TS Intermediate Topper 2023 List – Know Telangana Inter Toppers Names, Marks, Ranks & Schools

TS Inter Toppers 2023 – Board of Intermediate Education, Telangana, will release the TS inter 2023 toppers list in May 2023. TS inter 2nd year toppers 2023 list will be published on the official website along with TS inter 1st year topper 2023. TS inter toppers 2023 will be made available soon after the announcement of TS inter exam results 2023.

TS Intermediate Result 2023 Announced. Check now.

TS Inter toppers will be announced separately for Science, Commerce, and Arts stream. The topper list will comprise of a toppers’ rank, name and marks. Last year, TSBIE board did not announce the TS toppers list as the exams were cancelled. Read further to check the TS inter 2nd year toppers 2023 and previous years’ result statistics.

Telangana Inter 2023 Toppers

The student who will score the highest marks among all students will emerge as TSBIE topper 2023.

TS inter 1st year toppers 2023

Telangana Board will announce the first year toppers along with the TS inter 1st year results 2023.

RankTopper nameMarks obtained
Rank 1To be updated
Rank 2To be updated
Rank 3To be updated

TS Intermediate 2nd year toppers 2023

TSBIE will publish the second year toppers list along with the TS Intermediate 2nd year results 2023.

RankTopper nameMarks obtained
Rank 1To be updated
Rank 2To be updated
Rank 3To be updated

Also, check

Previous Year’s TS Inter Toppers

The topper details of 2020, 2021, 2022 are not available. But students can go through the previous year TS inter topper list and know their ranks and obtained marks from the below tables.

TS Inter Topper 2022 List

Here are the top performers of 2022 exams. This is not a topper list, and we just tried to list of some of the top performing students, as per CollegeDekho.

