GMAT Score 2024 Percentile Chart, Average, Highest Scorecard, Cancel Score Details

GMAT Scores 2024 consists of the total evaluation of four sections, namely  Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal. Your total GMAT score is majorly based on your Verbal and Quantitative scores. You’ll also get a percentile score, which informs you how you did in comparison to the other 100 people who took the GMAT. 

For example, if you score in the 90th percentile on the Verbal section of the GMAT 2024, you will be ahead of 90 other applicants out of 100. The sections that follow will take you through each part of the GMAT Scores 2024 that your target institutions accept.

Total GMAT scores range from 200 to 800, and they are derived by combining the subscores from the GMAT Verbal Reasoning and GMAT Quantitative Reasoning portions. The GMAT is scored on a scale of 6 to 51 points for each section, with a total GMAT score ranging from 200 to 800 points.

GMAT Percentile Scores

While aiming for an above-average score in all categories may be beneficial, most people admitted to programmes tend to score above average. It’s possible that getting an above-average grade won’t be enough to make your application stand out.

Look at your percentile to get a better idea of where you stand in respect to other GMAT test takers. This will show you what proportion of test takers you outperformed. A Total Score of 590 to 600 is required to outperform half of all exam takers.

You’d need a score of around 660 to be in the top 25% of exam takers. Aim for a score of 710 or above if you want to be in the most competitive class—the top 10% of test takers.

Here’s a table that compares your scaled score to percentile:

Scaled ScorePercentileScaled ScorePercentile
GMAT 2024 Score Percentile

How is GMAT Score 2024 Calculated?

If you’re studying for the GMAT, it’s crucial to understand how the exam is graded. Individual section scores are equally crucial on the GMAT in 2024, so don’t just focus on the total score. The results of each component reveal a lot about your skills and limitations. We have given a table explaining the GMAT score calculation.

Average GMAT score

SectionsScoringHow the section is scored
Analytical Writing Assessment0–6half-point incrementsEssays are scored following professional raters and machine algorithm
Integrated Reasoning1–81-point incrementsThis section is ranked following  the number of questions answered correctly
Quantitative0–60Scored in 1-point incrementsScoring for this section based on based on:
Number of questions answered, number of questions answered correctly and level of difficulty of the questions answered
Verbal0–601-point incrementsThe scoring for this section follows -Number of questions attempted, number of questions answered correctly and level of difficulty of the questions answered
Total Score200–80010-point incrementsTotal scores are calculated on the basis of Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning assessment

GMAT Score 2024: Statistical View

The best thing about the GMAT 2024 result is that you can see your scores as soon as your exam is over. You will have the choice of accepting or rejecting the non-official result at the end of the exam. After 20 days, you can get the official GMAT Exam result 2024 from your GMAT account.

Here’s a table with the marks required to obtain an understanding of the comparison score percentile, marks for each area, and good GMAT Score:

SectionScore range25%50%75%90%
Analytical Writing0-644.55.56
Quantitative Skill0-6031404850
Verbal Evaluation0-6021283540
Integrated Reasoning0-8356.57.5
Total Scaled Score200-800470570650710

GMAT Cancel Scores

After taking the exam, test takers can cancel their score at the test facility. Candidates can cancel their scores at the test facility without incurring a charge immediately after taking the exam. They can, however, cancel their GMAT score by paying a fee of $25 online within 72 hours of their planned GMAT test. The candidate’s cancelled scores will not appear or be mentioned on the Pearson VUE score reports supplied to schools. You can contact GMAT customer service if you are unable to cancel your GMAT scores within 48 hours of the scheduled exam.

GMAT Score Reinstated

A $50 fee is charged to reinstate a GMAT score 2024. You can either log in to your MBA account or contact your region’s customer care to get a cancelled score reinstated. At the time of check out, candidates must pay the charge with a credit card. You must pay an extra $10 to reinstate a cancelled score over the phone.

GMAT Score Card

All GMAT examinations taken within the last 5 years are included in the official score report that candidates get. However, the scores that you have approved will be included in the score reports that will be submitted to schools. The school version of the score report will not include or mention any scores that the candidate has cancelled.

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FAQs Related to GMAT Score Chart 2024

Can we skip questions in the GMAT Exam?

It’s important to understand that a portion of your GMAT score is determined by the number of questions you correctly answer. As a result, candidates should attempt to answer as many questions as possible during the test.

How many questions do you have to achieve 700 in GMAT?

One can avoid 15- 21 difficult questions and concentrate on the remaining ones. If they get stuck on an issue, they don’t waste time on it and continue on with the exam. So, even if you miss 15-21 questions in the Quant portion, you can still do well on the GMAT. To get a higher score, work on increasing your strengths and solving more challenging puzzles.

Which colleges accept GMAT scores?

GMAT scores are used by over 6,000 graduate management institutions across the world to admit applicants.

How can you raise your GMAT score from 470 to 700?

Identify and improve your weak areas. Also, attempt to enhance your speed by taking more practice examinations. With a good preparation plan and time management, you can attain a 700 on the GMAT, which will help you get into a reputable B-school.

What is the all-time top GMAT score?

The highest GMAT score possible is 800. It may seem impossible to attain a perfect score of 800 in the GMAT, but with pure hard effort, devotion, and the correct study plan, it is doable. Even elite B-schools demand candidates to score 720 or above, thus a perfect 800 is not required to get into a top Business programme. If you receive a good grade, you’ll be able to apply to a top business programme.

How long would it take for me to receive my GMAT scores after the exam?

Within 20 calendar days of the GMAT exam, the official Score Report will be accessible. Pearson VUE sends test takers an email once the official scores are available. Candidates can see, print, or download their score reports.

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