IELTS Preparation Tips for Listening Section: How to Perform Well in Listening

IELTS Preparation Tips Listening Section: The IELTS score is accepted by various participating institutions, organizations, schools, government agencies, companies, and immigration authorities across different countries.

For candidates to score well in the IELTS exam result 2024, they should work on enhancing their skills and preparing efficiently for the exam. Those who wish to excel in the listening section must work on their listening and communication skills. The tips mentioned above will help candidates score well in the IELTS listening section.

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How to Improve your IELTS Listening Skills?

It is of utmost importance for candidates to perform and score well in the ELTS listening section. Given below is a detailed explanation that will help candidates in improving their listening skills for the IELTS 2024 exam date

  • The first and foremost way to improve your listening skills is by combining your listening and reading skills. 
  • Candidates must first listen to the audio and start looking up all the important data. 
  • Candidates must read the text and go through it thoroughly and find out vocabulary and other things. 
  • Now, the next step involves listening to the audio and reading the text at the same time. 
  • The last step involves listening to the audio again and again without reading the text. 

IELTS Listening Skills: How is the Score Calculated?

The IELTS 2024 exam will test candidates listening and comprehension skills. The main motive behind testing a candidate’s listening skills is to see how well a candidate comprehends the information mentioned and answers the questions.  

As per IELTS Exam Pattern 2024, candidates will be granted bands ranging from 4 to 9 after they have successfully completed the listening skills section. 

IELTS Preparation Tips Listening Section

There are a few strategies that candidates must follow so as to score a higher band in the listening skills section. They must ensure that they improve their listening and writing skills. They must listen to different varieties of audios and monologues. The following IELTS Preparation Tips will help candidates perform well in the IELTS listening skills section. 

  • It is crucial for a candidate to practise listening and this will help them in getting a greater understanding of the material that is being spoken in the exam. 
  • Candidates must also ensure they keep on taking notes at the same time of listening to the audios. 
  • By taking notes and writing down the material they will be able to identify the main points and the crux of the matter of the audio. 
  • Taking notes is correct, but make sure that the manner in which candidates take notes is correct, they must write the answers in a crisp and short way. 
  • Candidates must develop habit of reading and listening properly, they must ensure that they build their vocabulary and other skill sets. 
  • They must also refer to different sources such as listening to news in English and other sources that will help them in preparing efficiently for the exam. 

How is the IELTS Listening Section Conducted?

The IELTS listening section is the first and most important section. This section consists of 40 items in total, and the listening section is divided into four sections. The four sections are one-on-one interaction, speech, monologue, and group discussion. The details mentioned below will help candidates understand the various listening sections.

  • One-on-one interaction: In the one-on-one interaction section, we see that it involves a two-person contact. A recording will be played wherein two speakers will be having a conversation or a discussion. In this section, candidates will be asked to write down the important details of the conversation they heard.
  • Speech: A speech will be presented in front of candidates during the session. After they are done listening to the speech they will be asked to answer a few questions. The motive behind testing this section is how well a=can a candidate understand the main idea and important points that were emphasized during the speech. 
  • Monologue: Monologue will be similar to speech. Candidates will be asked to listen to a recording between two or more people and they will be asked to answer such as a discussion going on between a student and a teacher.
  • Group Discussion: The group discussion section comprises of our people. Candidates will be required to understand and comprehend what is being said and they are also required to follow up with the flow of the conversation. 

IELTS Exam Pattern 2024 

There are four sections in the IELTS section. The sections consist of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The table mentioned below will help you better understand the IELTS 2024 exam pattern.

IELTS Test ComponentDurationBrief Description
Listening30 minutes4 sections, 40 items
Reading60 minutes3 sections, 40 items
Writing60 minutes2 tasks
Speaking11-14 minutes3 part one-on-one conversatio. 

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FAQs Related to IELTS Preparation Tips- Listening Section 

  1. What is the difficulty level of IELTS listening section?

    The difficulty level of the listening section ranges from easy to moderate. 

  2. What is the exam fee for IELTS registration in India?

    The registration fee for IELTS 2024 is Rs 15,000 in India. 

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