NIOS 10th Syllabus 2024 PDF Download for Class 10 Subjects

The National Institute of Open Schooling prescribes the NIOS 10th Syllabus 2024. NIOS syllabus for 10th 2024 is available in PDF file format on the official website. students can easily download the syllabus.

NIOS Bifurcation New Syllabus 2024 is available for all Subjects. Download Now.

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NIOS class 10th Syllabus 2024 PDF contains all the subject syllabus for which the NIOS conducts examinations. It is suggested to complete the 10th syllabus 2024 at the earliest or at least a month before the release of NIOS exam date 2024 PDF. Read the complete article to get detailed information on NIOS 10th Syllabus 2024.

How to Download NIOS 10th Syllabus 2024 PDF?

NIOS secondary syllabus 2024 is available for all students. No matter, whether you have paid NIOS Exam 2024 fees or not. So, all candidates can follow the steps mentioned below to download the NIOS syllabus 2024 10th Class PDF.

  • Visit the official website:
  • Scroll down to the end of the page and find the ‘Important Links’ section. Click on the download section link.
  • This will open up the online course material link. Click on it.
  • Select the secondary course
  • Now, click on the required subject link for which you need to download the NIOS 10th syllabus 2023 and course material.

NIOS Class 10 Syllabus 2024 PDF Download Links (English Medium)

Syllabus NameDownload Link
NIOS 10th English SyllabusClick Here
NIOS 10th Home Science Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 10th Maths Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 10th Science SyllabusClick Here
NIOS 10th Social Science SyllabusClick Here
NIOS 10th Economics SyllabusClick Here
Syllabus NameDownload Link
NIOS Syllabus 2024 Class 10 Home ScienceClick Here
NIOS Syllabus 2024 Class 10 Indian CultureClick Here
NIOS Syllabus 2024 Class 10 MathsClick Here
NIOS Syllabus 2024 Class 10 SSTClick Here
NIOS Syllabus 2024 Class 10 Business StudiesClick Here
NIOS 10th Syllabus 2024 Hindi Medium PDF Download Links

NIOS Syllabus 2024 10th Class Subjects

  • NIOS syllabus 2024 Class 10 is broadly divided into two categories i.e. group A and group B.
  • Group A includes all the language subjects
    • A candidate has to choose a minimum of one language
    • A maximum of two languages from this group.
  • Group B includes all the core subjects from which a candidate has to choose three or four subjects. Choose subject exam date is mentioned in NIOS 10th hall ticket 2024
  • To obtain the pass certificate, students have to clear all 5 subjects including the language subject. The certificate is given through the study centre after the declaration of NIOS Class 10 result 2024
212Science and Technology
213Social science
215Business studies
216Home science
223Indian culture and heritage
229Data entry operations
245Veda Adhyan
246Sanskrit vyakaran
247Bhartiya Darshan
248Sanskrit Sahitya
NIOS 10th Class Subjects 2024

Subject-wise NIOS Syllabus 2024 Class 10

Below, we have provided an overview of NIOS 10th class syllabus 2024 for all major subjects along with marking scheme:

NIOS Class 10th English Syllabus

ModulePublic Examination Syllabus
Prescribed Texts(Prose + Poetry)Snake Bite, Kondiba- A Hero, A Tiger Comes To Town (I), A Birthday Letter, A Tiger Comes To Town (Ii), Nine Gold Medals, Indian Weavers, The Last Stone Mason, Stealing And Atonement, My Only Cry, A Prayer For Healing, The Truth, The Return Of The Lion, Co-Operate and Prosper, Ustad Bismillah Khan, The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk

NIOS 10th Syllabus 2024 Science

ModulePublic Examination Syllabus
Module- I Measurement in ScienceMeasurement in Science and Technology
Module- II Matter in our SurroundingsAtomic Structure, Periodic Classification of Elements, Chemical Bonding, Acids, Bases and Salts
Module- III Moving ThingsForce and motion, Gravitation
Module- IV EnergyWork and Energy, Light Energy, Electrical Energy, Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
Module- V The Living WorldLife Processes – I: Nutrition, Transportation, Respiration and ExcretionLife Processes – II: Control and CoordinationLife Processes – III: Reproduction L.25 Heredity
Module- VI Natural ResourcesMetals and Non-metals, Carbon and Its Compounds
Module- VII Human and EnvironmentNatural Environment, Human Impact on Environment

