How to prepare for AIBE 2024 Exam (AIBE Preparation Tips)

How to prepare for AIBE 2024? – Despite being an open-book exam, AIBE poses too many challenges that candidates find difficult to overcome. That is precisely why, as the next edition of the exam approaches, the murmur as to how to prepare for AIBE 2024 starts to get louder. 

Among the many questions the AIBE aspirant has in their mind is how to approach one’s preparation, what topics to focus on, and other effective ways to improve performance. Interestingly, AIBE exam is designed to test the candidate’s ability to reason and decipher legal problems using legal knowledge and aptitude.

AIBE 2024 Preparation Tips

  • Questions in AIBE aren’t very tough. They are challenging, but students can easily solve them with proper preation. 
  • There are 100 MCQ questions and no negative marking. So make sure you do not leave any questions unanswered. In case you do not know the exact answer, you can mark your answers by guessing it. In this way, there is always some probability of right answer.
  • The target score for general category are 40 and for SC/ST category are 35 marks. After AIBE result 18, the Bar Council just show the qualifying status not marks.
  • You need to focus on Bare Acts and syllabus subjects (given below). Along with this, prepare well for legal maxims and some of the landmark case laws.
  • While attempting the exam, read the questions carefully. Several questions can be solved just by reading the question and seeing the index page of the Bare Act of that question. If you need to dive more, quickly go to that Article or section using the page number mentioned in the index.

How to Prepare for AIBE exam?

Go through the rest of the article to learn the tips on how to prepare for AIBE 2024.

How to prepare for AIBE 2024 – Make a timetable

Having a proper timetable will bring clarity, discipline and method to the madness called AIBE exam preparation. When making the AIBE preparation timetable, the candidate must pay special attention to topics that carry more weightage and so allot more time. Likewise, difficult topics would need more than easy ones. 

A mistake that some candidates make during preparation is if they get stuck with a topic, they refuse to move ahead. Rather move on to other topics; once the other topics are completed and there is still time left, then the candidate can revisit left-over topics. 

How to prepare for AIBE 2024 – Follow the syllabus

Questions in the AIBE exam will be asked from the official AIBE 2024 syllabus PDF. The syllabus will contain the topics from which questions will be asked. The candidate should prepare for all the sections, as there is no guarantee that questions will be asked from the same topics over and over again.

How to prepare for All India Bar Exam 2024 – Refer the exam pattern 

It is always a safe bet to consult the official AIBE 2024 exam pattern before starting one’s preparation. It is because the exam pattern will throw light into key features of the exam like mode of exam, types of questions asked, marking scheme, etc. Details related to AIBE 2024 exam pattern will be released as part of the exam notification along with other details like the schedule of the exam. 

Exam pattern of AIBE 2024

Duration3 hours 30 minutes
Type of questionsMCQ
Total number of questions100
Marking scheme1 mark for each correct answer.
There is no negative marking.

How to prepare for AIBE 2024 – Solve sample papers

There are many tools to aid one’s preparation, but few as effective as AIBE previous years question paper. The reason being they contain similar types of questions to those asked in the entrance exam and also cover more or less the entire syllabus.

Consequently, the candidate can assess their progress and exam readiness by solving AIBE 2024 sample papers. There is no perfect time to start solving sample papers, but one can start using them from the start itself. 

How to prepare for AIBE 2024 – Do timely revision

One-time study of a topic would not cut the ice. Instead, the candidate will have to revisit the same topic time and again until it is completely mastered through AIBE books. To make revision more effective and less time-consuming, make it a habit to keep notes of important points. 

How to prepare for AIBE 2024 – Find some extra time for important topics

There are some topics in the AIBE syllabus that carry more weightage than others. More questions are asked from these topics. The candidate must bear this fact in his or her mind when preparing for the AIBE 2024 exam date.  

Topic-wise questions 

Topic/SubjectNo of Questions
Constitutional Law10
I.P.C (Indian Penal Code)8
Cr.P.C (Criminal Procedure Code)10
C.P.C (Code of Civil Procedure)10
Evidence Act8
Alternative Dispute Redressal including Arbitration Act4
Family Law8
Public Interest Litigation4
Administrative Law3
Professional Ethics & Cases of Professional Misconduct under BCI rules4
Company Law2
Environmental Law2
Cyber Law2
Labour and Industrial Laws4
Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Act and Consumer Protection Law5
Law related to Taxation4
Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Property Laws, Negotiable Instrument Act8
Land Acquisition Act2
Intellectual Property Laws2

How to prepare for AIBE 2024 – Take mock tests

Closer to the exam, one must also start taking AIBE 2024 mock tests. Mock tests are a simulation of the actual exam, and so the basic exam elements are all there. The candidate will get the same 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete the test. Taking mock tests will help the candidate build exam temperament, apart from honing time-management and problem-solving skills. 

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