How to Prepare for CBSE Class 10 Exam 2025? – Know Exam Tips

Latest: CBSE Syllabus 2025 is available for all subjects.

Time of less than 11 months is left for the commencement of CBSE board 10th class exam 2025. Now, students have a most common question, i.e. ‘How to Prepare for CBSE Class 10 Exam 2025 in six Month?’. So, we have provided CBSE class 10 preparation tips 2025 for them to cover the syllabus quickly. 

As per CBSE Class 10 time table 2025, the board is expected to conduct Class 10 exams from February 15, 2025. So, they want to know how to prepare for CBSE class 10 exam 2025 in three month.

how to prepare for cbse class 10

Below, we have provided tips and tricks to secure high marks in CBSE 10th board exams. These preparation tips of CBSE class 10 2025 are provided by experts and some are derived from previous years’ toppers interview.

How to Prepare for CBSE Class 10 Exam 2025 in Two month – Follow 7 Tips

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In class 10, every student has 5 major subjects i.e. Maths, Science, Social Studies, Hindi and English. Apart from this, students have some elective subjects. 
Right now, September is going on and exams will begin in February 2025. Students have a time of less than 3 months. So students should follow the given CBSE class 10 preparation tips 2025 to prepare for exams in the next two months.

Total Time: 60 days

Preparation Tip 1 – Know Syllabus

This is the most important and crucial steps for CBSE class 10 preparation tips 2025. You should know that CBSE board has updated the CBSE class 10 new syllabus 2025 for the academic year 2024-25. So you should go through the latest syllabus and prepare accordingly.

If you are preparing for any competitive exams like an entrance or scholarship test, then you should cover the entire syllabus as competitive exams will be held as per full syllabus, however, there will be some internal choices among questions. It will also help in board exams. 

Preparation Tip 2 – Get Familiar with Exam Pattern

Knowing the exam pattern is as important as syllabus. As the syllabus is important to know the direction and exam pattern helps to know how to move. 
CBSE exam pattern contains types of question, exam duration, marking scheme for theory and practical exam which are important aspects of an exam.  
Overview of CBSE Class 10 Exam Pattern 2025
Science – 36 questions for 80 marks
Social Studies or SST – 32 questions for 80 marks
Maths- 36 questions for 80 marks
Hindi- 17 questions for 80 marks
English- 13 questions for 80 marks

Preparation Tip 3 – Make a Study Schedule

The organized study helps better to cover the topics as per targeted time. So, you should make a study schedule to cover the syllabus. Some tips to make a study schedule:
– Include all subjects and assign time as per weightage of the subject and your learning ability.
– Include some time for hobbies and interest.
– Take short breaks after 1 hour of study to keep the mind fresh.
Also, do study dedicatedly when you study. It is suggested not to listen to music while studying.

Preparation Tip 4 – Study from School Books

In the starting, you should not pick reference books as these books contain the advanced level information which is not the right strategy if your basics are not clear. 
So, it recommenced that always refer to school books as these books contain basic information in simple language. Also, there are high chances that questions can be asked in board exams from NCERT or School referred books. 
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After completing school books, you can pick other reference books to get in-depth information about topics.

Preparation Tip 5 – Make Short Notes

As you want to know the tips for how to prepare for CBSE Class 10 exam 2025 in One months, then you should know that in 3 months, you will be able to cover entire syllabus once or twice at maximum. 
So, while studying, you should make short notes of important points, topic highlights, important formulas and other things. These short notes will be much helpful for you to understand the topics quickly a few days before the CBSE 10th exam as you will make it in your own language and style.
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Preparation Tip 6 – Solve Previous Years’ Papers

You should download and solve previous years’ question papers and sample papers. This is most important among other CBSE Class 10 preparation tips 2025. 
Solving these papers will help you to understand the real exam day situation and know what type of questions are asked in paper. In the board exam, one or two questions can be asked from previous year paper.

Preparation Tip 7 – Stay Healthy

You also know that ‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body’, so keep yourself fit and fine. Have a balanced diet and take proper sleep.
Along with this, do light exercises and meditation to keep mind relax and fresh.

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