NIOS 12th Syllabus 2024 October for Major Subject⁃ Know about NIOS Subject Groups

National Open Board has released NIOS 12th Syllabus 2024 PDF for all subjects. Students can download the NIOS Class 12th Syllabus 2024 from the official website. According to NIOS senior secondary syllabus 2024, all the students must appear for 5 subjects and 2 subjects are additional.

NIOS 12th Bi-furcation Syllabus PDF Download Link (Subject-wise)

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NIOS Class 12 Syllabus 2024 PDF Download Links (English & Hindi Medium)

All the students need to secure at least 33% NIOS pass marks in each subject to clear the exam. NIOS 12th Syllabus 2024 will help the students in their exam preparation as it will cover all important topics. This article will help the students to get the full knowledge about NIOS Syllabus for 12th 2024 and also how to download it.

Syllabus NameDownload Link
NIOS 12th History Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Home Science Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Maths Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Maths Syllabus Hindi MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Painting Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Physics Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Political Science Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Psychology Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Sociology Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Accountancy Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Biology Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Chemistry Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Commerce Business Studies Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Computer Science Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Data Entry Operations Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th English Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Geography Syllabus English MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Geography Syllabus Hindi MediumClick Here
NIOS 12th Syllabus PDF Download With Bifurcation

Subjects for NIOS 12th Syllabus 2024

The authority has divided the subjects in 6 groups and students have to choose 5 subjects from them and pay the NIOS exam 2024 fees for appearing the exams. Below, we have Tabulated NIOS Syllabus class 12th 2024 group and subjects.

Group-AHindi, English, Urdu, Tamil, Persian, Arabic, Gujarati, Malayalam, Sanskrit
Group-BMathematics, Psychology, Economics, Painting, Business studies, Veda Adyhayan, Home Science, Early childhood care and Education, Bhartiya Darshan, Sanskrit Sahitya
Group-CEnvironmental Science, Physics, History, Library and Information Science
Group-DChemistry, Military Studies, Mass Communication, Political Science
Group-EBiology, Introduction to Law, Military History, Accountancy
Group-FComputer Science, Physical Education, Sociology, Tourism
NIOS Class 12 Subject Groups 2024

How to download NIOS Syllabus 12th Class 2024?

Follow below given steps to download NIOS Class 12th Syllabus 2024.

  • Visit Official website:
  • Select the student information link on the homepage.
  • New page will open, scroll down and select a general information link.
  • NIOS Syllabus 2024 PDF will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the link to download the PDF file of NIOS 12th Class Syllabus 2024.

Subject-wise NIOS Syllabus 2024 Class 12th

Below, we have provided subject-wise details of NIOS Syllabus 2024 Class 12th.

NIOS Class 12th Syllabus 2024 for Physics

ChaptersPublic Examination Topics
1. Force and EnergyL-3 (Laws of Motion)
L-6 (Work, Energy and Power)
2. Mechanics of Solids and FluidsL-9 (Properties of Fluids)
3. Thermal PhysicsL-11 (Thermodynamics)
4. Oscillations and WavesL-14 (Wave Phenomena)
5. Electricity and MagnetismL-15 (Electric Charge and Electric Field) L-16 (Electric Potential and Capacitors) L-17 (Electric Current)
L-18 (Magnetism and Magnetic Effect of Electric Current)
L-19 (Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current)
6. Optics and Optical InstrumentsL-21 (Dispersion and Scattering of Light ) L-22 (Wave Phenomena and Light)
7. Atoms and NucleiL-24 (Structure of Atoms)
L-25 (Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter) L-26 (Nuclei and Radioactivity)
L-27 (Nuclear Fission and Fusion)
8. Semiconductor Devices and CommunicationL-28 (Semiconductors and Semiconducting Devices)
L-29 (Applications of Semiconductor Devices)

NIOS Syllabus Class 12th 2024 for Chemistry

ChaptersPublic Examination
Module I Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryLesson-1 (Atoms, Molecules, and Chemical Arithmetic)
Module II Atomic Structure and Chemical BondingLesson-2 (Atomic Structure) Lesson-4(Chemical Bonding)
Module III States of MatterLesson-7(Solutions)
Module VI Chemical EnergeticsLesson-9(Chemical Thermodynamics)
Module V Chemical DynamicsLesson-12(Ionic Equilibrium) Lesson-13(Electrochemistry)
Lesson-18 (General Characteristics of p-Block Elements)
Module VI Chemistry of ElementsLesson-17 (Hydrogen and s-Block Elements)
Lesson-20 (p-Block Elements and their Compounds-II)
Lesson-21 d-Block and f-Block Elements
Lesson-22 ( Coordination Compounds)
Module VII Chemistry of Organic CompoundsLesson- 23 (Nomenclature and General Principles)
Lesson-24 (Hydrocarbons)
Lesson-25 (Compounds of Carbon Containing Halogens)
Lesson-26 (Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers)
Lesson-27 (Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids)
Lesson- 28 (Compounds of Carbon Containing Nitrogen)
Lesson-29 (Biomolecules)
Module VIII Chemistry in Everyday LifeLesson-31 (Soaps, Detergents and Polymers)

