CA Course Duration after 10th, 12th & Graduation (Level-wise CA duration)

CA Duration 2024 – Students aspiring to become a CA must know its duration and exam schedule. The minimum duration for CA course can be 5 years for 12th passed students. Whereas, graduate students can complete CA exam in 3.5 years after completing their graduation. 

After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of CA Course duration in India after the 10th, 12th, graduation, and post-graduation. In addition, we will discuss the prerequisites, fees, and other information pertinent to the CA course.

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Complete CA Course Duration

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has formulated a fresh plan for the education and training of CAs, which candidates can found here. In accordance with the CA new scheme 2024, the ICAI will cut the amount of time required to become a CA by six months.

Therefore, in order to become a chartered accountant under the new system, you will need to spend a minimum of 4.5 years in the programme. You can acquire all of the information you need by reading the complete article.

Upcoming Schedule for CA Course with Timeline

Registration for CA Foundation course1st January 2024
Appear in 12th standard examinationMarch 2024
Enroll for CA Foundation examJanuary 2024
Appear for CA Foundation examsMay 2024
ICAI CA Result 2024 DateJuly 20247  months
Register  for CA Intermediate level (both group)31st August 2024
Appear for Intermediate examsMay 2024
Result declared for Intermediate levelsJuly 20241.7 years
Register for 3 years Articleship programJuly 2024
Register for final level after 2.5 years of completion of ArticleshipDecember 20274 years
Appear in CA Final examsMay 2028
Result declaredJuly 20284.7 years

Level-wise CA Course Duration in India

There are three levels in CA course and the duration of each level is explained below:

CA Foundation Duration

The time commitment required to complete the CA Foundation course is one year. Students who have successfully passed their 12th Class exams are eligible to enroll for the CA Foundation examinations. 

They need to study for a period of four months after they have registered in order to be eligible to take the CA Foundation Exam. The results of the CA Foundation test will be announced about two months following the conclusion of the examinations.

CA Intermediate Duration

The CA Foundation exam is the first step before moving on to the CA Intermediate exam. As soon as they have passed the CA Foundation exam, candidates are eligible to register for the CA Intermediate exam on their own. Once they have registered, students have an additional eight months of the study time to complete before they are eligible to take the Intermediate Examination.

Within 16–17 days, the ICAI will hold the CA Intermediate Examination, and after that, students will have to wait two months for its outcome. Therefore, the total amount of time needed to complete the CA Intermediate Course is equal to ten months.

CA Final Course Duration

The Chartered Accountancy programme comes to a close with the CA Final examination. After passing both groups of the CA Intermediate Course and achieving a passing score on the AICITSS, an individual is eligible to enrol in the CA Final Course.

It is possible for students to take the CA Last Examination while they are still in their final six months of articleship training. ICAI has a pattern of announcing the results of the CA Final test around two months following the exam. During this time, candidates are also required to finish any outstanding portions of their Articles of Clerkship (commonly known as “Articles”) training.

As a result, the overall time spent on the CA Course, including articles and the CA Final, is three years. We are now able to claim that the overall time required to complete the Chartered Accountancy course after the 12th grade is around 5 years. To reiterate, this is the shortest possible time frame; the actual length of the course will be longer if more tries are made.

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CA Course Duration after 10th, 12th & Graduation

The Chartered Accountant programme in India is a professional field that requires students to be evaluated on both their skills and their knowledge. The Chartered Accountant (CA) programme is structured in such a way that students may get their professional certification at any age, since there is no upper age restriction for enrolling in this programme. The 4.5-year timetable for completion of the CA course is currently being followed.

When we get the inquiries from CA hopefuls each year, it sparked the idea for us to create this post on the length of time it takes to complete the CA course. At the conclusion of the talk, we were pleased to be able to assist and dispel all the misconceptions about the length of time required to complete the CA course.

CA Course Duration After 10th Class

As a result of the recent revisions introduced by the ICAI, students may now enrol for their 10th-grade classes with a temporary certificate. The new applicant submits their application for the Foundation course, which can only be taken once the individual has completed their 12th-grade studies. If you start your studies in the tenth grade in the year 2022, it will take you 6.5 years to complete the requirements necessary to become a certified public accountant.

CA Course Duration After 12th Class

In order to be able to register for IPCC, a candidate must have passed both the CPT and the class 12th test. It is recommended that the registration process be completed nine months before the first day of the examination month. The IPCC examination covers seven different topics and is worth a total of 700 marks. In order to pass the test, you need to get a total of 40 marks across all of the topics.

In addition to that, you need to have at least a 50% total score. The test is divided into two parts, and the first of which consists of four separate sections, namely Accounting, Law, Taxation, Costing, and Financial Management. Audit, Information Technology and Strategic Management, and Advanced Accountancy are the three examinations that are included in the second category. Once a candidate has achieved a score of 60 or more in any one topic, they are free from having to retake that exam in a subsequent try.

Duration of the CA Course Following Graduation

After graduation, the Chartered Accountant Course lasts for 4.5 years. Students who have already earned their diplomas are eligible to submit an application for the CA Intermediate Course. They are exempted from the requirement that they complete the CA Foundation examinations.

After completing CA Inter registration, candidates are required to complete the ICITSS course for a period of one month and then complete an articleship for a period of at least nine months. After passing both sets of the CA Inter examinations, students will need to finish the remaining training and pass the CA Final examinations.

CA Course Duration after Intermediate Level of ICSI

In addition to college graduates and postgraduates, students who have successfully completed the Intermediate level of the Chartered Accountancy Students Institute (ICSI) may also study Chartered Accountancy without first having to pass the CA Foundation exam. Students who meet these criteria are eligible to start CA Intermediate right away.

After they have successfully enrolled in the programme, they are subjected to the same eight-month study time as students using the standard path. The next steps are going to be the same for students using the standard path.

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FAQs Related to CA Course Duration in India

Can I become CA in 2 years?

The minimum duration to pursue CA after graduation is 3 years as you can directly take IPCC exams after 9 months from registering yourself after which you also need to complete 2.5-3 Years of articleship to become a Chartered Accountant.

What are the 7 subjects in CA?

They are Accounting, law, auditing, financial management, direct tax, indirect tax, information system and control data and advance management accounting. There are a total of 19 subjects. 

What are the 3 levels of CA course?

The CA course has three levels: CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and. CA Final.

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