CBSE Pre-Board Exam 2025: Date Sheet, Result, Marks & Other Details

CBSE Pre-Board Exam 2025 for Class 10 and 12 are conducted by respective CBSE schools before the main exams. The main purpose of CBSE Pre board exams is to train students about the CBSE Class 10 exam pattern to be followed in Main Board examination. For the purpose, similar CBSE 12th exam pattern, number of questions as in the Board exams are followed in CBSE Pre Board Exams 2025.

Question: If I fail in pre-board examination, can I appear in the Board examination?
CBSE: Pre-Boards help students to know how well they are prepared for the Board examination. So, a student cannot be detained from appearing in the Board examination if otherwise eligible.

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CBSE Pre-Board Exam Date 2025

CBSE schools will conduct CBSE Pre-Board exams for 10th and 12th class before the Board exam. The CBSE Time Table 2025 for pre-board exams will be released by respective schools. Students shall prepare and appear for the exams based on CBSE board exam schedule.

Students pursuing Class 10 & 12 should at least attend CBSE Pre Board exams 2025. It gives an idea about Board exams and exam tips to score high marks in the main exams. Follow the article till the end to explore more about CBSE Pre Board Exam 2025.

CBSE Pre-Board Result 2025

Ten to fifteen days after the CBSE Pre Board exams, the CBSE results of each pre-board exam will be announced by schools. Students will receive the CBSE mark sheets and know their performances. Progress of every student will be reported in the respective progress card for students and parent’s intimation. 

CBSE Pre Board Exam Preparation Tips

The following exam tips are useful for Board Exam aspirants to prepare well for the main exams 2025.

  • Grouping Subjects: Students must know how to streamline the subjects and topics to be covered. List out the subjects and language papers that are included in the CBSE Board exam Syllabus 2025. Categorise the subjects as easy to study, hard to study. Like and dislike varies among students, so grouping the subjects might favour best preparation for exams.
  • Always start preparing the subject that is easy and interesting to study. Cover all the topics included in the syllabus. Repeat the revision until you get used to each chapter.
  • Once the easy subject is covered, start preparing the hard subject. Give more attention and concentration while preparing for hard subjects. Never hesitate to inquire with the teachers in case of any doubts. Repeat studying until the chapter is thorough.
  • Devise Schedule: Students should prepare a schedule or time table to cover all the portions mentioned in the CBSE syllabus. Fix appropriate time to cover hard topics and give more concentration to complete the hard chapter.
  • Take frequent tests on hard topics. Evaluate the test and concentrate on the weaker portions. Repeat the revision until well versed in the subject before the Board exam.
  • Get Study Material: Books and study material are the fundamental source for preparing CBSE Board exams. The books play vital to face the CBSE Pre Board Exams 2025. Students are spending a lot of time sourcing books and study materials for exam preparing. Scoring high marks is easy if the right choice of books and study materials is chosen.
  • Collect CBSE Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers: Solving previous year question papers is the beneficial tip to face the CBSE Pre Board Exam 2025 and main exams confidently. It enhances answering ability and enables the students to understand the exam pattern followed. Solving CBSE Class 12 last years question papers helps to learn the time management to answer all the questions within given time. It also enables you to answer tricky and indirect questions within a few seconds.
  • Significance of Writing: Once a topic, it is must to write the particular unit. By writing alone, the preparation phase is completed. Write again and again until the topic is thorough. For the sake take repeated mock tests, unit-wise. Mock tests are available online through genuine applications. Students may go through it. It is also conducted by schools as a Unit Test every month. Focus on the Unit test too. 

FAQs Related to CBSE Pre Board Exams 2025

  1. Is it necessary to take CBSE Pre Board Exams?

    Yes, Schools conduct Pre Board exams twice before the main exams. Students should attempt and clear at least one CBSE Pre Board exam 2025.

  2. How long should the studying hours be to clear the CBSE Pre Board Exams 2025?

    It is not necessary to study for a longer time. All it depends on the extent of concentration and hard work that you input to prepare for the exams.

  3. Is pre-board marks added in board exam 2025?

    No, the pre-board exam marks are not added in CBSE board exam result 2025.

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