CBSE CGPA Calculator: Know How to Calculate CGPA From Marks & Percentage

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CBSE CGPA Calculator: CGPA full form is Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is a grading system used by the CBSE affiliated schools and colleges to evaluate the overall performance of students. According to the student’s performance, the board allotts them grades, i.e., A, B, C, D, E, or F. 

In order to score a good CGPA, it is very important for the candidates to score a high GPA. Now, GPA stands for Grade Point Average which is an important element to calculate CGPA. The candidates are required to score a good GPA in each subject to score an overall good CGPA. 

cbse cgpa calculator

Moreover, GPA refers to the scores obtained in a particular semester, whereas, CGPA refers to the average GPA scores obtained in all the subjects combined. Read the complete article below to know more in detail about the CBSE CGPA calculator. 

What is CBSE CGPA Calculator?

The term cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is used to describe the overall mean performance of students over the course of an academic year. In contrast to the Indian Grading System’s percentages and grades, the CGPA is represented by a “number.” For instance, if you receive an “A grade” in a course, your marks would fall between “90-95” and your estimated CGPA would be “9.”

Steps to Use the CBSE CGPA Calculator 

One must multiply the grade points earned in the subject with 9.5 to determine the estimated percentage of marks for each subject. i.e., 9.5 * GP of the subject.

Let’s take an example and calculate the CGPA of a student. The example is as follows. 

  • Suppose the grade points scored by the students in the 5 main subjects are as follows. 
Subjects Grade Point (GP) 
Subject 1 8
Subject 2 8
Subject 3 9
Subject 4 7
Subject 5 8
  • Now, add these grade points, i.e., 8+8+9+7+8=40.
  • These total grade points are 40 and are to be divided by the total number of subjects which is 5. So, 40 divided by 5 = 8.
  • The CGPA is taken out as 8. 

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Steps to Calculate Percentage from CGPA

If one wants to calculate the percentage from the CGPA scored by the candidates, one can do so by following the simple steps below.

  • In order to calculate the percentage, the candidates just need to multiply CGPA scores by 9.5.
  • As the CGPA scored in the above example was 8 so the final percentage will be 8×9.5 = 76%. 

CBSE CGPA Calculator – Grading Scheme 

The CBSE grading scheme is mentioned below in the table. The candidates can check out the same below. 


Marks Grades allotted Grade Points 
Less than 21E2

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FAQs related to CBSE CGPA Calculator 

  1. How to convert CGPA scores to a percentage?

    In order to convert the CGPA scores into percentages simply multiply the CGPA score by 9.5.

  2. What is the maximum CGPA score?

    The maximum CGPA score ranges from 9.5-10.

  3. How much is a 7.5 CGPA in percentage?

    The percentage of 7.5 CGPA will be 71.25%.

  4. Is 8.5 a good CGPA?

    Yes, 8.5 is considered a good CGPA.

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