St. Karen’s High School Danapur, Patna Admission, Fees, Curriculum & Other Details

St. Karen’s High School, Danapur Patna has been functioning as a successful educational institution for more than five decades. Since the inception, the school aims at moulding the personal character of each student thereby bringing them as complete personalities. 

Overview of St.Karen’s High School, Patna

The School is a minority Anglo-Indian Institution and was established by The Anglo-Indian Educational Society aiming to provide education to Anglo-Indian Christian children also other children irrespective of caste, creed and colour or other religioustic differences. The name of the school was inspired by ‘Karen’ a lead character from the novel ‘Karen’ written by Marie Lyons Killilea who triumphed over disaster. 

Name of the SchoolSt. Karen’s High School, Danapur, Patna
Established in1965
Registered ByThe Anglo-Indian Educational Society
Curriculum CBSE
School TypePrivate, Co-ed
Education LevelHigher Secondary level
Situated atBoring Road and Gola Road, Patna

St.Karen’s High School Patna Admission

The school management has set unique proceedings to be followed to grab admission at St. Karen’s school, Danapur Patna. Parents shall read the forthcoming points and follow to take admission at the school.

  • Students who are looking for admission at St.Karen’s school, Gola Road should have completed 6 years on or before March 31st of the year of admission.
  • Parents should conjoin the pupil at the time of admission proceeding. It is necessary to submit relevant documents regarding the student and his/her parents.
  • St.Karen’s School management demands the following documents of the pupil and family as well.
  1. Passport size photostat of student (One copy)
  2. Passport size photostat of family (Two copies)
  3. Address proof Ration card/ Election ID of father & mother/ recent EB Bill/ Telephone Bill.
  4. Sibling details, if any, including photostat of School ID card and report card of previous class.
  5. Caste certificate (for SC/ST/OBC)

Points to be Remembered

Parents should remember that admission of the pupil is held at the discretion of School management. Also school disclaims that

  • Recommendation for admission is not entertained.
  • Offering donation is strictly prohibited
  • Selection of the candidates are up to the mark of committee and there shall be no alternation to their decision.
  • Students should report to the school within time or he/she shall forfeit the chance of admission.
  • School management offers the benefit of admission primarily to the preferred candidates such as christian candidates of St.Karen’s school, ward/Sibling of St. Karen school, Patna. However, parents may not impose on the ideologies of School management.

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Fee Structure at St.Karen’s School, Gola Road, Patna

The following Fee categories are charged from the Parents by the school management. They are:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Bus fee
  • Library fee
  • Science fee & 
  • Computer fee

Academic Curriculum

St. Karen’s High School, Danapur, Patna follows CBSE based curriculum with compulsory subjects and other subjects taught withinside the campus. Also, the school management follows a unique timing respective to the season. 

Take a look at the academic curriculum and school timings.

Compulsory Subjects English, Hindi & Mathematics
Other Subjects Science, Social Science & Computer Studies
School Timings in Summer7:30 AM to 1:40 PM
School Timings in Winter8:30 AM to 2:40 PM

Attendance at St. Karen’s School, Patna

Apart from Academic curriculum and School timings, attendance is the penultimate point that matters in the development of a child educationally & personally.  The school management has proclaimed strict rules to maintain minimum attendance of 80% in a single term. 

Read out significance of Attendance

  • A pupil should have at least 80% of attendance in a particular term. Failing to fulfil the requirement would lead to detainment of the student in the same class.
  • However, students are allowed to take leave not more than a fortnight only on due reasons of physical illness or sudden passing away in the family.
  • The Principal will grant permission on the special reasons on duly submitted proven certificates. 
  • However, students ought to maintain a minimum 70% attendance to get promoted further.
  • Failing to maintain attendance may strictly lead to dismissal of students or detainment in the same class.

School Uniform Particulars at St. Karen’s, Danapur, Patna

The Principal of School St. Karen’s has proposed an ideal and unique dress code for all to be followed for summer and winter class sessions. Pupils studying at St.Karen’s, Patna are duly following the instructions related to school uniforms/outfits. The school Management expects parents’ cooperation to meet fulfilment in school formal attire.

FAQs Related to St. Karen’s High School, Danapur, Patna

  1. What are the documents to be submitted to take admission at St.Karen’s School, Gola Road, Patna?

    Parents should submit one photostat of the pupil and two copies of family photo with the child, birth certificate of the child, election ID of the parents, Address proof, caste certificate, if any, etc at the time of admission.

  2. Is St.Karen’s school, Patna affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi?

    Yes, St.Karen’s High School is affiliated to the CBSE system.

  3. When was the school established?

    St. Karen’s high school, Patna was established in 1965. It is registered by the Anglo-Indian Christian Educational Society.

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