ISC Passing Marks 2024 for Class 12th – ISC Grading System

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) determines ISC Passing marks for Class 12th 2024. All the students need to obtain minimum passing marks to clear ISC Exam 2024.

Now, CISCE has reduced the minimum passing marks for ISC Class 12th to 35%. So, the students have to secure at least 35% marks to get a pass certificate in ISC exam result 2024.

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If we talk in numbers, ISC pass marks are 35 out of 100 marks paper.

ISC Passing Criteria 2024 for Class 12th Subjects

It is mandatory for all the candidates to choose English as a compulsory subject and along with three, four or five elective subjects of ISC Syllabus 2024.

To get a ISC Class 12th pass certificate, students must get minimum ISC passing marks 2024 in 5 subjects. So, best 5 of 6 subjects apply to the ISC board including English.

Minimum Attendance in ISC 2024 Class 12th

The minimum attendance percentage should be 75%. It means all the students should have at least 75% attendance to be eligible for exams which are held as per ISC 12th time table 2025.

But in some cases, there is an exception. For example, if a student has any medical issue or any personal issue, but the final decision will be taken by the chief executive and secretary. Read more.

ISC Passing Marks Class 12th 2024

All the students need to obtain a minimum 35% marks in each subject to get a passing certificate for ISC Class 12th Exam 2024. Those who will get the highest marks will be the Toppers of ISC Class 12th 2024 Exam.

ISC Passing Grades 2024 Class 12th 

ISC has a grading system which describes the evaluation of students.

  • Grade 1-2 is considered to be very good.
  • Grade 3-6 is considered to be passed with credit.
  • Grade 7-8 is considered to be pass.
  • Grade 9 is considered to be failed.

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ISC Improvement Exam Class 12th 2024

Students who have not secured ISC Passing Marks 2024 or got a PCNA (Pass Certificate Not Awarded) certificate can appear for ISC Improvement exams which are conducted in the month of July. To appear for ISC Improvement exam, students must pass in English and other two subjects.

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