NTA gives Grace Marks in NEET 2024; Read Details Here

NTA has given grace marks in NEET 2024 entrance exam. The result was released on June 4, 2024 and some students got 718 or 719 marks which seems illogical as NEET paper has 4 marks for correct answers and -1 for incorrect answers. So there were some queries regarding such illogical marks in NEET UG result.

Clarification on NEET 2024 grace marks

NTA has clarified that they have given NEET grace marks to students who faced loss of time during the examination conducted on May 5, 2024. NTA received few representations and Court Cases from the candidates that they had a loss of time during the conduct of the NEET exam.

grace marks in neet 2024

Such cases were considered by NTA and students were given grace marks to compensate their loss of time. Grace marks or extra marks were awarded through a normalization formula which has been devised and adopted by the Hon’ble Apex Court, vide its Judgment dated 13.06.2018.

How many Grace marks given in NEET 2024 exam?

There is no clarification by NTA. But as these grace marks were given for the loss of time. so the agency may provide one or two marks for unattempted questions as due to loss of time, some students could not attempt it. For a rigid clarification on your paper, you can reach out to NTA officials.

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