Navodaya OMR Sheet 2022 PDF Download ✓ Class 6 and 9 NVS OMR Sheet 2022

Jawahar Navodaya OMR Sheet 2022 PDF Download – Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) releases the JNV OMR sheet 2022 pdf for Class 6 and 9 in online mode. NVS OMR sheet 2022 sample pdf file is made available on

Students can download Navodaya OMR sheet 2022 pdf from the link given below and solve the question paper. After that match answers with answer key to know the probable scores in Navodaya result 2022 Class 6.

PDF Download Link: Click here for JNV OMR sheet pdf download HD file as released by NVS.

Navodaya OMR Sheet 2022 Class 6 Instructions

  • A separate Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya OMR sheet PDF Class 6 2022 (Optical Mark Recognition) is provided to each candidate.
  • Candidates are required to darken their answers at an appropriate place on the Sample OMR sheet for Navodaya.
  • A copy of specimen Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya OMR sheet sample is available on the official website of NVS:

Class 6 students need 80 questions OMR sheet pdf as their paper will contain a total of 80 questions. Class 9 exam will contain a total of 100 questions so they need 100 questions NVS OMR sheet PDF download.

Read Navodaya OMR Sheet 2022 Instructions in Hindi

Navoday omr sheet answer filling instructions

Instructions for JNVST OMR Sheet 2022 Class 6 and 9 Answers Submission

  • Use only Blue/Black ball-point pen to darken the answers on the Navodaya OMR sheet 2022.
  • Use of pencil is strictly prohibited.
  • Darken the circle completely.
  • For each question, there are four probable answers, out of which, only one is correct.
  • The candidates should select the correct answer and darken the respective circle only.
  • For example, if your answer for Question no. 15 is C, then, darken the circle under C.
  • Please do not make any stray marks on the JNV OMR sheet 2022.

How top fill Roll Number, Booklet number and other particulars in JNV OMR Sheet 2022?

NVS OMR Sheet Filling

Check other OMR Sheets

Only ONE CIRCLE for each question can be darkened in Navodaya OMR sheet image 2022 as shown below:

JNV omr sheet answer filling method

Important Note: The candidate should tally the Booklet Code printed on Side-2 of the OMR Sheet with the Main Test Booklet. In case of discrepancy, report the matter to the Invigilator and ask for replacement of both the Main Test Booklet and the JNV OMR Sheet 2022.

FAQs Related to NVS OMR Sheet 2022

  1. Is this JNV OMR sheet free to download?

    Yes, this OMR sheet of Navodaya Vidyalaya exam is free to download. Students do not need to pay any penny for it.

  2. How many questions are there in Class 6 OMR sheet?

    6th class NVS OMR sheet 2022 contains space for a total of 80 questions.

  3. Can I carry exam OMR to home?

    No, students are not allowed to carry their Navodaya OMR sheet 2022 to their home. They will have to submit it to the invigilator immediately after exam.

  4. Can I change answer in NVS OMR sheet 2022?

    No, students are not allowed to do any change in the answer filled in Navodaya OMR sheet 2022. So fill your answers carefully.

  5. Can I do rough work on JNV OMR sheet 2022?

    No rough work is not allowed to do on JNVST OMR sheet 2022 Class 6 and 9. So use the separate sheet for rough work.

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