KEAM Syllabus 2024 for Engineering, Pharmacy & Medical

KEAM Syllabus 2024 – The Commissioner of Entrance Examination, Kerala will release the KEAM 2024 Syllabus with the official notification. Go through the main portal – to know about KEAM syllabus for Medical, Engineering and Pharmacy streams which consists of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 

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CEE, Kerala has highlighted subject-wise topics updates in the official portal as PDF. KEAM exam pattern that involves questions from class 10 to the major part. However the exam body has given considerable weightage to the questions from class 9 syllabus.  Scroll down to know the best set of books ideal for the KEAM 2024 exam, additionally.

KEAM Syllabus 2024

The CEE, Kerala has proclaimed inclusion of main subjects such as Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics to prepare for written examination. Take a brief note of each subject in detail. Studens should cover all syllabus before the KEAM exam date 2024 and start revision to prepare well.

KEAM 2024 Syllabus for Physics

Check the chapters compressed in Physics for preparation

Atomic NucleusOscillations
Heat and ThermodynamicsElectromagnetic Waves
Dual Nature of Matter and RadiationLaws of Motion
GravitationWork, Energy and Power
WavesPrinciples of Communications
Mechanics of Solids and FluidsOptics
Description of Motion in One DimensionCurrent Electricity
Description of Motion in two & Three DimensionElectromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
KinematicsMagnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism
Physical World and MeasurementSolids and Semiconductor of Devices
Motion of System of Particles & Rigid Body RotationElectrostatics

KEAM 2024 Syllabus for Chemistry

Check the topics added in chemistry to prepare the examination

Surface ChemistrySolutions
Environmental ChemistryRedox Reaction and Electrochemistry
Chemistry in Everyday LifeOrganic Reaction Mechanism
S-Block ElementsChemical Kinetics
D & F – block ElementsCoordination Compounds
P-Block elementsBasic Principles, Purification and Characterization of Organic compounds
Basic Concept of Atomic StructureHydrocarbons
Periodic Properties of Elements and HydrogenStereochemistry
Bonding and Molecular StructureHaloalkanes, Haloarenes and Polyhalogen compounds
States of MatterAlcohol, Phenol, Ether, Carboxylic Acids, Carbonyl Compounds
ThermodynamicsOrganic Nitrogen Compounds
Chemical EquilibriumPolymers and Biomolecules

KEAM 2024 Syllabus for Mathematics

Go through the table drawn below to understand the chapters added.


Linear Equations

Sequence and Series

Complex Numbers

Quadratic Equations

Sets, Relation and Functions

Permutation, Combination, Binomial Theorem, Mathematical Induction

Mathematical Logic and Boolean Algebra

Matrices and Determinants


Trigonometric Functions & Inverse Trigonometric Functions


Statistics and Probability


conic Sections

three dimensional Geometry

Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates

Lines and Family of Lines

Circles and Family of Circles



Definite Integrals

Application of Derivatives

Functions, Continuity and Limits

Differential Equations


Indefinite Integrals

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Exam Preparation Tips for KEAM 2024 Syllabus

Following are the useful tips to cover KEAM Syllabus 2024 suggested by experts and other aspirants.

  • Go through the KEAM 2024 Syllabus once or twice initially.
  • Understand all the given topics. Choose books and study materials that comprise the latest KEAM Syllabus 2024.
  • Make sure the books chosen are simple in language and easy to understand.
  • Beginners find simple version books ideal to cover the KEAM Syllabus 2024. 
  • Once all the topics are covered, switch to standard version books.
  • Understand the concept of each topic. Especially for Mathematics, ensure the problems are solved correctly and appropriately.
  • Remember the formulae mentioned in the main subjects and recall it to solve the problems.
  • Take repeated mock tests to ensure the preparation level. Identify the weaker sections through mock test results. 
  • Focus on the weaker sections that need more attention.
  • Above all, gather previous year question papers with appropriate answer keys.
  • Solve at least to question papers in a day. 
  • Previous year question papers solving enhances time management and understanding the weightage of questions shared among topics.
  • It also provides an idea of the exam pattern followed in the written exam.

Best Books for KEAM Syllabus 2024

Subject BookAuthor
PhysicsConcept of PhysicsH.C. Verma
ChemistryOrganic ChemistryO.P.Tandon
ChemistrySolved Papers for ChemistryPurnima Sharma
Mathematics NCERT Textbook of MathematicsNCERT

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FAQs Related to KEAM Syllabus 2024

  1. How to download KEAM 2024 Syllabus?

    Candidates can download KEAM Syllabus 2024 from the official site. Check to download the syllabus.

  2. Are recommended books enough for exam preparation?

    Books alone are not sufficient. Students should download online applications for mock tests, previous year question papers to know exam patterns, etc to ace the exam preparation.

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