Maharashtra SSC Syllabus 2023 PDF Download for Class 10 Board Exams


Maharashtra SSC Syllabus 2023 – The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has released the SSC syllabus 2023 Maharashtra Board pdf on the official website, The board is expected to continue the reduced Maharashtra 10th class syllabus 2023 of last year as it is.

Students should carefully check the latest Maharashtra 10th syllabus 2023 and then start preparing for the board examination. Maharashtra SSC board syllabus 2023 will give a detailed insight on the important topics and the marking scheme of each and every subject.


A direct link to download the new syllabus of Maharashtra SSC board is provided in the article. Keep reading the article to get detailed information on all the topics related to SSC Syllabus 2021 Maharashtra Board. 

Upcoming Class Syllabus: Maharashtra Board Syllabus 2023 HSC

How to Download Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2023?

The Maharashtra Board class 10 syllabus 2023 of all subjects is available in the PDF format on the official website.  Students can download the subject pdf by clicking on the direct link provided in the article.

Follow the given easy steps to download Maharashtra State Board class 10 syllabus 2023 from the official website. 

  1. Visit the official website of Maharashtra Board i.e. 
  2. On the homepage, click on the ‘subjects and syllabus’ link.
  3. Subject wise syllabus list of Maharashtra class 10 syllabus 2023 will open on the screen.
  4. Click on the link of the subject of Maharashtra Board 10th Syllabus 2023 you need to check.
  5. Save and download the Maharashtra SSC board syllabus 10th pdf 2023 for future references.

Maharashtra SSC Syllabus 2023 PDF Download Link

Maharashtra 10th class syllabus has a total of 99 subjects which include both regular and elective subjects. Students can now download the Maharashtra SSC Board syllabus 10th pdf 2023 for the Science, Social science, Mathematics, English and other subjects from direct links given below:

SubjectDownload Link
Maharashtra SSC Marathi Syllabus 2023Marathi
Maharashtra SSC Hindi Syllabus 2023Hindi
Maharashtra SSC English Syllabus 2023English
Maharashtra SSC Gujarati Syllabus 2023Gujarati
Maharashtra SSC Maths Syllabus 2023Maths
Maharashtra SSC Science Syllabus 2023Science
Maharashtra SSC Social Science Syllabus 2023Social Science
Maharashtra SSC General Maths Syllabus 2023Gen.Maths
Maharashtra 10th Syllabus 2023 PDF Download Links

Detailed Maharashtra 10th Syllabus 2023

Students should cover entire syllabus at least a month before Maharashtra SSC exam date 2023 and revise the topics in the last one month. Below, we have provided the overview of Maharashtra SSC board syllabus 2023 for some major subjects:

Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2023 Science 

Given below is the table to take reference for the Maharashtra 10th Syllabus 2023 for science subject. Check out the table to get an idea of the science syllabus for the board examination. 

Unit numberUnit name
2The world of Living
3Moving things
4Natural phenomena
6Striving for a better environment

Maharashtra SSC Syllabus 2023 Mathematics 

Given table gives an overview of the Maharashtra SSC Board syllabus 10th class for the subject Mathematics. Check out it carefully and then formulate a planned strategy to ace your Mathematics Board examination. 

Unit numberUnit name
Algebra 1Arithmetic progression
2Quadratic equation
3Linear equations in two variables
Geometry 1Similarity
3Co-ordinate geometry
4Geometric Constructions

SSC syllabus 2023 Maharashtra Board for Social Science

The table of the Maharashtra SSC board syllabus 10th Geography, Political Science, Economics and History is given below. Check out the syllabus carefully and then start preparing for the Social Science Board exam.

Subject nameChapter names
HistoryImperialism20th century age of conflictEmancipation of Asia and AfricaWorld after World War II
Political ScienceDemocracy meaning, types and characteristicsPolitical parties and typesSocial diversity and democracy Challenges to democracy
GeographyPhysical divisions of IndiaNorth Indian mountainsNorth Indian plain regionsPeninsular plateau regionThe Western Ghats and Eastern GhatsCoastal regionIndian Islands
EconomicsIntroduction to the economyBasic problems of an economy and the solutionsPublic Distribution system and consumer protection 

Maharashtra SSC Syllabus 2023 for English

Students should prepare for the English exam by following the given Maharashtra Class 10 syllabus 2023. The detailed Maharashtra SSC board syllabus 10th for English subject is tabulated below:

Maharashtra Board English Syllabus 2023


  1. Prose

About 64 pages of literary and non-literary (informative) text (excluding notes, illustrations, tasks, etc.)

  1. Poetry

About 250 lines.

Non-detailed study : A selection of literary texts (short stories, one act play)


Revision of grammatical items studied up to Std VIII.


different kinds of sentences


Simple, Compound, Complex


different kinds of

Principal, Co-ordinate, Sub-ordinate


The Tenses

a) Continuous

i) Present Perfect ii) Present Perfect

iii) Past Perfect

iv) Future with will/shall and ‘going to’

b) Continuous

Sequence of Tenses.


a, an, the (advanced level)



different uses

Word Formation



Statements, questions, negatives, indirect object


Tag questions formation


Reported Speech

Statements, questions, commands, requests, exclamation




Infinitives, Gerunds, Participles

Modal Auxiliaries

Uses of ‘can’, ‘may’, ‘might’, etc


Unreal conditions in the present/past Possible conditions in the future

Tips to cover Maharashtra SSC Syllabus 2023

The Maharashtra State Board class 10 Syllabus 2023 is vast. That is the reason many students find it difficult to remember each and every topic of the syllabus. Here are some tips provided for you to cover your syllabus in time and prepare for your board examination.

  • Students should visit the official website get Maharashtra SSC syllabus 2023 PDF download link. Alternatively you can also download the Maharashtra 10th class syllabus 2023 from the direct link provided in the article.
  • Analyse the Maharashtra Board 10th Syllabus 2023 carefully and make a list of all of your strong and weak points. Keep revising your strong points so that you are in contact with the syllabus and give more time to your weak topic so that you get familiar with the concept.
  • Keep in mind that Maharashtra board class 10 syllabus 2023 is a checklist for you, which will keep you on track to cover each and every topic of the syllabus.
  • Analyse the topic weightage of each chapter of every subject. First prepare the topics which have more weightage in comparison to other topics.
  • Give time to each and every topic of each subject. Don’t neglect any topic or subject. 
  • Formulate a time table which is flexible and works for you. Give time to each and every topic and also for other extra activities for refreshing your mind.
  • Make sure to complete the syllabus a month or two before the board examination. Then practise different types of model question papers in an exam simulated environment. This will help you to be familiar with the exam situation and you will be able to form a time management strategy which works for you.
  • Practice many sample papers. Remember, practice makes a man perfect.
  • Solve as many of the past year question papers as you can and you will definitely score a good percentage in your board examination.

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FAQs Related to SSC Syllabus 2023 Maharashtra Board

  1. Has Maharashtra state Board class 10 syllabus 2023 been reduced?

    As of now, Maharashtra Board class 10 syllabus 2023 has not been reduced yet. 

  2. What is the passing criteria for Maharashtra 10th board examination?

    A student must score at least 35% of total marks to pass the Maharashtra 10th board examination 2023. Check Maharashtra SSC passing marks to know more about it.

  3. Where can I download the Maharashtra Board class 10 syllabus?

    You can easily download the Maharashtra SSC board syllabus 2023 by visiting the official website: or by clicking the direct link provided in the article. 

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