Secrets of CBSE Answer Copy Check Procedure 2024

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The Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the most lenient boards in checking the CBSE answer copies of classes 10th and 12th board exam. The CBSE answer copy check procedure is very apt where the answer sheets are checked by the invigilators many times, so that the CBSE sheets are properly checked and the students get good marks. 

Note: The candidates must note that the details provided in this article are strictly researched from Quora, youtube, and other websites. No official notice or article on the CBSE answer sheet evaluation process is found. To know the detailed CBSE answer copy check procedure, read the complete article below.

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Secrets of CBSE Answer Copy Check Procedure 

Every year, millions of students appear for these exams and the CBSE results play a crucial role in determining their future prospects. To ensure fairness and transparency in the evaluation process, CBSE has set up a stringent answer copy check procedure.

The CBSE answer copy check procedure begins with the examination process itself. The board makes sure that the question papers are secure and are distributed only on the day of the exam. This is to prevent any kind of leak or tampering with the CBSE Class 10 question paper and Class 12 CBSE question paper. After the exams are over, the answer sheets are collected and sent to the evaluation centres.

At the evaluation centres, the CBSE answer sheets are checked by a team of trained evaluators. The evaluators are provided with a set of guidelines that they must follow while evaluating the answer sheets. These guidelines are designed to ensure that the evaluation is fair, unbiased and consistent across all answer sheets.

CBSE Answer Copy Checking Stages

The CBSE answer copy check procedure is divided into two stages.

  • The first stage involves a preliminary check,
    • where the evaluators go through each answer sheet and check if all the necessary details, such as the name and roll number of the student, have been filled in correctly.
    • The evaluators also make sure that the answers have been written legibly and that all pages have been stapled together.
  • The second stage of the CBSE answer copy check procedure is the actual evaluation of the answers.
    • The evaluators go through each answer and award marks based on the CBSE marking scheme. The evaluators are expected to stay strict but fair when awarding marks and stick to the CBSE marking scheme as closely as possible.

Once the evaluation is complete, the answer sheets are sent to the CBSE head office. There, a random sample of answer sheets is selected and re-evaluated by a team of senior evaluators. This is done to ensure that the evaluation carried out by the original evaluators was fair and accurate. If any discrepancy is found, the answer sheets are sent back to the original evaluators for re-evaluation.

In conclusion, the CBSE answer copy check procedure is a critical aspect of the board exams. It is designed to ensure that students receive fair and accurate marks that reflect their performance in the exams.

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CBSE Answer Sheet Evaluation Process – Guidelines

The CBSE board checks the answer sheets of the students in a very lenient way yet very properly. After every exam, the answer copies are sent to the regional CBSE office where each answer sheet is given a frictional number that nobody can track his/her roll number. 

After this, all the sheets are made into a bundle and sent to their respective evaluation centers. Further, the CBSE answer copy check procedure is given below. The candidates can take a look.

Evaluation Process 

Once the CBSE 10th-12th board exams 2024 are completed, the board hires reputed teachers from different CBSE schools to evaluate the CBSE answer sheets. The board provides the important guidelines along with the marking scheme to the teachers while checking the copies.

The marking scheme has value points or key answers to the questions that have been asked in CBSE board exams. In case, the candidate writes the answer which has all the value points as provided in the marking scheme then the candidate is most likely to get maximum or full marks. 

Step Marking 

Analysis of the CBSE marking scheme shows that the board takes step marking seriously. CBSE provides the marks for every step of the answer. So, in case the answer is not correct the candidates still get some marks for the steps. 

It does not matter if the final answer is correct. Now, one can also wonder, what if the rest of the procedures are right but the final answer is incorrect? In such case, you will receive grades for each step you wrote (and of course, will lose a few marks). If the question is worth two points but you followed all the instructions exactly but the final response was incorrect, you would probably receive one and a half of those points.

Answer Presentation 

The candidates are required to present their answers properly and preciously for scoring good marks. More than 10 lakh students appear for the CBSE board exam every year which means more than 10 lakh copies are to be checked by the teachers. The number of teachers is very less according to the answer sheets. Therefore, it is very important to present the answers very well which will help the candidates in scoring well. 

For example, The teacher will undoubtedly award the maximum marks to an answer if it has all the correct value points (according to the marking scheme), emphasized points, and a well-labeled diagram. There is a probability that someone won’t get decent grades if they wrote a lengthy paragraph of 300 words without headings, subheadings, underlined terms, etc.

Word Limit 

Generally, students think that more words are equal to more marks. Which is a really big misconception. More words do not mean more marks. The students will only get marks if the answer is up to the mark. 

10% of all these checked copies are rechecked by the head examiner and then copies are sent for coordination who recounts marks and see if there is any unchecked part.

So the people who claim that their copies are not properly checked or might be some questions are not properly checked are just to save their skins. This is the main reason CBSE has announced that from this year onward they will not entertain any such queries.

Moreover, CBSE is very generous in providing marks to the students. The only thing the student needs to do is structure their answer properly and aptly. 

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FAQs related to CBSE Answer Copy Check Procedure 

  1. Is the CBSE copy-checking process strict?

    The CBSE copy evaluation is not strict at all. The guidelines provided to the teachers are very lenient for checking the copy. 

  2. How board answer sheets are checked?

    The examiner/paper checker examines the actual answer sheet. Each answer sheet receives a grade from a paper check. All answer sheets are checked in full. To conceal the identity or Roll No of the student whose paper is being scrutinized, a manual process is required.

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