Karnataka 2nd PUC Syllabus 2025 PDF for Math, Physics, English and Other Subjects

Students who are preparing for 2nd PUC exam must be looking for Karnataka PUC 2nd 2025 Syllabus. The Karnataka Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education ( KSEEB ) releases Karnataka PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025 on the official website: pue.karnataka.gov.in.

The PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025 Karnataka contains the subject-wise topics for exam. Students must download and go through the entire Karnataka 2nd PUC Syllabus 2025 as it contains important chapters, topics, patterns and marking schemes. 
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It is suggested to cover entire syllabus at least a month before Karanataka 2nd PUC exam date 2025. Students will get help in their exam preparation with the help of PUC Karnataka 2nd Syllabus 2025. Go through the article to know how you can download Karnataka PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025 and other important details related to it.

How to download PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025 Karnataka?

Students can download Karnataka PUC Syllabus 2025 2nd year from the official website. Below, we have provided easy steps to follow to download Karnataka PUC Syllabus 2nd 2025.

  • First of all, visit the official website: pue.karnataka.gov.in.
  • Click on the “syllabus and textbook” on the homepage.
  • New page will open.
  • Now click on the link Karnataka PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025.
  • Karnataka 2025 PUC 2nd Syllabus will appear on the screen.
  • Select your subject and click on download.

Karnataka 2nd PUC Syllabus 2025 Overview

Exam nameKarnataka PUC 2nd Exam
Board nameKarnataka State Secondary Education Examination Board
Syllabus release dateTo be Released
Syllabus nameKarnataka PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025
Official websitepue.karnataka.gov.in

2nd PUC Karnataka Syllabus 2025 – Subject-wise

Below, we have updated Karnataka PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025 subject-wise. Students must go through it to have a better understanding of exam patterns, topics and chapters and score well in Karantaka 2nd PUC result 2025.

Karnataka 2nd PUC Syllabus 2025 – Physics

  • Moving Charges and Magnetism.
  • Electric Charges and Fields.
  • Magnetism and Matter.
  • Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance.
  • Electromagnetic Induction.
  • Electromagnetic Waves.
  • Ray Optics and Optical Instruments.
  • Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter.
  • Communication Systems.
  • Semiconductor Electronics.
  • Atoms.
  • Nuclel.

Karnataka 2nd PUC Syllabus 2025 – Chemistry

  • Electrochemistry.
  • Surface chemistry.
  • Chemical kinetics.
  • The solid-state.
  • Solutions.
  • Coordination compounds.
  • Biomolecules.
  • The d and f block elements.
  • The p block elements.
  • Amines.
  • Coordination compounds.

Karnataka PUC 2nd 2025 Syllabus – Maths

  • Continuity and Differentiability.
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions.
  • Applications of the Integrals.
  • Three Dimensional Geometry.
  • Applications of Derivatives.
  • Differential Equations.
  • Linear Programming.
  • Relations and Functions.
  • Matrices.
  • Integrals.
  • Determinants.
  • Vector Algebra.

PUC 2nd Karnataka Syllabus 2025 – Biology

  • Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants.
  • Reproduction and Strategies.
  • Molecular Basis of Inheritance.
  • Human Health and Disease.
  • Biotechnology and its Applications.
  • Biodiversity and Conservation.
  • Environmental Issues.
  • Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production.
  • Reproduction in Organisms.
  • Human Reproduction.
  • Ecosystem.
  • Biotechnology: Principles and Processes.
  • Microbes in Human Welfare.

 PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025 Karnataka – Accountancy

  • Depreciation- meaning of depreciation.
  • Causes of depreciation.
  • Difference between provision and reserves.
  • Type of reserves.
  • Partnership – meaning and features.
  • Partnership deed – meaning and content.
  • Admission of partner – meaning.
  • Retirement of partner – meaning.
  • Difference between dissolution of partnership and partnership firm.
  • Meaning of a joint stock company.
  • Features of a joint stock company.
  • Financial statement – meaning.
  • Meaning of data.
  • Meaning of information.
  • Tools of financial analysis.

Karnataka 2025 PUC 2nd Syllabus – History

  • Impact of geography on Indian history – source of Indian history.
  • Pre – historic period.
  • Indus civilization – The end of indus civilization.
  • Ancient period – Vedic culture, rise of new religion, mourya, Gupta and cholas.
  • Medieval period – Delhi sultanate, Mughals, Rise of Marathas, bahmani and Adil shah.
  • Modern period – advent of Europeans, first war of indian independence, indian national movement, impact of British rule on indian economy and education.

Karnataka 2nd PUC Syllabus 2025 – English

  • Romeo and Juliet.
  • Too dear.
  • On children.
  • Everything I need to know I learned in the forest.
  • A sunny morning.
  • When you are old.
  • The Gardner.
  • To the foot from its child.
  • I believe books will never disappear.
  • Heaven – if you are not on earth.
  • Japan and Brazil through a traveller eye.
  • The voter.
  • Where there is a wheel.
  • Water.

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 PUC 2nd 2025 Syllabus Karnataka- Preparation tips

  • Students must be aware with all the important information like exam pattern, exam syllabus, admit card etc before start preparing for Karnataka PUC 2nd Exam.
  • Go through the entire Karnataka PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025 and then make a time table which includes all subjects and follow it every day.
  • Students should also solve previous year question papers to get familiar with exam pattern and Karnataka PUC Passing Marks.
  • Clear all your doubts with your senior and mentor.
  • Take care of yourself, eat healthy and take proper sleep.
  1. What are the main subjects of Karnataka PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025?

    The main Subjects are physics, chemistry, math, biology, English and language.

  2. Are there any changes in Karnataka PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025?

    Yes, Karnataka PUC 2nd Syllabus is reduced by 30%.

  3. How can I download Karnataka PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025?

    Visit the official Website to download Karnataka PUC 2nd Syllabus 2025.

  4. When will Karnataka PUC 2nd Exam be conducted?

    Karnataka PUC 2nd Exam will be conducted from March 1 to March 22, 2025, thereafter, PUC Result 2025 Karnataka will be announced on April 10, 2025.

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