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GRE Score 2024- Candidates applying to overseas universities for postgraduate study must submit their Graduate Record Examination score as part of the university application procedure.  The GRE results or score are accessible within 10 to 15 days after the GMAT exam date 2024. We’ll go over all of the crucial details of GRE score, steps to check and other related details about GRE score report 2024 in this article.

Section-wise calculation of GRE exam score 2024

In this section, we’ll look at how the various components of the GRE test are graded. We’ll also look at the GRE scoring range and how to get your final GRE score.

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Verbal and quantitative Reasoning score

The number of accurate responses submitted by the test taker is used to calculate the GRE Verbal Reasoning Score and GRE Quantitative Reasoning Score. This is the candidate’s raw score, which shows him how many questions he properly answered. The raw GRE test score would be converted to a scaled number.

GRE Analytical Writing Score

For the Analytical Writing section, each essay would receive a score from one trained rater and an e-rater created by ETS. If both scores are exactly the same, the final score will be the average of the two. If the two ratings from the trained rater and the ETS produced e-rater do not agree, a third, human trained rater will be added, and the final outcome will be the average of the two human-trained rater scores.

GRE Score Range 2024

The GRE Verbal Reasoning and GRE Quantitative Reasoning sections have a GRE Score Range of 130 to 170 with 1 point increments, while the GRE Analytical Writing Section has a GRE Score Range of 0 to 6 with half-point increments, according to the table below.

SectionScore Range
Analytical Writing0-6, half point increment
Quantitative Reasoning130-170, 1 point increment
Verbal Reasoning130-170, 1 point increment

What is Good GRE Score and Percentile?

 What is a good GRE score?Below Average ScoreAverage GRE scoreGood GRE ScoreExcellent GRE Score
GRE Percentile25th Percentile50th Percentile75th Percentile90th Percentile
GRE Scores 292300+318329

Steps to Check GRE Scores 2024 online

Aspirants must follow the below step to get a detailed report of of their GRE score 2024:

  • Go to the official GRE website:-
  • Log in using your GRE account information ( Username and password).
  • Your GRE score report will be displayed on the screen.
  • Save it on your mobile or desktop and take a printout for future use 

What are the details mentioned in GRE Score Report 2024?

Candidates who are taking the GRE for the first time are typically curious about the substance of their GRE scores. Candidates’ GRE scores include the following information:

  • Candidate contact information
  • Date of birth 
  • Gender 
  • Candidate’s graduate discipline
  • GRE exam date
  • GRE test score and percentile rank
  • A history of scores reported in the previous five years

GRE Score Range percentile for verbal and quantitative Reasoning

GRE scores are also measured on the percentile system. The below table shows the GRE score percentile range and GRE score interpretation for verbal and quantitative reasoning section:

GRE scoreGRE Quant scoreGRE verbal scoreScore interpretation
90162166Very good
29144-145147Below average
10132 and below134 and belowVery poor

GRE score range percentile of Analytical writing

GRE AWA scoreGRE AWA percentileGRE AWA score interpretation
5.093Very good
3.017Below Average
2.02Very poor
1.51Very poor
1.0Below- 1Very poor

Reviewing GRE Scores 2024

GRE test takers can apply for reviewing GRE test score 2024 if they feel that the GRE assessment is incorrectly evaluated. Candidates can request a score review, though their ETS account. To apply for GRE exam review 2024, test takers must be aware of the below terms:

  • Test-takers can verify their GRE Analytical Writing score by paying a charge of USD $60 within 90 days of receiving their GRE results.
  • If you’re paying by cheque or money order, fill out the GRE Score Review Request Form (PDF) and submit it together with your payment to the address on the form.
  • The results of the evaluation will be forwarded to you in one to three weeks.
  • Your GRE General Test results will be placed on hold throughout the review process; you will not be able to transmit your scores to authorised score recipients until the review procedure is concluded. 
  • The new score will be reported if the score review procedure results in a higher or lower score.

Retake GRE exam to improve Score 2024

Candidates frequently fail to obtain their anticipated results. They’re left wondering when the next GRE exam will be and when they’ll be able to take it. Candidates who need to retake the GRE can do so once every 21 days, up to five times in any 12-month period (365 days).

Candidates who wish to retake the exam should take advantage of ETS’s free GRE Diagnostic Service and review the following details-

  • GRE Diagnostic Service option is available in candidates’ ETS accounts. It provides a critical review of their performance on GRE Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections they previously took. 
  • GRE Diagnostic Service also  informs the candidate which questions they answered properly and which they answered incorrectly. This is a fantastic tool for self-reflection.

How can I send GRE score reports to universities?

Now that we’ve compared the most essential part of GRE scores, let’s move on to the next step. of  how the GRE score is reported as follows:

  • When you register for the GRE test, you will be asked to name four graduate schools or fellowship sponsors who will get your GRE scores. 
  • The fees required to send the score chart to universities are included in the GRE registration fee 2024. Candidates who intend to send their GRE score report to more than the four designated universities must pay an additional charge to ETS.

GRE score details sent to universities

The following items are included in official GRE score reports issued to the institutions you specify:

  • Your personal information (name, phone number, email address,postal address)
  • GRE test score you choose to submit using the ScoreSelect option, as well as the corresponding percentile rankings

Information excluded from universities receiving GRE Score Report

The following details are excluded from the GRE score report sent to universities:-

  • Any information about other colleges you’ve chosen.
  • Previous GRE results or any details that you’ve taken previous GRE exams

Additional GRE score report

GRE Additional Score Reports (ASRs) can be obtained in three ways: 

  • online
  • via mail
  • or by fax. 

Things to consider:-

  • You can choose to transmit the GRE general test and/or Subject Tests from your most recent, all, or any particular  GRE test. 
  • ASRs can be purchased for a charge of US$27 per score receiving colleges.
  • A request cannot be cancelled, altered, or refunded after it has been submitted.
  • This service does not allow you to change your mailing address. For assistance, contact GRE Services.
  • To find out when your scores will be available, look at the estimated score report mailing dates.

How to order GRE ASRs online?

  • Additional score reports can be ordered online using your ETS account. 
  • After your request is placed, score reports will be distributed to your selected institutions within five business days.

Obtain GRE additional score report offline

  • To order ASRs via mail or fax, fill out the Additional Score Report Request Form 
  • After your request is processed, score reports will be forwarded to your selected institutions within 10 business days.

FAQs related to GRE score 2024

How can I get my GRE scores?

Once your GRE test scores are available on your ETS account, ETS will send you an email advising you of the same. You must go to the official website, enter your credentials, and then proceed to check your GRE results. Candidates who chose to take the GRE at Home test will receive their score in 10 to 15 days after their GRE test date.

What is the validity of a GRE score?

Candidates are frequently perplexed regarding the validity of their GRE results. Aspirants must know that their GRE scores are valid for five years after they take the exam.

What is a good GRE score?

A decent answer to what a good GRE score is, actually depends on your targeted universities. GRE cut-off for each university will be different. As a result, any score higher than the cut-off would automatically disqualify their application. However, it is always wise to score between 80-90 %, to be eligible for applying in decent ranked universities 

What is the ScoreSelect option on the GRE?

The GRE ScoreSelect feature, allows students to choose their top GRE results from a series of exams they have previously completed and send them to their favourite institutions/universities. As a result, they will be able to demonstrate their progress as part of their university admissions process.

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