Independence Day Speech on 15 August: Short & Long Speech, Tips, ideas

Independence Day Speech 2024: Independence Day is one of the most auspicious occasions wherein the citizens of the country celebrate its independence. The freedom struggle and how people have devoted their lives to the freedom struggle. The Independence Day speech consists of a detailed script that students in schools and colleges can talk about in their celebration. 

There are diverse topics that they can refer to. They use history and other important facts to make their speech interesting and simple. The details mentioned below consist of all the important aspects of the Independence Day speech 2024.

independence day speech on 15 august

Independence Day Speech Ideas 

Those who wish to prepare for the Independence Day speech 2024 must refer to a variety of topics, ideas, and aspects of history. A list of topics for the Independence Day speech is mentioned below.

  • The importance of Independence Day
  • Role of the Freedom Fighters in India’s Independence
  • Historical Context of India’s Oppression
  • How to be Patriotic Towards One’s Nation

Independence Day Speech for Children 

Good morning, everyone. Good morning, Mr or Ms Principal. Teachers and friends Today I’m here to give a speech in honour of Independence Day. On this day, India was granted independence. 

To honour our freedom heroes and our independence, we sing the national song and raise the flag across the country. We should be grateful to our freedom fighters for their bravery. I am pleased to be an Indian, and I adore my nation.

Jai Hind & Jai Bharat

Short Speech for Independence Day 2024 

There are different aspects to delivering the Independence Day speech. Candidates who are in junior classes can follow up with the sample for Independence Day. This will help them deliver a better speech.

Independence Day Speech Sample  

Good morning or afternoon, my dear teachers and friends. It gives me the utmost pleasure to deliver a short speech on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day. On August 15, 1947, India gained independence from British rule and was granted the status of an independent country. This year, we are celebrating the 78th Independence Day. It reminds of how many people have laid down their lives for the independence of our nation. 

We as citizens are blessed to have been born in this country, and it is our duty to acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices made by Indian martyrs and various freedom fighters such as Mahatma Gandi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Rai Laxmi Bai, Mangal Panday, Bhagat Singh, etc. It is our responsibility to preserve the unity, integrity, and secularity of this nation. May our nation reach the highest heights of prosperity, growth, and success. Jai Hind.  

Independence Day Long Speech 2024 

If you have to give a long speech on Independence Day, you are required to do research, add quotes, briefly take the historical context into account, and then give the speech. A sample of the lengthy form of speech from the Independence Day speech is mentioned below. 

Namaste Everyone, 

Every year, our country commemorates Independence Day, a major holiday in India. On August 15, 1947, India was given independence from the British. I appreciate the honour of delivering a speech on this auspicious occasion. Indians had to start from scratch after gaining independence from British domination.

They had constructed their own constitution and other procedures after numerous years of struggle under the British Empire in order to build a prosperous, healthy, and growing nation.

After gaining independence, Jawaharlal Nehru was appointed the first prime minister of independent India and raised the Indian flag at the Red Fort. By waiving the national flag, we remember the sacrifices and hard work that were put in by the freedom fighters to get the nation free from the rule of the British.

 Every year on Independence Day, the prime minister of the nation unfurls the national flag at the Red Fort, and similar courses of action are followed by various educational institutions and government schools and offices. This is a symbol of the sacrifices made to set the nation free and how the contributions of the martyrs will never be forgotten. 

During British rule, there were freedom fighters such as Rani Lakshmi Bai, Mangal Pandey, Nana Sahib, and Tatya Tope. During the 1857 rule, there were protests against the British by Rani Laxmi Bai and others, and she was considered one of the biggest pioneers for the protest against British rule. 

The next phase of the freedom struggle involved members of the Indian National Congress, such as Jawaharlal Nehru, Suredranath Banerjee, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, etc. The freedom struggle was furthered by Mahatma Gandhi by bringing light to the protest through non-violent means. But, the Gandhian principles were not intended for gaining independence, and there were freedom fighters who wanted to gain independence by any means.  

Freedom fighters like Chandra Chatterjee and Chandra Shekhar Azad carried out the Kakori plot, and later Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar, and Rajguru planted a bomb in the assembly before being hanged. Following these occurrences, numerous others compelled the British government to guarantee that India attained independence from British dominion.

After all the struggle the citizens of our nation had to go through during the Independence struggle, it shows how hard work, perseverance, and not getting distracted from one’s goals are the way to go about our struggles. Every Independence Day is a reminder of how the contributions made by the freedom fighters and the lies laid down by the martyrs have not gone into vain. I concluded this speech by remembering the contributions of each and every freedom fighter and martyr who took an oath of indebtedness, and their contributions will be forever remembered.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

How to Deliver a Good Independence Day Speech?

While preparing for Independence Day‘s speech, there are certain things to keep in mind. The speech should be concise, it should hold the audience’s attention, and it must be crisp and to the point. By using certain tools, candidates will be able to prepare and deliver a better speech.

  • Prepare a Concise Speech: Your speech must be short, crisp, and not too long. It must contain the most important elements of a speech, and at the time of preparing your speech, ensure that you keep critically checking the content with your mentors and then prepare a final draught for the event.
  • Be confident while speaking. While you’re delivering your speech, ensure that you speak clearly in a balanced tone and clearly explain the motive behind your speech. Be very confident and amiable while delivering the speech.
  • Have a Proper Structure for Your Speech: Candidates must divide their speech into a few parts. Have a good introduction, middle paragraph, and conclusion. The speech may have proper ways of introducing the topic, coming down to the middle of the speech, and ending on an inspirational note. 

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FAQs Related to Independence Day Speech 2024 

  1. What are the topics for Independence Day 2024?

    The topics that can be used by candidates for delivering a speech are the importance of the freedom struggle, the various freedom fighters, and the importance of Independence Day 2024.

  2. When was India’s first independence day speech delivered?

    India’s independence day speech was delivered by the first prime minister of the nation, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, to the constituent assembly towards midnight on 14 August 1947.

  3. Who decided the date of Independence Day?

    The date for India’s independence days was decided by Lord Mountbatten, the last British governor-general of India.

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