Odisha CHSE Syllabus 2025 PDF Download for Class 12th Arts, Commerce & Science

Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha will prescribe Odisha 12th Syllabus 2025. Students can visit the official website to download the Odisha CHSE Syllabus 2025. Students must refer to Odisha 12th Class Syllabus 2025, as it will help them  to understand the exam pattern and prepare for exams.

They must cover the entire CHSE Odisha syllabus 2025 at least a month before Odisha CHSE exam date 2025. Go through this article to know complete details about Odisha CHSE Syllabus 2025.

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CHSE Odisha Syllabus 2025 Subjects

Students will have to read 5 compulsory subjects and 2 optional subjects. 

Subject NameDownload Link
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Odisha CHSE Syllabus PDF Download Link (Stream/ Subject-wise)

List of Odisha CHSE Subjects for Class 12

Compulsory Subject

Elective Subject(Science)

Elective subject(Arts)




M.I.L. (Oriya / Telugu/ Bengali/ Urdu & Persian/ Hindi/ Sanskrit/Alternative English)


Political Science

Environmental Education

Mathematics / Biology / Geology



Electronics / Statistics / Geography / Computer Science / Information Technology / Biotechnology / Economics/ Sanskrit.

Logi /geography

Basic Computer Education

Mathematics /Home science

Education/Psychology/Indian Music


Odia/ Sanskrit/ Persian /Hindi /Urdu/ Bengali/ Telugu

Information Technology

How to download Odisha 12th Board Syllabus 2025

Below, we have provided easy steps to download Odisha CHSE Syllabus 2025

  • First of all, visit the official website.
  • Click on the link that says Odisha CHSE Syllabus 2025.
  • Odisha Class 12th Syllabus 2025 will appear on the screen.
  • Click on download and save the Odisha 12th Board Syllabus 2025.
  • Take a printout of the same for the future reference.

Odisha 12th Syllabus 2025 Overview

Exam nameOdisha 12th Board Exam
Conducting authorityCouncil of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha
CategoryOdisha CHSE Syllabus 2024
Exam modeOffline
Official websitechseodisha.nic.in

Subjects wise Odisha 12th Syllabus 2025

Below, we have provided subject wise Odisha CHSE Syllabus 2025.

Odisha CHSE Syllabus 2025 for English

  • Prose:-
    • My greatest Olympic prize
    • On examinations
    • The portrait of a lady
  • Poetry:-
    • Daffodils
    • The ballad of father gilligan
    • A Psalm of Life
  • Non detailed study:-
    • The doctors world
    • Stay hungry stay foolish
    • Mystery of the missing cap
  • Writing skills:-
    • Interpreting Graph, Charts, Tables and diagrams etc
    • Reporting Events and Business Matters
    • Extended Writing
  • Grammar:-
    • The passive
    • Direct and reported speech
    • Interrogatives
    • Phrasal verb

Odisha CHSE Syllabus 2025 – Chemistry

  • Solid State:-
    • Classification of solids based on different binding forces
    • Amorphous and crystalline solids
    • Unit cell in two dimensional and three-dimensional lattices
    • calculation of density of unit cell
    • Packing in solids, packing efficiency
    • Number of atoms per unit cell in a cubic unit cell
  • Solutions:-
    • Types of solutions
    • expression of concentration of solutions of solids in liquids
    • solubility of gases in liquids
    • solid solutions
    • Relative lowering of vapour pressure, Raoult’s law
    • depression of freezing point
    • determination of molecular masses using colligative properties
  • Electrochemistry:-
    • Redox reactions
    • electrolytes and nonelectrolyte conductor
    • conductance in electrolytic solutions
    • Specific and molar conductivity
    • variation of conductivity with concentration
    • Kohlrausch’s Law
    •  electrolysis and laws of electrolysis
  • Chemical Kinetics:-
    • Rate of a reaction
    • factors affecting the rate of reaction
    • Order and molecularity of a reaction
    •  rate law and specific rate constant
    • integrated rate equations and half-life
    • Concept of collision theory
    •  Activation energy
    •  Arrhenius equation
  • Chemistry in Everyday life:-
    • Chemical in Medicines
    • Analgesics
    • tranquilizers antiseptics
    •  disinfectants
    •  antimicrobials
    • antifertility
    • drugs
    • antibiotics
    • antacids
    •  Antihistamines

Odisha 12th Board Syllabus 2025 – Biology

  • Reproduction:-
    • Reproduction in organisms
    • Reproduction
    • Modes of reproduction
    • Sexual 
    • reproduction in flowering plants
    • Flower structure
    • Development of male and female gametophytes
    • Pollination-types
    • Double fertilization
    • Development of endosperm and embryo
    • Development of seed and formation of fruit
    • Significance of seed and fruit formation etc
  • Genetics and Evolution:-
    • Heredity and Variation
    • Mendelian Inheritance
    • Pleiotropy
    • Elementary idea of polygenic inheritance
    • Chromosome theory of inheritance
    • linkage and crossing over etc
    • Sex determination
    • In humans and birds
    • Sex-linked inheritance
    • Mendelian disorders in humans
    • Thalassemia
    • Chromosomal disorders in humans
  • Biology and Human Welfare:-
    • Health and Disease- Pathogens
    • parasites causing human diseases
    • Basic concepts of immunology- vaccines; Cancer
    • HIV and AIDS
    • Adolescence
    • drug and alcohol abuse
    • Improvement in food production
    • Microbes in human welfare- In household food processing
    • industrial production
    • sewage treatment
    • energy generation and as biocontrol agents and biofertilizers
  • Biotechnology and its Applications:-
    • Principles and process of Biotechnology
    • Genetic engineering (Recombinant DNA technology)
    • Application of Biotechnology in health and agriculture
    • Human insulin and vaccine production, gene therapy, 
    • Genetically modified organisms- Bt crops
    • Transgenic Animals
    •  Biosafety issues- Biopiracy and patents

