ICSE Fees 2024- Check ICSE School Fee Structure for Registration

Council for the Indian School Certification Examinations determines the ICSE exam fees 2024 along with annual registration fees. ICSE and ISC fees 2024 are same for examinations. In this article, students will know the ICSE fees 2024 for registration, ICSE admit card, examination, migration and other particular fees.

ICSE School Fees 2024

Students and their parents must note that the school fees of ICSE and ISC is a variable thing which may vary from school to school. ICSE 2024 school fees may vary based on the facilities provided by the school. Below is the annual fees of ICSE schools as given on a page ‘edustoke.com/delhi/icse-schools’.

ICSE fees Featured Image
ICSE School NamePer Year Fees in Rs.
Bluebells School International104,000
Bal Bhavan Public School90,900
The Frank Anthony Public School57,540
Swami Hariharanand Public School14,400
Mussoorie Girls And Boys School7,200
ICSE School Fees

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ICSE Affiliation Fees 2024

The affiliation fees of ICSE is different for National schools and Overseas schools. Below are the fees details of both:

ICSE Affiliation Fees – National

  • Provisional Affiliation Fees – Rs 2 lakh
  • Permanent Affiliation Fees – Rs 1 lakh
  • Upgradation Charges for ISC – Rs 50K

ICSE Affiliation Fees – Overseas

  • Provisional Affiliation Fees – Rs 2.5 lakh
  • Permanent Affiliation Fees – Rs 1.25 lakh
  • Upgradation Charges for ISC – Rs 60K

Annual Registration Fees – Rs 25K

ICSE Board Exam Fees 2024

The board exam fee is the separate fee which is paid other than ICSE school fees. This fee is submitted through respective schools. This fee is same for ICSE and ISC candidates. Below is the ICSE Fee structure for board exams.

ICSE Exam Fees 2024

  • For Regular / Failed / Supplementary candidates – Rs 1500
  • For Overseas candidates – Rs 5000

ISC Fees 2024 for board exams

  • For Regular / Failed / Supplementary candidates – Rs 1500
  • For Overseas candidates – Rs 5000

Examination Fees for CVE (Certificate of Vocational Education) – Rs 1500

ICSE Board Registration Fees 2024

The registration ICSE fee 2024 is the fee which is to be paid by students in the previous class for registration in next class.

e.g., For ICSE Class 10, the registration fee is collected in Class 9 and for ISC class 12, the registration is completed in Class 11 with ISC registration fee. If any student has not registered in Class 9 or 11, he/she is not allowed to register for board exams in next year.

Below is the ICSE Fees 2024 structure for registration. Click here to check detailed fee structure.

  • ICSE registration fees in Class 9 (per candidate) – Rs 500
  • ISC eligibility fees in Class 11 (per candidate) – Rs 1000

ICSE Fees 2024 for Documentation

Students who want to know about the ICSE board fees for migration, duplication admit card, correction fees, ICSE 10th result 2024 rechecking fees, can go through the following table.

ICSE ParticularFees in Rupees
Migration Fees250
Duplicate Migration Fees750
Certifying Statement of Examination Result750
Duplicate Statement of Marks Fees1,500
Duplicate Admit Card Fees750
Main Weakness Special Report Charges (for 6 candidates) ICSE/ISC10,000
Correction Fees1,500
Under Protest Entry Fees2,500
Documentation Verification Fees for National candidates500
Documentation Verification fees for Overseas candidates 1,000
ICSE Recheck fees (Per Subject)1,000
ISC Recheck fees (Per Subject)1,000
Change of Centre Fees5,000
Fee for Transfer Admission of Candidate from one school to another1,500
ICSE Documentation Fees 2024

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