Sainik School Preparation Tips 2024 – Know How to Prepare for AISSEE exam

Sainik School Preparation Tips 2024 – ‘How to Prepare for Sainik School Entrance Exam?’ is one of the main questions among students preparing for AISSEE 2024 exam. These AISSEE 2024 preparation tips are much helpful for average and above-average students. 

As you know, the exam will be held tentatively on January 28, 2024. So, start preparing for AISSEE 2024 exam date, dedicatedly. You should cover your school books, then think about moving on to other reference books. 

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How to Prepare for Sainik School Exam 2024?

Below, we have provided a few tips to help students know how to prepare for Sainik School entrance exam 2024. These Sainik School preparation tips 2024 are derived by experts from last years’ qualified students.

Preparation Tip 1 – Know Exam Pattern

This is the first step towards the Sainik School exam preparation for 2024. Knowing exam patterns is helpful to identify the total number of questions, section-wise questions, marking scheme and other important points. 

SectionTotal QuestionsTotal Marks
Class 6 Exam Pattern

SectionTotal QuestionsTotal Marks
Social Studies2550
General Science2550
Class 9 Exam Pattern

So from the above exam pattern, you can observe that only maths has a weightage of 50% in total marks. Thus, learn this subject very well and make it strong. Apart from this, cover other subjects to improve aggregate marks.

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Preparation Tip 2 – Go Through Syllabus

This is a must for everyone to know the topics they need to study in order to prepare for any exam. So go through the Sainik School syllabus 2024 to know the subject-wise topics.

You can contact respective subject teachers to know the important topics among all the topics and grab them well.

Preparation Tip 3 – Refer School Books

This is important for a student to refer to their school books of respective and previous classes. These books contain precise and basic information around all the topics. So, school books lay the foundation of Sainik school preparation. Thereafter, you can cover other reference books to practice with more questions of similar type to get good marks in Sainik School Entrance exam result 2024

Preparation Tip 4 – Make Study Schedule

This is one of the important Sainik School preparation tips 2024 as it helps to stay organized. After knowing the syllabus & exam patterns and choosing best books for Sainik School exam 2024, you should make a proper study time table.

Check AISSEE cutoff marks and set your target score. You should devise more time for mathematics as it carries 50% weightage in total. Also include some time for hobbies and interest. 

Preparation Tip 5 – Browse Youtube

The Youtube is the best source for learning as highly qualified teachers are teaching on youtube, which is free for everyone. You can find detailed videos about every topic. 

You just need to note down all the topics and search topics (e.g. Square and square roots class 6 in Hindi) in YouTube. You can learn topics in Hindi, English and other regional languages. 

Preparation Tip 6 – Watch TV 

Yes, you read it correctly. We know that students love watching cartoons, movies and their favorite channels. Watching favorite shows works like stress busters. But you should make a timetable for watching TV. It is suggested, if you are studying around 5-6 hours, then watch TV and cartoons for around 1 hour. 

Also, check

Preparation Tip 7 – Solve Sample Papers

This is the most recommended Sainik School entrance exam preparation tip 2024. Solving previous year papers and sample papers, helps to analyze the preparation level. These sample papers also help to identify the types of questions asked in exams. Thus, you can prepare accordingly.

Preparation Tip 8 – Do Exercise

Last but not the least AISSEE 2024 preparation tip is to do light exercises and meditation to keep your mind fresh and active. Also, take a proper diet and sleep to stay healthy.

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