Odisha CHSE Syllabus 2025 – Math

  • Relations and Functions:-
  • Relations and Functions
  • reflexive
  • symmetric
  • transitive and equivalence relations
  • composite functions
  • inverse of a function
  • Binary operations 
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • Definition
  • range and domain
  • Graphs of inverse trigonometric functions
  • Elementary properties of inverse trigonometric functions 


  • Matrices
  • Concept
  • notation
  • order
  • equality
  • types of matrices
  • operations on matrices
  • Addition and multiplication and multiplication with a scalar
  • Non-commutativity of multiplication of matrices
  • concept of elementary row and column operations 
  • Invertible matrices and proof of the uniqueness of inverse

Differential Calculus:-

  • Continuity and Differentiability
  • derivative of composite functions
  • derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions
  • derivative of implicit functions
  • Concept of exponential and logarithmic  functions
  • derivative of functions expressed in parametric forms

Vectors and Three-Dimensional:-

  • Vectors
  • Vectors and scalars
  • Types of vectors
  • multiplication of a vector by a scalar
  • position vector of a point dividing a line segment in a given ratio
  • products of vectors

Odisha 12th Class Syllabus 2025 – Physics

  • Electric charges and fields:-
    • Electric charge and its quantization
    • conservation of charge
    • Coulomb’s law
    • force between two point charges superposition principle 
  • Electrostatic potential and capacitance:-
    • Electric potential
    • potential difference
    • potential due to a dipole
    •  potential due to a system of charges
    • Equipotential surfaces
    • electrical potential energy Conductors Insulators
    • free charges and bound charges inside a conductor
  • Current Electricity:-
    • Electric current 
    • drift velocity
    • Ohm’s law
    • electrical resistance
    • conductance
    • resistivity
    • conductivity
    • effect of temperature on resistance
    • electrical energy and power
    •  carbon resistors
    • colour code of carbon resistor
    • EMF and potential difference
    • the internal resistance of a cell
  • Magnetic effect of Current and magnetism:-
    • Moving charges and magnetism
    • Concept of magnetic field
    • Oersted’s experiment
    • Biot-Savart law 
    • Ampere’s law and its application
    • Straight and toroidal solenoid
    • Cyclotron
  • Electromagnetic waves:-
    • Basic idea of displacement current
    • characteristics of electromagnetic waves
    • their transverse nature
    • Electromagnetic spectrum and their uses
  • Dual nature of Radiation and matter:-
    • Dual nature of radiation
    • Photoelectric effect
    • Hertz and Lenard’s observations
    • Einstein’s photoelectric equation
    • Matter waves
    • de-Broglie relation
    • Davisson- Germer experiment 
  • Communication System:-
    • Elements of a communication system
    • bandwidth of signals
    • bandwidth of transmission medium
    • propagation of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere
    •  sky and space wave propagation
    •  satellite communication, modulation
    • basic idea about internet
    • mobile telephony and GPS

Odisha Class 12th Syllabus 2025 – Environmental Education

  • Environment: Components:-
    • Atmosphere
    • Lithosphere
    • Hydrosphere and Biosphere
    • Human being as a rational social partner in environmental action
    • Impact of human activities on the environment
    • Environmental Problems of urban and rural areas
    • Stress on civic
  • Natural Resources:-
    • Land, water, forest as primary natural resources
    • Freshwater and Marine resources
    • Natural resources of Orissa
    • Concept of Biodiversity and its conservation
    • Renewable and non-renewable resources
    • Conventional and non – conventional energy
  • Environmental Pollution:-
    • Types of pollution and pollutants
    • Causes
    • effects and control of air pollution
    • water pollution
    • soil pollution and noise pollution
    • Greenhouse effect
    • Global Warming
    • Eutrophication
    • Ozone layer depletion
  • Environmental Laws:-
    • Constitutional Provisions
    • Major provisions of Environmental Laws and Pollution Control
    • Laws with particular reference to the Water Act, 1974,
    • the Air Act, 1981
    • the E(P) Act
    • 1986
    • CPCB and SPCB

Odisha 12th Syllabus 2025 – Preparation Tips

Below, we have listed some tips which will help in your exam preparation:

  • Understand the Odisha CHSE Syllabus 2025, exam pattern and structure before you start preparing for the exam.
  • After going through the whole syllabus, make a proper time table which includes all subjects and stick to it everyday.
  • Try to finish the syllabus at least before 2 months so that you can get the time for revision.
  • Solve previous year exam papers to get an estimate scores of Odisha 12th Class result 2025.
  • Clear all your doubts with your seniors before the exam.

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FAQs related to Odisha 12th Board Syllabus 2025

How can I download Odisha CHSE Syllabus 2025?

Visit the official website to download Odisha 12th Board Syllabus 2025.

What are the Odisha CHSE Passing Marks?

You have to secure at least 30% CHSE Odisha passing marks to clear the Class 12 Exams.

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