KCET Seat Allotment 2024 Date, Round, Choice & Options for KEA Seat

Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) will conduct KCET 2024 Counselling and announce KCET 2024 Seat Allotment results based on the choice of filling. Candidates may check kea.kar.nic.in official portal link to know dates and events of KCET Seat allotment 2024.

Candidates who qualify KCET 2024 exam and placed in merit list prepared by KEA are called for KCET Counselling 2024. After that, KCET Seat Allotment 2024 is held for facilitate the candidates to fill their choices. Read the article to know more updates on KCET 2024 Seat allotment. 

kcet seat allotment

KCET Seat Allotment 2024 Important Dates

Candidates can check important dates and events announced by KEA for KCET 2024 seat allotment.

EventsImportant Dates
Option Entry KCET 2024To be notified 
Mock Seat Allotment Karnataka CET resultsTo be notified 
Change of Option after Mock Seat AllotmentTo be notified 
Second round KCET Seat allotment 2024To be notified 
Change of Options in round 2To be notified 
Fee paymentTo be notified 
Last Date to report to collegeTo be notified 
KCET 2024 Seat Allotment

How to Check KCET Seat Allotment 2024?

Aspirants can check the steps involved in KCET 2024 Seat allotment prescribed by KEA.

  • Visit the official site www.kea.kar.nic.in
  • Find and click ‘KCET 2024 Seat Allotment’ link
  • Enter KCET roll number 2024 as provided earlier
  • Press ‘Submit’ button
  • In the new page, KCET 2024 Seat Allotment is displayed.
  • Save and download the Seat allotment letter page.

KCET Seat allotment letter will look like this:

YFjG20z0KQW30JkLFC4fi ytd sXWuyumD1hwe90ZnyRRi8SR4puvA67EJyjPFlyeadVZOhrv9g3xRSTLlgD xNIf4Uxo1wM3WVlYijnU YkrutQJHRI7n0a2UuJw0MSX8Hh YNJ9hdGIfDPdRKyir3MCqhkafn

Rounds of KCET Seat Allotment 2024

KEA will announce exact dates of KCET Seat 2024 allotment on the main portal. Earlier, KEA will conduct KCET Mock seat allotment 2024 and release the result of mock seat allotment. Candidates who have filled their choice of course and college desired to pursue are listed out in the result. 

By KCET Mock seat allotment, candidates can get an idea of the seat allotment process and ability to change or cancel the seat allotment. Candidates do not report to respective institutes at the end of mock seat allotment round.

KCET First Round Seat Allotment 2024

KEA will conduct the first round of KCET 2024 Seat allotment to candidates based on their marks obtained in the entrance exam, rank allotted based on their marks and the availability of seats. The choice of candidates is one of the basic factors to execute KCET Seat allotment 2024.

In this round, special category candidates such as physically disabled, NCC and sports candidates followed by general category candidates. 

KCET Second Round Seat Allotment 2024

The second round of KCET 2024 Seat allotment is conducted by KEA to allot seats of rural and Kannada Medium quota. The dates of the second round of KCET Seat allotment 2024 is updated on the official site.

Second Round Extension

Seats left vacant in the round 1 KCET Seat allotment 2024 are filled in the second round. Seats for categories of SCG, STG, 1G, 2AG, 2BG, 3AG, 3BG, GMR and GMK are filled. 

Special Round of KCET Seat Allotment 2024

KEA will allot all the seats available within two rounds of KCET 2024 Seat Allotment. If any seats are left after two rounds of KCET 2024 Seat Allotment, a special round of seat allotment is done.

Dates for special round KCET Seat allotment 2024 is announced on the official site. However, if all the seats are filled or allotted there is no need for a special round KCET 2024 Seat allotment.

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What after KCET Seat Allotment 2024?

As KEA allots seats after rounds of KCET Seat 2024 allotment, candidates may cross-check the allotted seat and college before reporting to the institute. Candidates will pay admission fee and report to respective colleges if they are convenient with KCET 2024 Seat allotment. 

Alternatively, candidates may go for further KCET Seat 2024 allotment rounds looking for a better course and choice of college/University. Seat allotment is followed by acceptance or cancellation of allotted seats. Candidates are given four choices to choose, accept/cancel or cancel KCET 2024 Seat allotment done by KEA.

Primary Choice – Accepting the Seat

Candidates accept the primary choice KCET 2024 Seat allotment and report to the college within definite time. Perfection and satisfaction are attained with primary choice KCET Seat Allotment 2024 that candidates will pay admission fee and tuition fee for the allotted course. 

Secondary Choice – Accepting but Proceeding Next Round

Candidates who are satisfied with KCET Seat Allotment 2024 done in round 1 but willing to participate in further rounds of seat allotment would prefer the secondary choice. In this option, candidates will have to make new choices of course and college.

If the new KCET 2024 Seat Allotment is more satisfactory than the previous round, then candidates may cancel the previous KCET Seat 2024 allotment and go for second choice allotment.

Tertiary Choice – Neglecting and Looking For Best

Candidates who are not satisfied with round 1 KCET 2024 Seat Allotment can go for further rounds of KCET Seat Allotment 2024. Choice 3 is suitable for such candidates and that includes cancellation of KCET Seat 2024 allotment done in the current round. They need not alter the KCET 2024 Option entry details (Course and college prefer)

Quaternary Choice – Unsatisfactory and Relieving Counselling

This choice is the final and last chance applicable to candidates who are not satisfied with KCET Seat Allotment 2024 and willing to quit the KCET counselling 2024. Thus, the allotted seat is cancelled and further participants of the candidate are nullified.

Cancellation of KCET Seat Allotment 2024

  • Candidates are allowed to cancel or reject the allotted seat. Provisions are made to exercise cancellation of KCET 2024 Seat Allotment.
  • Candidates who proclaim cancellation of a seat that is alloted in first or second round of KCET Seat allotment 2024, before the KCET option entry 2024 dates are charged the processing fee of Rs.5000/- and refunded the admission fee.
  • Candidates who cancel KCET Seat allotment 2024 or fail to report the college/University after the given time are not refunded the admission fee. 
  • Cancellation executed after second extended round of KCET Seat allotment 2024 is influenced by non-refunding complete fee paid if they had not paid admission fee then forfeit of complete fee is charged.
  • Candidates are not allowed to cancel or surrender KCET Seat allotment 2024 done already unless they return original required documents like admission order, bank challan, verification  slip & green card.

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FAQs Related to KCET 2024 Seat Allotment

  1. When will KCET Seat Allotment 2024 commences?

    KEA will announce the dates and events of KCET Seat 2024 allotment on the main site. Individual dates for each round are announced prior to every round.

  2. Is it possible to cancel the KCET Seat allotment 2024 to the candidate?

    Yes, a candidate is able to cancel or reject the respective KCET 2024 Seat allotment done in the first or second round of seat allotment. 

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