NIOS Syllabus 2024 Class 12th for Maths

ChaptersPublic Examination Topics
Module-IV Co-ordinate Geometry13. Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates
14. Straight Lines
15. Circles
16. Conic Sections
Module-VI Algebra-II20. Matrices
21. Determinants
22. Inverse of a Matrix and its Applications
Module- VIII Calculus25. Limits and Continuity
26. Differentiation
27. Differentiation of Trigonometric functions
28. Differentiation of Exponential and Logarithmic functions
29. Application of Derivatives
30. Integration
31. Definite Integrals
32. Differential Equations
Module-IX Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry33. Introduction to Three-Dimensional Geometry
34. Vectors
35. Plane
36. Straight Line
Module-X Linear Programming and Mathematical Reasoning37. Linear Programming
38. Mathematical Reasoning

NIOS Syllabus 2024 12th Class for Biology

ChaptersPublic Examination
1. Module-I: Diversity and Evolution of Life (12 Marks)L-2.The Kingdom Monera, Protoctista, and Fungi
L-3.Kingdom Plantae and Animalia L-5.Tissues and Other Level of Organization
2.Module-II Forms and Functions of Plants and Animals (26 Marks)L-6. Root system
L-7. Shoot system
L-10.Nitrogen Metabolism L-11.Photosynthesis
L-12. Respiration in Plants
L-15. Circulation of Body Fluids
L-17. Coordination and Control – The Nervous and Endocrine Systems
3.Module-III: Reproduction and Heredity (22 Marks )L-19. Reproduction in Plants
L.21. Reproduction and Population Control
L-22. Principles of Genetics
L-23. Molecular Inheritance and Gene Expression
4. Module- IV: Environment and Health (13 Marks)L-25. Principles of Ecology
L-28. Nutrition and Health
5. Module- V: Emerging Areas in Biology(7 Marks)L.30 Immunobiology: An Introduction
L.31 Biotechnology

NIOS 12th Syllabus 2024 for English

ChaptersPublic Examination Topics
Prescribed texts (Prose + Poetry)Chapter -6 My Grandmother’s House
Chapter -7 Reading with understanding Chapter -8 A Case of Suspicion
Chapter -9 My Son will not be a beggar
Chapter -10 Where the mind is Without Fear
Chapter -12 If I Were You
Chapter -13 The Tiger in the Tunnel
Chapter -14 The Road Not Taken
Chapter -16 I must know the truth
Chapter -17 India- Her Past and Future
Chapter -18 Night of the Scorpion
Chapter -21 Reading with understanding
Chapter -23 Reading with understanding
Chapter -24 Reading with understanding
BOOK -2 OPTIONAL MODULES (ESP- Receptionist)Chapter -26A The Reception desk and you
Chapter -26B Face to face communication in business
Chapter -27A Managing the telephone
Chapter -28A Analysing turns in telephone Chapter -28B Writing emails
Chapter -29A Controlling Strategies and Outgoing Calls
Chapter -29B Writing Reports
Chapter -31B Appearing for an interview

NIOS Syllabus Class 12th 2024 for Commerce (Businesses studies)

ChaptersPublic Examination
1. Introduction to Business (5 lessons)L-3. Business Environment
L-5. Company Form of Business
2. Business Management and its Functions (4 lessons)L-7. Planning and Organising
L-8. Staffing and Directing
L-9. Co-ordination and Controlling
3. Business Finance (4 lessons)L-10 Financial Planning and Management
L-12. Long-Term Sources of Finance
L-13. Financial Markets
4. Marketing(4 lessons)L-15. Marketing Mix
L-16. Advertising and Salesmanship
5. Trade (2 lessons)L-18 Internal Trade
L-19. External Trade
6. Avenues in Business and Employment (4 lessons)L-23. Modern Modes of Business
L-20 Self-Employment

NIOS 2024 Syllabus Class 12th 2024 for Economics

ChaptersPublic Examination
4. Statistical ToolsLesson 8. Measures of Central Tendency
Lesson 9. Measures of Dispersion
Lesson 10. Correlation Analysis
Lesson 11. Index Numbers
5. Introduction to EconomicsLesson13 Central Problems of an Economy
6. Consumer’s BehaviourLesson 15. Demand
Lesson 16. Price Elasticity of Demand
7. Producer’s BehaviourLesson18. Cost of Production
Lesson19. Supply
Lesson20. Price Elasticity of Supply
8. Market and Price DeterminationLesson21. Forms of Market
Lesson 22. Price Determination Under Perfect Competition
9. National Income AccountingLesson 24. National Income and Related Aggregates
Lesson 25. National Income and its Measurement
10. Theory of Income and EmploymentLesson26. Consumption, Saving, and Investment
Lesson27. Theory of Income Determination
11. Money, Banking and Government BudgetLesson28. Money and Banking
Lesson 29. Government and the Budget

