CMAT Score vs Percentile 2024: Know What’s Difference

Candidates who will sit for the CMAT exam must keep records regarding the CMAT Score vs Percentile 2024. They must ensure that before the results are out they will be able to predict their scores and percentiles for the CMAT 2024 exam.

This prediction will help candidates assess their scores and position in the CMAT Selection Process. When candidates are able to predict their scores, they will have a thorough idea of their selections at the various participating colleges. For more information, refer to the information given below. 

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Difference Between Score and Percentile

CMAT 2024 percentile is the total percentage that a candidate has to scoreCMAT 2024 score will be the score that a candidate has secured. 
This percentile has secured eligibility for the further rounds of selection.The score is secured out of the CMAT total marks 2024.
The percentile is the total percentage scored by a candidate in comparison with other candidates.Sum of total marks secured by a candidate in all five sections. 
Percentile finalizes selectionScore is used to prepare the final process of evaluating the percentile.

What is the CMAT 2024 Score? 

The CMAT 2024 score is the total number of marks obtained by a candidate after giving the CMAT 2024 exam. The CMAT score is calculated on the basis of the marking scheme and then they are awarded the total score. CMAT scores are also based on the various marks a candidate has scored in the various sections of the exam.

Steps to Calculate CMAT 2024 Score? 

Given below are a few steps that will help candidates evaluate their CMAT 2024 score. 

  • Candidates will have to make a choice out of all the options that will be presented to them in the exam. 
  • For every correct attempt, a candidate will be awarded +4 marks 
  • For every incorrect answer, a -1 mark will be deducted. 
  • If they have left a question unanswered their marks will not be deducted. 
  • CMAT scores are divided on the basis of their marking scheme. Candidates must refer to the marking scheme first to be able to calculate the CMAT 2024 scores.
Name of Sections Number of questions in the CMAT Question Paper 2024Marks allotted 
Language Comprehension 2080
Quantitative Ability 2080
Logical Reasoning 2080
General Awareness2080
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2080
  • If a candidate answers 17 out of 20 questions in the language comprehension section: Out of the 17 questions, 14 were correct and three were wrong. So a candidate’s score in the Language Comprehension section is 14 * 4 -3 = 53. Out of marks a candidate is scoring 53 in the language comprehension section. 
  • Candidates can use this similar pattern to find out their scores for other sections as well.

How is the CMAT 2024 Rank Calculated?

The CMAT 2024 ranks are calculated on the basis of the following parameters Refer to the information given below.

  • The ranks for the CMAT exam in 2024 will be calculated on the basis of the number of points a candidate has scored out of 400.
  • The candidate with the maximum score out of 400 will be the highest ranked in the CMAT 2024 exam.
  • In cases where more than one or more candidates have secured the same rank, they are allotted the same rank, but their names will be arranged alphabetically.

What is the CMAT 2024 Percentile?

The CMAT percentile is calculated on the basis of a candidate’s scores that they have scored in the exam. Candidates are divided into various categories so that they can be allotted an articulated percentile.

  CMAT percentiles are calculated on the basis of the ranks of the students divided by the number of students who appeared in the exam.

 CMAT 2024 percentile helps candidates in a particular way so that they can determine whether or not, on the basis of their percentile, they will be allotted a college. The marks obtained by the candidates can be rounded off to 7 decimal places.

Steps to Calculate the CMAT 2024 Percentile

  • The CMAT 2024 rank is calculated on the basis of the rank of the candidate and the total number of candidates that have appeared in the exam.
  • For instance, 10,000 candidates have given the exam, and a candidate has secured the fifth rank in the exam.
  • The NTA-recommended formula for calculating the percentile is 100 * the number of candidates in the exam with marks equal to or less than a candidate divided by the total number of candidates who took the exam.
  • So we use the formula Percentile = P = 10000 – 5/10000 * 100 to calculate their score. 

 Expected Cutoff CMAT Score vs Percentile 2024

Candidates have to check the total number of marks they have scored in the various sections of the exam. A merit list will be released by the various participating colleges that will consist of a candidate’s score, and on the basis of the candidate’s score, their cutoff percentile will be released. Candidates who score the required percentile will be called for further rounds of the selection process. 

Given below is a table showing us the expected cutoff list for the CMAT 2024 exam.

CMAT Scores out of 400 Percentile 
290- 30090- 93%
180-200 69-74%
CMAT Percentile vs Score

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FAQs Related to CMAT Score vs Percentile 2024

If I score a particular number of marks out of 400, is it guaranteed that I will get a 90 percentile?

No, there is no fixed guarantee for a candidate to score around the 90 percentile, as there are various factors that influence a candidate’s scores. The number of candidates who have appeared for the exam, the level of difficulty of the exam, etc.

What is the estimated score to be scored by a candidate for the 95-99 percentile? 

The estimated score of a candidate out of 400 ranges from 330–350. Candidates have to score around these figures to be able to come into the category of 95-99 percent. 

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