Hall Ticket NumberName of the StudentInter First Year/Second YearGroupMarks
2259241266LEELA PRANEETHA MALLULASecond-YearMPC992/ 1000
2258210177SAI CHARAN HYTHABADASecond-YearMPC991/ 1000
2259238378PUSALA MOHITHASecond-YearMPC991/ 1000
2249208392PUNTIKURA JAYAPRAKASHSecond-YearMPC991/ 1000
2258252073VADDIREDDY PRAGATHISecond-YearMPC990/ 1000
2249206464PIKKILI HEMANTH KUMARSecond-YearMPC989/ 1000
2238206883P S D SAMEER KUMARSecond-YearMPC989/ 1000
2261211268SAMEED AHMED SUBHANISecond-YearMPC989/ 1000
2261200554VISWAB HRISHIK REDDYSecond-YearMPC989/ 1000
2259233236MUTYALA SIDDHARTHA KOUSHIKSecond-YearMPC988/ 1000
2235211430SIDRA MAHEVISHSecond-YearMPC988/ 1000
2258247843THOTA SRUTHISecond-YearMPC988/ 1000
2258210335CHEEPATI GIREESH KUMAR REDDYSecond-YearMPC988/ 1000
2243214606INAPANURI RENUKASecond-YearMPC989/ 1000
2261203740N APOORVASecond-YearMPC987/ 1000
2261200672SASI SNIGDHA YADAVALLISecond-YearMPC986/ 1000
2260220099MAHIMAN SESHA SAI DSecond-YearMPC986/ 1000
2261212988BALAJI ANUSHREESecond-YearMPC986/ 1000
2258233464REHAN THOMAS JOSESecond-YearMPC986/ 1000
2258216273JAGATHPALLY DEEKSHITH REDDYSecond-YearMPC984/ 1000
2231202856HOOREEN FATHIMASecond-YearMPC984/ 1000
2258255647GADUDHULA VIJAY KUMARSecond-YearMPC984/ 1000
2258234318NAIDU SREE NAYANASecond-YearMPC983/ 1000
2261214662POLCOMPALLY TEJASWISecond-YearMPC983/ 1000
2249205652KAVALI ADITYASecond-YearMPC983/ 1000
2262204226KOMMA HRITIKASecond-YearMPC983/ 1000
2258223450GOPU AKSHITHASecond-YearMPC982/ 1000
2261212000MOMULA SHARATH REDDYSecond-YearMPC982/ 1000
2258209121KANA HAKSHAY REDDYSecond-YearMPC982/ 1000
2256209716NAGARALA ANUSHASecond-YearMPC981/ 1000
2261216052SYED IMRANSecond-YearMPC981/ 1000
2258202287SAURABH JHASecond-YearMPC980/ 1000
2260202338SRIVIBHAV JONNALAGADDASecond-YearMPC979/ 1000
2261201880DUMPALA VAISHNAVISecond-YearMPC977/ 1000
2243202351ANKAM LAHARISecond-YearMEC980/ 1000
2261223061K MEGHA VARSHA REDDYSecond-YearCEC969/ 1000
2260206561SYED IBRAHIM UDDINSecond-YearCEC956/ 1000
2258262448MALOTHU POOJA MAHISecond-YearBi.P.C991/ 1000
2258245122REDDY AISHWARYASecond-YearBi.P.C986/ 1000
2259208729C S VIJAYA LAXMISecond-YearBi.P.C982/ 1000
2261203711BATOOL FATIMA KHANSecond-YearBi.P.C985/1000
2259240116NIKHAT FATIMASecond-YearBi.P.C977/ 1000
2258233565REDDY YASHWANTH REDDYSecond-YearBi.P.C976/ 1000
2260212695HUDA RUMAANSecond-YearBi.P.C971/ 1000
2244104865GOLI SUDEEPTHIFirst-YearCEC490/ 500
2259109884AMGOATH VINOD KUMARFirst-YearCEC483/ 500
2259144387DEVINENI SEVITHAFirst-YearMEC495/ 500
2261100216CHETAN MANDELIAFirst-YearMEC490/ 500
2259163875PAYAL KUMARIFirst-YearMEC490/ 500
2259157506TALLA DIVYA SREEFirst-YearMEC489/ 500
2259103989MUTHAGARI SAI DHARANIFirst-YearMEC479/ 500
2243105685PARIKAPALLI RAJESHFirst-YearMPC468/ 470
2259141752BANDARI VAMSHIFirst-YearMPC467/ 470
2258139798SOHAM TRIPATHYFirst-YearMPC467/ 470
2243109049PASUMARTHY CHARITHAFirst-YearMPC466/ 470
2258127888CHANDAN KUMAR MALLICKFirst-YearMPC466/ 470
2243112338KARUMANCHI VIJAYA LAKSHMIFirst-YearMPC466/ 470
2258154968BANDARI BHAVYAFirst-YearMPC466/ 470
2259120702BHAVESH VARMA KONDURUFirst-YearMPC465/ 470
2258149589P S ADVAITTEJFirst-YearMPC464/ 470
2259154648MARAMREDDY AROGYA SHRAVYAFirst-YearMPC464/ 470
2252107323CHALAMALASETTY DHARANFirst-YearMPC464/ 470
2258155599ULCHALA SATISH CHANDRAFirst-YearMPC464/ 470
2259107069PURUSHOTHAM PRAJAPATIFirst-YearMPC464/ 470
2259137304SANJANA CHENNUPATIFirst-YearMPC464/ 470
2258136797GYARA ABHISHEK BHANFirst-YearMPC463/ 470
2258155534MANTHENA TEJASREEFirst-YearMPC462/ 470
2261100031AADIT MATHURFirst-YearMPC462/ 470
2260112341KATHURI MANASWINFirst-YearMPC461/ 470
2261101547JANGA DHEERAJFirst-YearMPC461/ 470
2259102961ANWESHA SAHUFirst-YearMPC461/ 470
2258107617CHANDUPATLA ANIKAIT REDDYFirst-YearMPC461/ 470
2258131465MUDIMADUGULA SHAILAJAFirst-YearMPC461/ 470
2259137163JAMALPUR BHAVANI PRASADFirst-YearMPC461/ 470
2258127182ANANYA SAI PRASADFirst-YearMPC461/ 470
2260126900SINGAM SUHAS REDDYFirst-YearMPC459/ 470
2260131715SAIRA FATIMAFirst-YearMPC455/ 470
2258105264SANIA BEGUMFirst-YearMPC455/ 470
2261128203HANZALA SAIFFirst-YearMPC453/ 470
2243101913CHITYALA LAKSHMIFirst-YearBi.P.C437/ 440
2260113362Umana AemunFirst-YearBi.P.C435/ 440
RankDistrict namePass percentage
1Komaram Bheema76%
TS Inter 2st Year District-Wise Performance 2020
1Iluri SruthiKhammam994
2Rakesh SinghKhammam993
3Priya sarmaNizamabad992
3Sriram AnandHyderabad992
4Aafrin FatimaMedchal991
Telangana Intermediate Science toppers 2019
TS Intermediate Commerce toppers 2019
1Sri Sai TejaHyderabad958
5Likita ReddyHyderabad936
Telangana Intermediate Arts toppers 2019

FAQs Related to TS Intermediate Topper 2023 List, Rank & Marks

  1. Who will be the TS inter topper 2023?

    The student who will score the highest mark will emerge as the TS intermediate 2023 topper.

  2. What If two students score the same marks?

    If two students score the same marks, then both the students will be given the same rank. 

  3. When will the TS inter toppers list 2023 be released?

    TS inter 2023 topper details will be announced along with the declaration of the result.

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