NEET Syllabus 2025 PDF Download for Biology, Chemistry, Physics Class 11th, 12th

National Testing Agency (NTA) releases the NEET Syllabus 2025 along with information bulletin. Medical students wishing to take the NEET exam 2025 should be familiar with the NEET 2025 syllabus, which consists of three subjects: physics, chemistry, and biology.

NEET 2025 Syllabus PDF for Biology, Physics, Chemistry

Candidates can download the last year NEET syllabus and know NEET 2025 exam pattern to begin their preparation. We have provided the direct links for NEET 2025 Syllabus for Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects:

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Download NEET syllabus PDF – Biology, Physics, Chemistry

NEET 2024 Syllabus PDFDownload Here
NEET UG 2023 Syllabus PDFDownload Here
NEET 2022 Syllabus PDFClick here
NEET Physics syllabus PDF DownloadClick here
NEET Chemistry syllabus PDF DownloadClick here
NEET Biology syllabus PDF DownloadClick here

is NEET Syllabus reduced?

Yes, NEET syllabus has been reduced. This year, there are a total of 79 chapters. Last year, it had 97 chapters. This year, some chapters have been removed and some have been deleted.

The best part of the NEET syllabus 2025 PDF download is that it is based on the Class 11 and 12 syllabus, so students are already familiar with the major ideas. Continue reading to know about NEET syllabus 2025 2025, steps to download and other related details.

How to download NEET Syllabus 2025 PDF?

Aspirants’ can follow the below mentioned steps to check NEET syllabus 2025, 2025:-

  1. Visit the official webpage of NEET:
  2. On the home page, check the ‘latest announcement’ section.
  3. Link mentioning ‘NEET Syllabus 2025 PDF’  will be available (Once released). 
  4. Click on the above-mentioned link, 2025 NEET syllabus will be displayed on the next screen.
  5. Save and take a print out of NEET syllabus 2025 2025 for future reference.

Highlights of NEET 2025 syllabus PDF

  • NTA has only issued the syllabus in English, therefore candidates who want to study regional languages or Hindi will need to hunt for the Hindi syllabus. Candidates in this situation might ask their lecturers and mentors for the NEET syllabus 2025 PDF download in Hindi. 
  • After filling NEET exam form 2025, students must boost their preparation and cover entire syllabus at least a month before the NEET 2025 exam date.
  • The NEET syllabus provided is from the previous year’s session. The curriculum for NEET 2025 would remain the same. Candidates can use the syllabus provided till the NEET 2025 syllabus is announced and revised for the current year.
  • Once NEET admit card 2025 download is available, students should focus on revision only, instead of starting any new topic. It may lead to confusion.

Class-wise and Topic-wise NEET 2025 syllabus for Biology, Physics, Chemistry

Students can check the following tables to know about the subject-wise topics of NEET exam syllabus for each class. Covering these topics may help students to gain better NEET 2025 results and achieve target score or NEET cutoff marks.

NEET Physics syllabus 2025

Check the important topics, weightage, and best books for NEET Physics preparation below.

NEET syllabus for Physics

Unit numberName of unit
1Physics and Measurements
3Laws of Motion
4Work, Energy and Power
5Rotational Motion
7Properties of Solid and Liquids
9Kinetic Theory of Gases
10Oscillation and Waves
12Current Electricity
13Magnetic Effects Of Current and Magnetism
14Electromagnetic Induction And Altering Currents
15Electromagnetic Waves
17Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
18Atoms and Nuclei
19Electronic Devices
20Experimental Skills

NEET syllabus for Chemistry 2025

Unit numberName of the unit
Physical Chemistry
1Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry
2Atomic Structure
3Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
4Chemical Thermodynamics
7Redox Reaction and ElectroChemistry
8Chemical Kinetics
Inorganic Chemistry
8Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
10P-Block Elements
11d- and f- Block Elements
12Coordination Compounds
Organic Chemistry
13Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds
114Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
16Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
17Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
18Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
20Principles related to Practical Chemistry

NEET Syllabus for Biology 2025

Unit numberName of the unit
1Diversity in Living World
2Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
3Cell Structure and Function
4Plant Physiology
5Human Physiology
7Genetics and Evolution
8Biology and Human Welfare
9Biotechnology and its Applications
10Ecology and Environment

NEET Marking Scheme 2025

Let’s have a look at the primary topics covered in the NEET Biology syllabus, as well as the allocation of courses by class and the weightages allocated to them.