NIOS 10th Class SST Syllabus 2024

ModulePublic Examination Syllabus
Module -1 India and World through AgesModern World – I, Modern World – II, Impact of British Rule on India: Economic Social and Cultural (1757-1857), Religious and Social Awakening in Colonial India, Popular Resistance to the British Rule, Indian National Movement
Module 2 India: Natural Environment, Resources and DevelopmentPhysiography of India, Climate, Transport and Communication
Module 3 Democracy at WorkFundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties, Governance at the State Level, Governance at the Union Level, Political Parties and Pressure Groups
Module 4 Contemporary India: Issues and GoalsChallenges to Indian Democracy, Socio-Economic Development And Empowerment of Disadvantaged Groups, Peace and security

NIOS 10th Syllabus 2024 Mathematics

ModulePublic Examination Syllabus
Module-I AlgebraSpecial Product and Factorisation, Linear Equation, Quadratic Equation, Arithmetic Progression
Module-II Commercial MathematicsPercentage and its Applications, Installment Buying
Module-III GeometryAngle in a Circle and Cyclic Quadrilaterals, Secants, Tangents and their Properties, Constructions, Co-ordinate Geometry
Module-IV MensurationPerimeter and Area of Plane Figure, Surface Area and Volume
Module-V TrigonometryIntroduction to Trigonometry, Trigonometric Ratio of Some Special Angle
Module-VI StatisticsMeasure of Central Tendency, Introduction to Probability

NIOS Syllabus 2024 10th Class Economics

ModulePublic Examination Syllabus
Module 1: Understanding EconomicsGoods And Services
Module 2: About EconomyBasic Economic Activities
Module 3: Producing Goods and ServicesProduction, Cost And Revenue
Module 4: Distribution of Goods and ServicesDemand, Supply
Module 5: Money, Banking and InsuranceMoney And Its Role, Banking And Credit
Module 6: Presentation and Analysis of Data in EconomicsCollection And Presentation Of Data, Analysis Of Data
Module 7: Indian EconomySectoral Aspects Of Indian Economy, Indian Economy In The Global Context
Module 8: Contemporary Economic IssuesEnvironment And Sustainable Development, Consumer Awareness

Tips to Cover NIOS 10th Syllabus 2024

Tips for the candidates to cover NIOS syllabus 10th class 2024 are given below.

  • To start with, a candidate should know the NIOS 10 Syllabus 2024. Visit the official website 10th Syllabus 2024 and download the syllabus. 
  • Make an organized NIOS 10th time table 2024 for study, which works best for you.
  • Make a list of all weak and strong topics. Periodically revise your strong topics and give more time to your weak topics.
  • Prepare diagrams and flowcharts as you prepare the syllabus. It will help you to efficiently and effectively revise the whole syllabus in a shorter period.
  • Solve more and more NIOS previous year exam papers and NIOS sample paper.
  • Group study with friends in an organized way can be beneficial. Learn and practice the topics together. This will enhance your learning skills.
  • All work and no fun is a mantra which never works. Remember, you have to take care of your mind as well as of your body. So take regular breaks between your study hours.
  • Make daily targets and achieve them. This will keep you motivated throughout your preparation period.

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FAQs Related to NIOS 10th Syllabus 2024

  1. How many subjects a student have to take in NIOS 10th?

    NIOS allows a student to take a maximum of 7 subjects and a minimum of five subjects.

  2. Is NIOS syllabus tougher than the CBSE syllabus?

    NIOS and CBSE difficulty levels are almost similar.

  3. Is NIOS 10th Syllabus 2024 the same for on-demand and public exams?

    Yes, NIOS prescribes the same syllabus for both on-demand and public exams.

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