Term 2 CBSE OMR Sheet 2022 PDF Download for Class 10 & 12

New CBSE OMR Sheet 2022 Class 10 and 12 – Central Board of Secondary Education has released the term 2 CBSE New OMR Sheet PDF 2022 for Class 10th and 12th. CBSE OMR sheet term 2 sample is available on cbse.gov.in and in this article to provide complete knowledge about CBSE term 2 OMR.

Practice with OMR Sheet given below to get insights into the exam.
Download CBSE Class 10 answer key 2022 pdf to calculate probable scores.

Latest: CBSE board has changed the method to filling responses in the box. Now, students need to write their answers in capital letter instead of small letter. For example, write A, B, C or D instead of a, b, c or d, respectively.

CBSE OMR Sheet 2022 PDF Download

The board has released the sample of term 1 CBSE new omr sheet 2022-22 for term 1 exam. The papers will have objective type questions. So, one can use NEW OMR sheet CBSE 2022 for practicing with questions. Check CBSE Board Exam 2022 Class 10 Date Sheet to know exam date.

NEW CBSE OMR Sheet PDF Download for Board Exams

Unofficial: Click here to download Sample PDF of new OMR Sheet CBSE designed by our team.
Official: Click here to download CBSE OMR Sheet term 1 PDF as released by board.

Watch CBSE OMR Sheet Video by BoardExams@CBSE to get complete information on how to fill.

NEW CBSE OMR Sheet Evaluation at Exam Centres

This Year, the board has made a provision that NEW OMR sheet CBSE will be evaluated at exam centres before uploading the OMR or submitting the CBSE new OMR sheet 2022 at regional offices.

Total Options in CBSE OMR Sheet 2022-22

This year, cbse.gov.in OMR sheet 2022 will contain 5 bubbles and 1 box to answer each question. First 4 will have bubbles to darken the one option which is correct.

Fifth option of new OMR Sheet CBSE is kept blank to write the correct answer. One more bubble is also given to darken if the question is not attempted.

CBSE OMR Options: A, B, C, D (Blank Box), Question Number

  • A, B, C, D: Darken the respective answer for the question.
  • Blank Box: Mention the correct answer in the box.
    • The answer written in this box will be treated as final.
    • If the box is empty and the response is marked in the circle, then the question will be considered as non-attempted. Know CBSE passing marks out of 40.
    • If the response is given in a box and all the circles are left blank, it will be considered that the question has been attempted.
  • Question Number Circle: Apart from 4 circles and a box, another circle is given which is to be filled by students if and only if they are not attempting the question.

Sample of New CBSE OMR Sheet Term 1
Sample image of CBSE OMR Sheet 2022 Class 10

CBSE OMR Sheet 2022 Number of Questions

The number of questions in CBSE 10th, 12th exam will be 60 as per CBSE sample papers. However, there will be space for 60 questions, but students need to mark only the circles as per the number of questions given in the question paper.

If there are 45 questions in question paper and then, the candidate need to mark answers for first 45 questions in OMR. If candidate is changing Question no 46 in OMR and writing this question as 45 and then, giving the answer, it will not be evaluated.

This year, the board is conducting term 1 exam with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). The exam is held only for students who have paid CBSE exam fees. The test duration will be 90 minutes and the number of questions varies from 40-70 as per the subject.

What if you marked wrong answer in CBSE OMR sheet 2022?

As per CBSE OMR sheet guidelines, if any student has filled the answer mistakenly for any question and think the correct answer is any another option, then he/she can mention the correct answer in the 5th blank option of CBSE OMR sheet 2022.

For example, if you have filled option ‘A’ and later think that option ‘C’ is correct, then do not temper with it. Just write ‘C’ in the fifth field of the same question, as per CBSE omr sheet rules.

Right now, we are providing CBSE term 1 OMR sheet sample pdf for pre-board exams. In a few days, the final sample of CBSE board OMR sheet 2022 will be provided here. Bookmark this page and get new CBSE OMR sheet 2022 with 5 options in the first week of NOVEMBER

Students can practise with sample CBSE sample OMR sheet while exam preparation and know how to fill up cbse omr sheet. The board also releases CTET OMR Sheet 2022 in online mode. Read below to know more about New OMR sheet CBSE 2022 and download it as PDF.

CBSE Class 10 OMR Sheet 2022

Class 10 exams will be held for the students who applies for it. The exams will be conducted as per dates given in CBSE Class 10 time table 2022.

The CBSE OMR Sheet 2022 is helpful for them to mark their answers while solving the sample paper and calculate their marks by comparing the filled OMR sheet with the marking scheme of CBSE Class 10 syllabus 2022.

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CBSE Class 12 OMR Sheet 2022

The separate CBSE OMR Sheet 2022 is designed for Class 12 exams which are to be heled in November-December 2022 and March 2022. Students preparing for these exams can download the sample OMR sheet for practise and start their exam preparation.

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  1. Who will design CBSE 2022 OMR sheet?

    CBSE board officials design the CBSE exam answer sheet and OMR sheet along with question papers.

  2. Can I obtain a photocopy of CBSE OMR sheet after exams?

    Yes, the board provides the facility to obtain a photocopy of CBSE answer sheet and OMR sheet after the release of results.

  3. How many option will be there in CBSE OMR sheet term 1?

    There will be five options in the CBSE exam omr sheet 2022. First four will have option A, B, C and D. Fifth one will be blank to write answer manually, in case wrong answer is marked.

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  1. Sir, I shall be highly obliged to you if you answer my question about cbse omr sheet checking process.

    Q. Sir, if in the question, 24 questions are given but 20 questions are to answered, and I answer all 24 questions, how will I get marks? Will serially checking (meaning 1 to 20 questions are to evaluated and rest 4 questions are not evaluated even if they are correct) be done? Or any other ?
    For Cbse class 10

  2. In Accountancy, for those who have opted for Computerised accounting in Part II questio no. From 55 to 69 are to be answered. But sample OMR sheet contains space for answering upto 60 questions only. Then where to write the questions from 55 to 69?

    • For such subjects, CBSE may provide special OMR sheets with more number of questions or make some other provision. Students can contact centre superintendent to know what’s the exact solution.

  3. okay so if we attempt a wrong answer for instance a and realize its c then do we only need to write it in the 5th column or option c also has to be circled…

  4. In case if we fill circle it suddenly looked wrong then we write the correct letter, but questions is this we can write that letter in which form?
    Block letters or small letter….

  5. If for 10th cbse, instruction is solve any 10 question out of 15..then student has to solve any 10 only or he can solve all 15 ? While evaluating and giving marks if 3rd answer is wrong then will they consider 11th answer if right..so will he get 9/10 or 10/10
    Awaiting reply

    • This is great question. Thanks for asking.
      We don’t know the official answer on it. But, our experts have provided the answers to this as per their experience. It is suggested to enquire the respective subject teachers to know the exact guidance on it.
      For example if there are three sections in the paper:

        1. Section A has 24 questions. Attempt any 20 questions.
        2. Section B has 24 questions. Attempt any 20 questions.
        3. Section C has 12 questions. Attempt any 10 questions.

      Student has a total of 60 questions and need to attempt 50 questions.
      for section A, he/she need to mark their any 20 answers in OMR in between from 1 to 24 question.

        If a student has filled first 24 answers then only first 20 answers will be evaluated and marks will be given for these 20 answers.
        If a student has skipped the question number 11, 15 and attempted the 21, 24, then the answer will be given for 1-10, 12-14, 16-21 and 24 question.

      So, no need to worry just darken the circles as per the serial number given in question paper.
      Hope it helps…


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