ACT Syllabus 2024 for English, Science, Maths & Reading Section

ACT Syllabus 2024 – American College Testing (ACT) has released updated ACT 2024 Syllabus on the official site. Students aspiring for admission in Business Schools in Canada and US should clear ACT exam. ACT Syllabus 2024 serves as an essential tool to prepare well. Read the article to get ACT paper syllabus updates and related information.

ACT 2024 Syllabus for English

As per ACT syllabus 2024 prescribed in the official portal, students can check the English syllabus as follows:

act syllabus
Usage/ MechanicsRhetorical Skills
Sentence StructureStyle
Grammar UsageStrategy

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ACT 2024 Syllabus for Science

Candidates may check the topics included in science subject as per official notification.

  • Data Representation – Graphic and Tabular Material, graph Reading, Interpretation of information, etc
  • Conflicting Viewpoints – Analysis, Understanding and Comparison of Alternative Hypothesis.
  • Research Summaries -Description of Experiments

ACT 2024 Syllabus for Mathematics

Students may go through the topics included in Mathematics for ACT 2024 Syllabus. 

  • Pre Algebra – Whole Numbers, Decimals, Place value, Concept of Exponents, Square Root, approximation, etc.
  • Elementary Algebra – Solving Quadratic Equations, multiplying Binomials, Solving Linear Equations, Inequalities ,Substitution, etc
  • Plane Geometry – 3-D geometry, triangles, Parallelograms, lines and Angles, etc.
  • Trigonometry –  Trigonometric identities and Graphs, Graphing Trigonometric Functions, Triangles, etc.

ACT 2024 Syllabus for Reading Section

Students should also know about the Reading Section that is included in ACT Syllabus 2024.

  • Natural Science – Meteorology, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Natural History, Ecology, geology, Physics, Medicine, Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Technology, chemistry & Zoology.
  • Social Studies – Anthropology, Business Mathematics, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Education, sociology, Archaeology, History, Psychology.
  • Humanities – Art, Dance, Film, Language, Radio, Literary Criticism, Philosophy, Music, Television, Architecture.
  • Literary Narrative and Prose Fiction – Novels, memoirs, Short Stories, Essays, etc. 

Preparation Tips For ACT Syllabus 2024

Students should devise suitable preparation tips to prepare ACT 2024 Syllabus. The prescribed exam tips are proven fruitful to clear ACT 2024. The tips are as follows:

  • Read the ACT Syllabus 2024 once announced by ACT, incorporated on the official notification.
  • Understand what are the topics included and updated for the current ACT 2024 Syllabus.
  • Choose books that cover the latest ACT Syllabus 2024 and make sure the books are simple in language for beginners.
  • Once all the topics are covered, switch to standard books and understand the concept.
  • Try to take mock tests repeatedly from genuine online apps.
  • Gather previous year question papers and try to solve at least two question papers in a day.
  • ACT Previous year question papers enhance understanding of the exam pattern, section-wise weightage, repeated questions asked, etc.

Best Books For ACT Syllabus 2024

Following are the list of books suggested by experts. Students can make use of the table.

EnglishHow to Improve English SpeakingMarvin L Weise
ingMathematicsA Brief History of MathematicsMarcus du Sautoy
ScienceScience and TechnologyRavi P Agrahari

FAQs Related to ACT Syllabus 2024

  1. Who sets the ACT 2024 Syllabus?

    American College Testing, Incorporated will set the ACT Syllabus 2024.

  2. How to prepare for ACT Syllabus 2024?

    As per experts suggestion, a few exam preparation tips are listed for the candidate’s purpose.

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