ICSE Exam Pattern 2025 10th Class, Marking Scheme & Total Questions

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations will determine the ICSE exam pattern 2025 for Class 10. Students must be well versed with ICSE paper pattern 2025 10th class to make exam preparation strategy. Read below to know about ICSE Class 10 exam pattern 2025 for all subjects and all groups.

ICSE exam pattern 2025 comprises of subjects choosing criteria, external, internal exam weightage in ICSE syllabus 2025 10th class along with total marks and section-wise marks.

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ICSE Exam Pattern 2025 Class 10 Subjects

Students who will be giving ICSE 10th examination will have to appear for 6 subjects as per ICSE board exam date 2025. These 6 subjects are divided into the following three different groups of ICSE exam pattern 2025.

  • Group-I – 3 compulsory subjects
  • Group-II – 2 subjects
  • Group-III – 1 subject

ICSE 10th Class Exam Pattern 2025 – List of subjects 

Group-I – 80% exam + 20% internal assessmentEnglish
Second Language
History, Civics and Geography
Group-II – 80% exam + 20% internal assessmentScience (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
Commercial Studies
Modern foreign language
Classical language
Environmental Science
Group-III – 50% external exam + 50% internal exam
One paper with two hours duration for 100 marks + Internal Assessment 100 Marks
Computer Applications
Economic Applications
Commercial Applications
Performing Arts
Home Science
Fashion Designing
Physical Education
Technical Drawing Applications
Environmental Applications
A Modern Foreign Language
Mass Media & Communication
Hospitality Management
Beauty & Wellness : Skin & Beauty
Beauty & Wellness : Hair Styling

ICSE Class 10 Exam Pattern 2025 for Group 1

According to ICSE Exam Pattern 10th 2025, Group-I contains compulsory subjects – History, Geography, Civics, English and second language. The external exam for these subjects will be of 2 hours duration for 80 marks each.

Below given are the types of question coming in each subject of Group-I:

ICSE 10th English Exam Pattern 2025

It will further have two papers namely language and literature skills and each paper will be of 80 marks each and ICSE passing marks out of 80 are 26 marks.

  • The Language Skills paper contains composition, letter, Unseen passage and grammar questions
  • The Literature skills paper includes Prose, poetry and drama based questions.

ICSE 10th History & Civics Exam Pattern 2025

It will contain Long and short answer questions based on the chapters given in the textbook.

ICSE Exam Pattern 2025 for Geography

It will mainly include three types of questions: short answer type, map based questions and long answer type containing sketches, diagrams and graphs.

ICSE 10th Second Language Exam Pattern 2025

The second language is divided into two sections of 40 marks each.

  • Section-A contains Composition, comprehensions, Letter and Grammar questions
  • Whereas section-B has questions from chapters given in Prescribed textbooks.

ICSE Class 10 Marking Scheme 2025 for Group 2

As per ICSE Exam Pattern 2025 Class 12, the group-II has 8 different subjects. Out of which, students need to select 2 subjects as their optional subjects. The paper of these subjects will be of 80 marks and the duration for each subject is different.

The ICSE 10th Exam pattern 2025 for these subjects is given below:

ICSE 10th Physics, Chemistry & Biology Exam Pattern 2025

The Science subjects’ paper has two sections.

  • In the first section, students have to answer all compulsory short answer questions of 40 marks.
  • The second section has 6 questions out of which students need to attempt any 4 for 40 marks.

ICSE 10th Mathematics Exam Pattern 2025

The mathematics paper also has two sections:

  • Section-A
    • compulsory short answer questions for 40 marks
  • Section-B (40 marks)
    • 7 questions out of which 4 have to be attempted.

ICSE 10th Environmental Science, Commercial Studies & Economics Exam Pattern 2025

This paper is divided into two sections of 40 marks each:

  • One section has compulsory short questions.
  • Second has 6 long answer based questions, in which you have to attempt any 4.

ICSE 10th Classical Language Exam Pattern 2025

This paper will be of 80 marks which will mainly have questions of elementary sanskrit grammar and unprepared translation of small proses and sentences from English to Sanskrit and vice versa.

ICSE 10th Modern Foreign Language Exam Pattern 2025

It will contain 5 compulsory questions based on unseen passage, grammar, letter, composition and translation into English.

ICSE Exam Pattern 2025 for Group 3 Subjects

This group has many subjects as per ICSE 10th Class exam pattern 2025. Out of which, students need to choose only 1 as their optional subject. The paper will be of 50 marks with variable duration according to the subject.

The ICSE exam pattern 2025 for these subjects in this group is given below:

ICSE 10th Commercial, Economic, Computer, Environmental Application & Home Science Exam Pattern 2025

The papers for these subjects are divided into two sections in which one has compulsory short answer based questions and the other section will have Long answer type questions with internal choices.

ICSE 10th Art Exam Pattern 2025

Students will be given the option of 4 papers of drawing or painting from still life, drawing or painting from nature, Original Imaginative composition in color and Applied Art. Out of these four papers, students need to choose any two for assessment. Each paper comprises of 100 marks each and internal assessment comprises of 100 marks.

ICSE 10th Performing Arts Exam Pattern 2025

This paper has three main sections of Vocal Music, Instrumental music and Tabla.

Cookery & Fashion Designing Exam Pattern 2025

It will be having two sections, one with compulsory short answer type questions and another with internal choice of detailed answer type questions, students need to attempt any 4 questions in this section. Theory paper comprises of 100 marks whereas the internal assessment comprises of 100 marks in all the above subjects.

ICSE 10th Physical Education Exam Pattern 2025

This paper also has 2 sections

  • Section-A: questions based on human growth development, physical education, body types, physical fitness and first aid
  • Section-B: questions based on skills, rules, methods of training of any two sports.

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What combination of subjects are not allowed according to ICSE 10th Examination Pattern 2025?

  • Environmental Science form group-2 and Environmental application from group-3.
  • Economics from group-2 and Economic application from group-3.
  • Commercial Studies of Group-2 with Commercial Applications of Group-3.
  • Sanskrit as second language in group-1 and Sanskrit as classical language in group-2.
  • There can be no same Modern language in any group.

Important Instructions for ICSE Exam Pattern 2025 Class 10

  • The optional subjects should be chosen in Class 9 only, while registering for ICSE Class 10 examination.
  • Students also have the option of choosing an additional subject from Group-2 apart from the two optional subjects.
  • Students can choose one additional language in case they have selected Hindi as their second language.

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What are the qualifying marks for ICSE 10th Examination?

Students need to score at least 33% in each subject as per the ICSE marking scheme 2025 10th Class.

How can we check ICSE exam pattern 2025 Class 10th?

Students can get the official ICSE 10th Exam Pattern 2025 from their official website: cisce.org

Can we change our optional subjects in Class 10th?

No, students are not allowed to change their optional subjects in Class 10, the optional subjects selected in Class 9 will be considered final.

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