There will be two portions in each subject. Section A will include 35 questions and Section B will have 15, with candidates having the option of attempting any 10 of the 15 questions.

As a result, the overall number of questions and the amount of time spent on each question will stay unchanged.

SectionsNumber of QuestionsTotal Marks
Physics Section A35140
Physics Section B1540
Chemistry Section A35140
Chemistry Section B1540
Biology Section A35140
Biology Section B1540
Zoology Section A35140
Zoology Section B1540

Preparation tips for NEET syllabus 2025 

NEET preparation is a time-consuming process that should be approached in a systematic manner. The first and most important step is to thoroughly understand the NEET UG syllabus 2025 2025. Candidates should follow the methods outlined below to prepare for the NEET syllabus:

  • Go through the entire NEET syllabus 2025 and capture an overview of the content and marking scheme. 
  • The smart way to start the preparation is by identifying the easiest and difficult topics and then distributing them into different time slots of your study routine.
  • Start to learn and revise one simple topic and one challenging topic. Once you are done with the entire curriculum, set aside additional time to check out contents where you are still weak and need additional understanding, learning and revision. This step is essential as it ensures that you did not miss out any part of NEET syllabus 2025 PDF download. 
  • To judge where you stand in your preparation process, take self assessment after finishing each chapter. Also, to reinforce your confidence in the particular subject, complete the questions at the end of the chapter. 
  • It is a fair habit to go on to the next topic in NEET 2025 syllabus  only if the current topic has been completely revised and studied.
  • Examine previous year’s question papers and begin responding to questions from the 2025 NEET syllabus. This method will increase your speed and accuracy. If the test does not go well, analyse your performance and area of mistakes, then revise the NEET curriculum for the specific topic.  

Recommended NEET books to cover syllabus

Best books for NEET 2025: Chemistry

  1. 40 Days Chemistry for NEET by Sudhanshu Thakur
  2. Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee
  3. Objective Chemistry (Volume I, II & III)
  4. Organic Chemistry by Himanshu Pandey (GRB Publication)
  5. Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon (G R Publications)

Best books for NEET 2025: Physics

  1. 40 Days Physics for NEET by S B Tripathi
  2. Fundamental Physics by Pradeep
  3. NCERT Physics by Anil Aggarwal
  4. Concepts of Physics by H C Verma
  5. Objective Physics by Prof.Satya Prakash Arya ( MTG Publishers)

Best books for NEET 2025: Biology

  1. 40 Days Biology for NEET by S Chakravarty
  2. GR Bathla publications for Biology
  3. Moderns ABC of Biology for XI & XII (B B Arora and A K Sabharwal – Modern Publishers
  4. Objective Biology (Vol 1, 2 & 3), Dinesh Publications
  5. Exploring Biology (Vol 1 & 2) by Sanjay Sharma & Sudhakar Banerjee (Arihant Publications)

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FAQs Related to NEET Syllabus 2025

  1. Where can I check the NEET syllabus 2025 PDF?

    Candidates appearing for NEET exam 2025 can get the syllabus from the official website of NTA,

  2. Are there any recent changes in NEET 2025 syllabus?

    NTA has not announced any latest modification in their NEET curriculum. The course structure is remain the same as previous year’s 

  3. What are the recommended practice books for NEET chemistry syllabus 2025?

    Students can refer to the below mentioned practice books for revising their NEET chemistry course curriculum:-
    Organic Chemistry – M S Chauhan
    Inorganic Chemistry – V K Jaiswal
    Physical Chemistry – N Awasthi

  4. Do I have to refer to different books for NEET zoology syllabus?

    NEET Biology syllabus is divided into two sections:- Biology and Zoology.  The recommended books for Biology will cover the entire determined curriculum for both the sections.

  5. How many questions are asked from NEET 2025 Physics syllabus?

    NEET Physics exams will be conducted in 100 marks, which is divided into a total of 45 questions (candidates need to answer).

  6. Which are the difficult chapters of NEET syllabus 2025?

    The difficulty level of each chapter prescribed in the 2025 NEET syllabus depends on the candidate’s competency level.  One should be aware that all the topics included in the NEET 2025 syllabus are equally important. In order to qualify NEET exams with high grades, candidates should focus on each chapter with equal dedication.


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