Aakash OMR Sheet 2023 PDF Download for ANTHE Exam

Aakash OMR sheet 2023 – Aakash Institute conducts an offline exam and students are required to mark their answers in an Aakash ANTHE 2023 OMR sheet. The institute conducts exams for classes from 7th to 12th in October. If anyone wants to give this ANTHE exam 2023, then they need to gain knowledge about the Aakash 2023 OMR sheet.


The institute will release a sample of Aakash OMR sheet 2023 ANTHE, so that candidates can practice. Students can simply download the sample of Aakash scholarship OMR sheet 2023 and try them. The way of filling OMR sheet is somewhat same like as CBSE omr sheet.

How to download Aakash OMR Sheet 2023 PDF?

Students get confused while filling out OMR answer sheets, so practicing on sample ANTHE 2023 OMR sheets would be better. It would be better if students download Aakash OMR sheet 2023 from the official website.

Let’s get into the steps to download it:-

  1. Firstly, head towards the official website of Aakash: aakash.ac.in and search for the ANTHE OMR sheet pdf download 2023 link.
  2. Then, enter your login credentials like password and ANTHE 2023 registration number.
  3. Once done with this, students need to click the view OMR sheet icon.

The institute is yet to release sample of Aakash OMR sheet 2023. Till then students can use model OMR sheet with 35 questions as given below. As per ANTHE 2023 syllabus, the original paper will also comprise of space for 35 questions.

ANTHE Model OMR Sheet 2023 PDF Download Link

Click here to download Model OMR for Class 9 to 12. (This is just for reference purpose, The Aakash’s OMR sheet may be somewhat different from it.)

In this way, students can practice smoothly on OMR sheet 2023 just before the exam. There will be no negative marking in exam. so mark all answers without any hesitation.

Image of OMR

As there is no release of original copies yet, students can practice on the sample 2023 OMR sheet. Here comes the image of Aakash sample OMR sheet 2023 that could be very helpful for students.

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How to fill Aakash OMR Sheet 2023?

Let’s quickly dive into the points of how to fill Aakash OMR sample sheet 2023 for practice so that students don’t face any type of trouble in the exam.

  • Students would be given some time to fill in their details like roll number, name, ANTHE exam date 2023, mobile number, and much more.
  • Firstly, write your roll number as given in ANTHE 2023 admit card.
  • Then, write your name in capital or block letters.
  • Now, write the date of examination and your date of birth.
  • Write your mobile number and shade the circles.
  • Fill the circles on the backside of the ANTHE OMR sheet 2023 just as you wrote in detail on the front page.

Common mistakes while filling Aakash OMR sheet

To fill the OMR sheet seems to be a very frustrating and confusing task, especially for first-time users and due to this, they might make mistakes. So, it is suggested to practice on a sample OMR sheet before the exam. Let’s look into the points about some common mistakes that students can make during filling.

  • Never fill two circles for one answer as it can reject your answer.
  • Fill in all the details properly and move ahead.
  • Read every instruction properly and then move forward.
  • Never put any stray markings on Aakash OMR sheet 2023 as it can reject your sheet.

So, it is recommended to fill your OMR sheet properly so that it doesn’t get rejected.

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Instructions to fill ANTHE OMR Sheet 2023

To prevent these some common mistakes students should follow some essential instructions; otherwise, the ANTHE 2023 OMR sheet might get rejected. Let’s have a look at these instructions.

  • Mark all the answers with the help of a blue or black ballpoint pen.
  • Shade only one circle to answer properly.
  • Don’t fold your OMR sheet.
  • Fill in all the details with great care.
  • Make sure to shade the entire circle.
  • Don’t do any rough work on the OMR answer sheet 2023.

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