NIOS Syllabus 2024 12th Class for Arts (History)

ChaptersPublic Examination
1. Ancient IndiaL-6. Post Mauryan Developments
L-7 The Guptas and Their Successors (A.D.300–750)
L-3. The Harappan Civilization
L-4. The Vedic Age (1500 BC–600BC)
2. Medieval IndiaL-9. Establishment and Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate
L-10. Establishment of the Mughal Rule
L-12. Administrative System and Institutions
L-14. Cultural Developments in Medieval India
3. Modern IndiaL-16. Establishment of British rule in India till 1857
L-18. Social changes
L-19. Popular resistance to company rule
4. Indian National Movement and Contemporary IndiaL-20. Nationalism
L-21. National Movement & Indian Democracy
5. 20th Century WorldL-23. World War I and the Russian Revolution.
L-24. The Inter-War Period and the Second World War
L-25. Cold War and its effects
L-28. Changes in the Twentieth Century
6A. Evolution of States in India OR 6B. Culture in IndiaL-30 A. Early States
L-32A. Colonial State
L-29 B. Contemporary Cultural Situation
L-30B. Cultural Production
L-31A. Medieval States
L-31 B. Cultural Communication

NIOS Syllabus 12th Class 2024 for Geography

ChapterPublic Examination
1. The study of Geography as a disciplineL-1: Nature and subject matter of Geography
2. Dynamic and Geomorphic Processes of the EarthL -3: Exogenic Forces and their resultant landforms
3. The domain of the water on the earthL-5: Hydrological Cycle and Ocean
4. Dynamics of AtmosphereL-7: Atmospheric pressure and winds
L-9: Climate and Climate Change
5. Biogeography and BiodiversityL-10: Biosphere, Biomes, and Biodiversity
6. Physical Geography of IndiaL-11: Physical Settings
L-12 : Climate
7. Natural resources, Utilisation and ManagementL-15: Forests and Biodiversity
L-16: Water Resources
8. Economic Geography of IndiaL-17: Agriculture and Food Security
L-18: Mineral and Energy Resources
L-20: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Transport, Communication and Trade
9. Human resource development in IndiaL-22 : Population Composition
L-23: Human Development
10. Contemporary Issues and ChallengesL-24: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

NIOS Syllabus Class 12th 2024 for Political science

ChaptersPublic Examination
Module 1: Individual and The StateL- 3: Distinction Between Society, Nation, State, and Government
L- 4: Major Political Theories
Module 2: Aspects of the Constitution of IndiaL- 6: Fundamental Rights
L- 8: Indian Federal System
L- 7: Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties
L- 9: Emergency Provisions
Module 3: Structure of GovernmentL- 10: Union Executive
L- 11: Parliament of India
L- 12: Supreme Court of India
L- 15: High Courts and Subordinate Courts
L- 16: Local Government: Urban and Rural
Module 4: Democracy at WorkL- 18: Electoral System in India
L- 19: National Political Parties
L- 20: Regionalism and Regional Parties
L- 21: Public Opinion and Pressure Group
Module 5: Major Contemporary IssuesL- 23: Environmental Awareness
L- 24: Good Governance
L- 25: Human Rights
Module 6: India and the WorldL- 26: India’s Foreign Policy
L- 28: India and Its Neighbors: China, Pakistan, And Sri Lanka
Module 7A. World Order and the United Nations
Module 7B. Administrative System in India
7A. L- 30: United Nations 7A.
L- 31: United Nations Peace Activities OR 7B.
L- 29: Public Service Commissions 7B.
L- 31: Political Executive and Bureaucracy

Preparation tips for NIOS 2024 Syllabus for Class 12th

  • Students should try to finish the syllabus at least 2 month before the NIOS 2024 exam date, so that they can get the time for revision.
  • Students should make notes of important topics and make a time table to revise them from time to time. Check NIOS 12th time table 2024 to know about public exam time table.
  • Clear all your doubts with your seniors before the Exam.
  • Students should do some activities to keep their mind fresh.
  • Solve the previous year sample papers to get good marks in the NIOS Class 12 result 2024.

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FAQs related to NIOS Syllabus Class 12th 2024

  1. How can I download NIOS Syllabus 2024 for Class 12th?

    Visit the official website ( to download NIOS Class 12th Syllabus 2024.

  2. What is the NIOS Class 12 On-demand exam syllabus 2024?

    The on-demand exam syllabus of NIOS 12th is as same as public exam syllabus given on the official website and in this page.

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