Maharashtra Board Passing Marks 2022 SSC & HSC ‣ 10th, 12th Grace Marks & Condonation Policy

Maharashtra Board Passing Marks 2022 – The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education has released the Maharashtra Board Passing criteria 2022 on their official website at through an official notification.

According to Maharashtra Board Passing Marks 2022, students require at least 35% marks in order to pass HSC or SSC Board Examination.

In case, a student falls short of 2 to 3 marks from Maharashtra Board 2022 passing marks, the board has a Condonation policy, in which students will be given a few marks (depending on the subject) in order to pass the student.

The maximum limit of Condonation marks can be increased in certain cases, if students are participating in some or the other important event. All such cases with other relevant information are given below.

Maharashtra Board SSC Passing Marks 2022

  • According to Maharashtra SSC Passing Marks 2022, in order to pass the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination, students must score at least “C” grade in each optional and main subjects.
  • Passing Marks for different subjects:
    • In Optional Technical Subjects, whose exam is taken by the Board, students are required to secure at least 35% marks in order to pass in that subject of Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2022.
    • In Social Science and other language subjects, the Maharashtra SSC Passing Marks 2022 are 35 marks out of the maximum of 100 marks.
    • For Mathematics and Science subjects, whose paper is of a maximum of 150 marks, the passing marks are 52.
  • If in a subject, multiple papers and practicals are conducted, then Maharashtra Passing Marks 2022 is calculated after adding the marks in all the papers.

Condonation Policy of Maharashtra Board SSC Passing Marks 2022

According to Maha Board Passing Marks 2022 SSC, if a candidate (who hasn’t applied for any exemption) has shortage of 2 to 3 marks, then automatic condonation of marks will be granted in order to make the candidate pass his/her examination.

Check the list of grace marks that can be awarded in each subject given below:

SubjectsCondonation marks admissible upto
First Language 2
Second Language2
Third Language 2
Social Science2
Maths and Science combined6
Two subjects opted by deaf and dumb students in place of two languages2 in each subject

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Important Points related to Maharashtra SSC Board Passing Marks 2022

  • If students need more than the decided condonation marks, then no condonation marks will be awarded, not even the decided limit given above.
  • If any student has been in any sport at state, national or international level (during academic year 2021-22) shall be awarded with grace marks of upto 20 marks in certain subjects.
  • Also, if a candidate has been a part of the annual Republic Day parade (conducted in New Delhi) then he/she is provided with up to 20% grace maks in the subjects where the decided grace marks are 10% for other students.

If the student who comes in any of the above categories is unable to pass the examination even after getting 20% grace marks, he/she will not be eligible to get automatic condonation marks.

If a student has applied for exemption, then the automatic condonation marks will be given according to the pattern given below:

Subject 13
Subject 25
Subject 33
Subject 410
Subject 513

Note :- A candidate will not be eligible to get grace marks in combined Mathematics and Science subjects if he has opted for exemption in Mathematics or Science individually.

Maharashtra Board HSC Passing Marks 2022

  • As per Maharashtra Board HSC Passing Marks 2022, a minimum of 35% marks should be scored by a student in order to pass the Maha HSC Board Examination.
  • If both the written paper and practical paper is conducted, the Maharashtra Passing Marks 2022 HSC will be calculated after adding the marks for both the papers of that subjects’ Maharashtra HSC Syllabus 2022.
  • The condonation marks will be awarded based on the subject pattern, given below:
    • Subject 1 – 3 Marks
    • Subject 2 – 5 Marks
    • Subject 3 – 8 Marks
  • In case a student who appears for all the subjects and fails in any one or more subject will get a condonation of 15 marks in aggregate. This is only applicable for a maximum of 3 subjects.
  • If a student has represented in any sport at state, national or international level ( during session 2021-22), then he/she shall be given a grace mark of 15 marks instead of 10 marks which is for the rest of the students.

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FAQs Related to Maharashtra Board passing marks 2022 SSC & HSC

Will the Condonation Policy be applicable for each and every subject?

According to Maha Board 2022 Passing Marks Class 10 and 12, the Condonation marks will not be awarded for Tech based and other such optional subjects.

Will the deaf and dumb students be given extra advantage in the Condonation policy?

Yes, as per Maharashtra Passing Marks criteria 2022, students who are deaf and dumb will be given a grace of 20 marks instead of 10 marks as compared to normal students.

What if a student is unable to pass the examination even after getting grace marks?

In case, a student is not able to score the Maharashtra Boards Passing Marks 2022 even after automatic condonation of marks, then he/she will have to appear for the supplementary examination through which they will be given a chance to improve their scores and get the certificate.

Can a student get grace marks in more than 2 subjects?

Yes, based on the Maharashtra board grace marks policy, students can get grace marks in more than two subjects based on certain pattern as mentioned above.

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