BITSAT Preparation 2023: Tips and Techniques for a High Score

BITSAT Preparation Tips 2023: The BITS Admission Test 2023 will be conducted by Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani. Candidates should have the idea of BITSAT preparation tips 2023 to prepare well for the exam. Candidates are suggested to solve BITSAT mock test to have the understanding of  the BITSAT question paper 2023. Candidates can also make a plan of their BITSAT 2023 preparation strategy.

Candidates must have the understanding of the exam pattern, BITSAT syllabus 2023 and more important details to qualify the exam. In this article, we are providing the details about the BITSAT 2023 exam pattern & syllabus along with the BITSAT books and the BITS Admission Test preparation tips 2023. 

BITSAT 2023 Preparation Tips

Candidates who want to attend the BITS Admission Test should know the best preparation tips for BITSAT 2023. Below, we are providing a well-structured BITSAT Preparation Tips 2023 for the candidates.

  • Set a Study Plan : The first step for every preparation is making an effective and well structured  study plan. A good study plan helps candidates to be more focused, more energetic and more disciplined. It also helps students to keep away from distractions such as scrolling mobile, gossiping etc. So, if you are going to appear in BITSAT 2023, you should make a good study plan for yourself.
  • Understanding the Syllabus and Exam Pattern : Without having the understanding of the syllabus and question pattern, it is very difficult to start preparation for any exam or test. The BITSAT candidates should have a clear understanding about the BITSAT 2023 Syllabus and exam Pattern before starting the preparation for BITSAT 2023.
  • Books are the Key : For any type of entrance or board exam preparation, books are the key for the preparation. Likewise, preparing through good BITSAT books is one of the most important tips. Majorly, the BITSAT exam question paper is prepared based on the books of NCERT. So, candidates should add the NCERT books in their book list. 
  • Time Management : Time Management is one of the most important included in BITSAT 2023 preparation tips. In other words, time management is the steering for BITSAT 2023 Preparation. Without having a good time management schedule it is hard to make a good preparation for any exam. Candidates should have a day schedule/ plan for each day to use their time in the right area and prepare well for BITSAT exam 2023. 
  • Revision and Practice :  By continuous revision and practice, our subject of study stores very effectively in our brain. Candidates should revise their completed chapters frequently so they can solve the questions very easily.
  • Mock Tests : When candidates have completed the chapters included in the BITSAT Syllabus 2023, they should give mock tests on their completed chapters. Giving Mock tests helps candidates to get a clear understanding of the questions and increase the fluency of solving questions. So, it is suggested to the BITSAT candidates to solve mock tests before appearing in the exam.

BITSAT 2023 Preparation Strategy – Know Important Dates

BITSAT 2023 Online Application StartsJanuary 31, 2023
BITSAT Registration 2023 Last DateApril 9, 2023
Application Editing by CandidatesApril 16 to 20, 2023
Test Centre Allotment and Announcement to candidatesApril 26, 2023
Reservation of Test Date and SlotApril 27 to May 8, 2023
BITSAT 2023 Admit Card Release DateMay 10, 2023 onwards
BITSAT 2023 Exam Date for Session IMay 21 to 26, 2023
Application for Session IIMay 22 to June 12, 2023
Application Correction WindowJune 9 to 12, 2023
Test Centre allotment and announcement to candidatesJune 13, 2023
Reservation of Test date and slotJune 14- 15, 2023
BITSAT 2023 Admit card release dateJune 16, 2023 onwards
BITSAT 2023 Exam Date for Session IIJune 18 to 22, 2023
Apply for Admission with 12th Marks and Preference of ProgramsJune 2 to 23, 2023
Editing Application FormJune 24 to 26, 2023
Admit List and Wait List AnnouncementJuly 1, 2023
BITSAT-HD 2023 Online Test Session IMay 20 to 27, 2023

How to prepare for the BITSAT exam 2023 in 6 months?

It is not easy to make a good preparation for BITSAT 2023 in 6-8 months, but also not impossible to do. To prepare for BITSAT 2023 in 6 months, candidates have to strictly follow the given BITSAT Preparation Tips 2023.

  • Stay Focused : Having the focus in the right direction is so important when you are preparing for the BITSAT exam 2023 between the duration of 6 months. If a candidate wants to prepare well for BITSAT 2023 in 6 months, he/ she has to be strictly disciplined, focused and hard working. 
  • Accurate Planning : When you have only 6 months to prepare for BITSAT 2023, it is very important to make a plan with maximum accuracy. Before starting something, a plan is so important because the plan informs us what, where and when to do it. So, candidates should make a well structured plan of their preparation journey to be prepared for BITSAT in just 6 to 8 months.
  • Right Study Materials : According to BITSAT Syllabus 2023, candidates have to choose the right study material for their BITSAT preparation 2023. Study materials are the key to preparation for any exam. Choosing the right study materials is one of the most important preparation tips included in BITSAT Preparation tips 2023.
  • Practice and Hard Work is the key : Since there are 6 months left before BITSAT exam 2023, candidates have to work hard, revise and practice regularly to make a good preparation. Without hard work and practise it is nearly impossible to make a good preparation for BITSAT 2023.
  • Mock Tests Solve : After completing the BITSAT 2023 Syllabus, candidates should give the mock tests of BITSAT 2023. Solving mock tests reduces the time of solving questions and gives a clear understanding about the BITSAT question paper 2023. And mock tests are a good source of practising questions also. 

BITSAT 2023 Preparation Tips – Daily Study Plan



Morning Session (3 hours)

  • Choose a subject from the subject list
  • Select a chapter from the subject
  • Read the chapter thoroughly
  • Make a key note of the most important topics
  • Analyse what type of questions comes from the chapter in the exam
  • Practice model question paper for that chapter

Afternoon Session (2 hours)

  • Choose another subject from the list (Recommended English or Reasonings) 
  • Select a chapter/ topic
  • Read and get the concept of the topics
  • Practice Questions on the chapter/ topic

Evening Session (3 hours)

  • Select any subject from the list as 3rd subject of the day
  • Choose a chapter
  • Get the concepts
  • Analyse the questions from the previous years
  • Practice model questions

Night Session (1-2 hours)

  • Take a look on the subjects/ topics you have covered today
  • Memorise the concepts you get

FAQs Related to BITSAT 2023 Preparation Tips

The BITSAT 2023 Syllabus is based on which classes?

The BITSAT Syllabus 2023 is based on the syllabus of Class 11 and 12.

When will the BITSAT Exam 2023 be conducted?

The exam date of BITSAT 2023 has been announced by the BITSAT conducting authority. As per announcement, BITSAT 2023 for both sessions will be conducted by May & June 2023.

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