MET Mock Test 2024: Questions & Answers, Color Code Status

Manipal Academy of Higher Education will release the MET 2024 Mock Test on their official website. Candidates can attempt the MET Mock Test 2024 through the official portal ‘MAHE Mock Pariksha Portal’. Attempting Mock test helps students to become more familiar with the MET Question Paper and time management in the Manipal entrance test

The MET exam authorities will send an email to the registered candidates with the details: username, password, MET exam date and time for mock test. Note that candidates will be able to attempt MET 2024 mock test only once. 

MET 2024 Mock Test Pattern

Along with MET Mock Test Series 2024, candidates should practise MET Sample Papers to make better preparation for the MET exam. To know more about the MET exam mock test, read the article completely. 

Mode of examinationOnline
Type of QuestionsMultiple-Choice-Questions (MCQs)
SubjectsGeneral Aptitude, English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
Exam Duration2 hours
MET Total Marks240
Total number of questions60
Subject wise number of questions from MET exam syllabus10 (General Aptitude & English)
15 (Physics)
15 (Chemistry)
20 (Mathematics)
Subject Wise Marks distribution40 (General Aptitude & English)
60 (Physics)
60 (Chemistry)
80 (Mathematics)
MET Marking Scheme‘4 Marks will be given for each correct answer’
‘1 Mark will be deducted for every wrong answer’
Official Website‘’

How to attempt the Manipal Mock Test 2024? 

Candidates can attempt the MET 2024 Mock Test Series by simply following some steps. The steps are given below – 

  • Click on the ‘MET mock test 2024’ link you received through mail.
  • Click on the ‘Pariksha Test Player’ button.
  • Enter your MET 2024 Registration Number as Login ID.
  • Select your Date of Birth as password.
  • Select the checkbox to confirm your attendance
  • Click on the ‘Sign in’ button.
  • Select First section from dropdown.
  • Tick on ‘I confirm details are correct’ and click on the continue button.
  • Read all the instructions displayed on the screen, select the checkbox and click on the ‘Start Exam’ button.
  • Attempt the Manipal 2024 mock test. 
  • Once you have completed and submitted the Manipal University mock test 2024, check the mock test result and check the the mistakes you have made in the Mock Test Series.

MET Mock Test 2024: Questions and Answers Format 

There are mainly two types of questions in the MET exam and they are Multiple-Choice-Questions (MCQs) and Numerical-Answer-Type (NATs).

  • For Multiple-Choice-Questions, Candidates should read the given question thoroughly and select the correct answer by simply selecting the radio button, (which is next to the answer option).
  • For Numerical- Answer-Type questions, candidates must enter their answer in text format in the provided box. The format of type answers is given below.
    • Enter the numerical answers upto two decimal points (as appropriate). For example, If your answer is 1.358 OR 1.359, then enter it as 1.36. Note that candidates cannot use any other punctuations except decimal points.
    • Negative Numbers such as -5/-68/- 5.2/-1.96 etc. (-ve sign should be entered/ typed deliberately).
    • Positive Numbers like 5 / 68 / 5.2 / 1.96, and so on (+ve symbol should not be entered/ typed intentionally).

Manipal Mock Test Series 2024 : Status of Answers

The MET mock tests 2024 can help students to get a clear idea about the actual MET test. Candidates are suggested to go through the following table to understand the status of MET questions and answers in Manipal 2024 mock tests : 

MET Mock Test Color Codes

Candidate has not answered the questionRed
Candidate has not visited the questionGray
Candidate has answered the questionGreen
Candidate has answered but marked the question for reviewBlue
Candidate has not answered but marked the question for reviewBrown

Requirements to run MET 2024 Mock Test on your PC

The following requirements must be fulfilled to start the MET Mock Test 2024 on your PC. If your PC meets all the following requirements, only then start the Manipal Mock Test 2024 by clicking ‘Pariksha Test Player’.

  • Manipal 2024 Mock Test supported browsers are Firefox/ Chrome/ Internet Explorer 9.0/10.0
  • The ‘Popup Blocker’ should be turned off on your PC.
  • Clear Cache from your Browser before starting the Manipal University Mock Test 2024.
  • Pariksha site URL should be in your ‘Trusted Sites’ category. 
  • Screen Resolution of your PC should be 1024 x 768 or above.
  • An internet connection with a minimum speed of 512 kbps on your PC.

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MET 2024 Mock Test: Important Points

  • Registered candidates have to attempt the Manipal mock test 2024 on the scheduled time and date.
  • If any candidate fails to attempt the test as per schedule, they can log in and attend the test on the same day in the immediate next batch.
  • The mock tests will be held in 3 batches i.e., 9 am, 12:30 pm and 4 pm.
  • For the candidates of batch third, the login would stay active till 7:30 pm on the scheduled day. 
  • The section candidates select first will be displayed as the first section by default.
  • Candidates must have to complete one section and only then switch to the next section because if they switch to the next section, they cannot revisit the previous section. 
  • Candidates are allowed to attempt the mock test atmost once.

MET Mock Test 2024 Summary

Once a candidate clicks on the ‘End Test’ button, a summary of the MET mock test will be displayed on the screen. The summary will consist of some details such as the number of questions the candidate answered, the number of unanswered questions by the candidate and the questions which are marked for review in every section. 

On the summary page of MET Mock Test, the candidates will get an option of clicking ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. On clicking ‘Yes’, a dialogue box will appear on the computer screen to confirm the decision. Click on the button showing ‘Confirm’ to end the test or click on the button “Cancel” to resume the test. Once a candidate chooses to confirm to complete the mock test, the mock test score will be displayed on the screen. 

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FAQs Related to MET Mock Test 2024

  1. Where can I access the MET 2024 Mock Test?

    Registered candidates will receive an email from the MET authorities with the MET mock test time, date, username and password. 

  2. How many times can one attempt the Manipal mock test 2024?

    Candidates will be allowed to attempt the MET Mock Test only once.

  3. What will happen if any candidate fails to attempt the MET mock test 2024 on the scheduled time? 

    If any candidate fails to attempt the test as per schedule, they can log in and attend the test  on the same day in the immediate next batch.