards and medals.

RankAwardsNumber of Awards
1st rankRs 5000 to each student.
Zonal Gold medal.
Zonal excellence certificate.
2nd rank2500 rs. to each student.Zonal Silver medal.Zonal excellence certificate.1716
3rd rankRs 1000 to each student.
Zonal Bronze medal.
Zonal excellence certificate.
4th-10th rankRs 1000 gifts.
Distinction medal.
Zonal excellence certificate.
10th-25th rankDistinction medal.
Zonal excellence certificate.
SOF Scholarship & Awards (Zonal Level)

SOF Awards and Medals for international level

Only top 3 international rank holders will be eligible for international awards. Check below table to know their awards and recognition.

1stRs.50,000/- Each + International Gold Medal*+ Certificate of Outstanding Performance66*
2ndRs.25,000/- Each + International Silver Medal*+ Certificate of Outstanding Performance66*
3rdRs.10,000/- Each + International Bronze Medal*+ Certificate of Outstanding Performance66*
International Level SOF Medals & Awards

What if two or more students get same international rank?

  • If 10 students get the same rank, then the reward amount will be distributed equally along with a medal and certificate.
  • If 11 or more students get the same rank, each winner will get a gift worth 1000 along with a medal and certificate.

SOF Awards and Medals for Teachers and Principal

Teachers and Principle will be eligible for award in three categories: international level, zonal level and district level. Below, we have tabulated SOF Awards for teachers and Principle for all the categories.

International level SOF Olympiad Awards for Schools

CategoryAwardsNo. of Awards
Best TeacherRs. 10,000/-Each + Citation+Trophy60
Best PrincipalRs. 25000/- Each + Citation+Trophy20

Zonal level SOF Olympiad Awards for Schools

CategoryAwardsNo. of Awards
Best TeacherRs.5000/- each + Citation+Trophy468
Best PrincipalRs.10000/- Each + Citation+Trophy130

District Level SOF Olympiad Awards for Schools

CategoryAwardsNo. of Awards
Best TeacherRs. 1000/-each + Citation + Trophy2500
Best PrincipalRs. 2500/- each + Citation + Trophy500

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FAQS for SOF Awards and Medals 2024

  1. What is the Scholarship Scheme for girls in SOF?

    SOF has a Girl Child Scholarship Scheme in which SOF will provide Rs 5000/- to 300 girls who are academically inclined but come from modest families.

  2. What is Scholarship for Excellence in English?

    120 students who exhibit excellence in English will get merit certificate.

  3. Which students will get distinction medals?

    Top 25 rank holder students from each class and each section of the Olympiad exam will get distinction medals.

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