CBSE Class 12 Music Syllabus 2025 for Theory & Practicals

CBSE Class 12 Music syllabus 2025 is released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on its official website, i.e., The board has released the CBSE class 12 music syllabus in pdf format so that the candidates can easily download it. 

The CBSE syllabus Class 12 PDF is one of the important documents with the help of which the candidates know what to prepare and what not to.
Therefore, every student shall see the syllabus and prepare accordingly.
To get the CBSE class 12 music syllabus 2025, refer to the article below. 

cbse class 12 music syllabus

Steps to Download the CBSE Class 12 Music Syllabus 2025

To download the 12th class music syllabus 2025 from the official website, the candidates can follow the simple steps mentioned below. 

  • Visit the official website of CBSE,
  • From here click on the ‘CBSE Syllabus 2025 PDF’ option. 
  • Click the “Senior Secondary Curriculum (XI-XII)” link that appears on the screen now.
  • After clicking on the senior secondary curriculum the candidates are required to click on ‘Academic electives – Group A’ and then select the ‘Hindustani Music Vocal’ option.
  • The CBSE Class 12 Music syllabus 2025 will be displayed on the screen. The syllabus is available for download, and candidates can then begin their studies.

CBSE Class 12 Music Syllabus PDF Download Links

CBSE Class 12 Music Syllabus 2025

The Histudan music vocal syllabus comprises 5 units each carrying 06 marks. The total marks for the music exam will be 100 out of which practicals contain 70 marks and theory contains 30 marks, as per CBSE exam pattern 2025 Class 12. Each candidate will be allotted 25-30 total minutes to attempt the questions. The CBSE 12 class Hindustani music vocal syllabus is given below. The candidates should sure check it. 

CBSE Class 12 Music Theory Syllabus 

1Brief study of the following:- Alankar, Kan, Meend, Khatka, Murki, Gamak.Brief study of the following Gram, Murchhana, Alap, and Tana.06
2Historical development of Time Theory of Ragas06
3Detail study of the following Sangeet Ratnakar Sangeet Parija.Life sketch and Cotributionof Faiyaz Khan, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Krishna Rao, Shankar Pandit.06
4Description of Prescribed Talas along with Tala Notation with Thah, Dugun, Tigun, and Chaugun Jhaptala Rupak Dhamar.Tuning of Tanpura.06
5Critical study of Prescribed Ragas along with recognizing Ragas from phrases of Swaras and elaborating them excluding Raga Shuddha Sarang.Writing in Notation the Compositions of Prescribed Ragas.  Bhairav  Bageshri  Malkauns.06
CBSE Class 12 Music Syllabus 2025

CBSE Class 12 Music Practical Syllabus 

TopicNo. of periods 
One Vilambit Khayal with simple elaborations and few Tanas in any two of the prescribed Ragas.18
One Drut Khayal with simple elaborations and few tanas in the following RagasBhairav, Bageshri, and Malkauns.42
One Tarana, and one Dhamar with dugun andchaugun in any one of the prescribed Ragas. 10
Ability to recognize the Ragas from the Phrases of swaras rendered by the examiner. 10
Recitation of the Thekas of Jhaptala, Rupak, and Dhamar with Dugun and Chaugun, keeping tala with handbeats. 15
Tuning of Tanpura.05
CBSE Class 12 Music Practical Syllabus 2025

CBSE Class 12 Music Syllabus – Distribution of Marks 

The Hindustani music vocal marks are distributed in the following order. The candidates can check the same here. 

Value pointsMarks
Choice Raga (Vilambit and DrutKhayal) with simple elaborations in prescribed Ragas (anyone) BhairavBageshri  Shuddh Sarang Malkauns10+6=18
Examiner’s Choice Ragas.10
One Tarana and one Dhamar with dugun and Chaugun.8+8=16
Identification of Ragas.06
Reciting the Thekas of Prescribed Talas with hand beats with Thah and Dugun and Chaugun:  Jhaptala  Rupak  Dhamar5+5=10
Tuning of Tanpura and questions regarding it.5
Practical files.5
CBSE Class 12 Music Syllabus 2025 – Marks Distribution

Benefits of CBSE Class 12 Music Syllabus 2025

Studying the CBSE 12th music syllabus 2025 has many advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • Without studying any additional material, a candidate can efficiently prepare for an exam by studying with the help of the syllabus.
  • The candidates might figure out which topic carries the most points and concentrate mostly on it.
  • The syllabus explains to the students the objectives, organisation, and learning outcomes of the course.
  • The CBSE class 12 music syllabus 2025 helps in maintaining the time of the candidates. 

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FAQs related to CBSE Class 12 Music Syllabus 

  1. What are the practical marks of music in class 12th?

    A total of 70 marks are awarded in the practical music exam. 

  2. Is it easy to score good marks in class 12th practicals? 

    Yes, the candidates can easily score good/full marks provided they do well in the exams. 

  3. What are the top-scoring subjects for CBSE class 12th?

    In Class 12, the top-scoring subjects are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, and English.

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