CTET Maths Syllabus 2024 PDF Download for Paper 1 & 2

CTET Maths Syllabus 2024: The CTET 2024 exam is expected to be conducted on July 7, 2024. Candidates must ensure that before they sit for the exam they must ensure that they go through all the important details of CTET maths syllabus 2024.

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By referring to the CTET syllabus 2024 for maths candidates will be able to formulate their strategies for the exam, get a greater understanding of the CBSE CTET exam pattern and marking scheme etc. The details mentioned below will help candidates in understanding the CTET maths syllabus 2024. 

ctet maths syllabus

Links to Download CTET Maths Syllabus 2024 

The link to download the CTET maths syllabus 2024 is given below. 

CTET Paper 1 Syllabus Download PDF of MathsClick Here
CTET Paper 2 Syllabus PDF for MathsClick Here
CTET Syllabus PDF Download 2024 Link

CTET Maths Syllabus 2024 for Paper 1 Primary

The CTET maths syllabus for paper 1 consists of 30 questions divided into two parts. The first part is wherein questions are asked on basic mathematics and in the other part questions are asked on the pedagogical section. The details mentioned below consist of a breakdown of the mathematics section for CTET paper 1. 

Content – 15 Questions

  • Geometry
  • Shapes & Spatial Understanding
  • Solids Around Us
  • Numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Measurement
  • Weight
  • Time
  • Volume
  • Data Handling
  • Patterns
  • Money

CTET Maths Syllabus Paper 1 for Pedagogical Issues – 15 Questions

  • Nature of Mathematics/Logical thinking; understanding children’s thinking and reasoning patterns and strategies of making meaning and learning
  • Place of Mathematics in Curriculum
  • Language of Mathematics
  • Community Mathematics
  • Evaluation through formal and informal methods
  • Problems of Teaching
  • Error analysis and related aspects of learning and teaching
  • Diagnostic and Remedial Teaching

CTET Maths Syllabus Paper 2 for Elementary Stage 

The CTET mathematics syllabus for paper 2 consists of a few things. The section is divided into topics such as the number system, algebra, etc. This section consists of 20 questions with 10 marks for the content section and the other 10 for the pedagogical section. 

CTET Maths Content- 20 Questions

  • Number System
  • Knowing our Numbers
  • Playing with Numbers
  • Whole Numbers
  • Negative Numbers and Integers
  • Fractions
  • Algebra 
    • Introduction to Algebra
    • Ratio and Proportion
  • Geometry 
    • Basic geometrical ideas (2-D)
    • Understanding Elementary Shapes (2-D and 3-D)
    • Symmetry: (reflection)
    • Construction (using Straight edge Scale, protractor, compasses)
    • Mensuration
    • Data handling
  • Mensuration:
    • sphere
    • Cylinder
    • cone
    • triangles
    • circle
    • rectangle/Square 
  • Arithematics:
    • Time & Work
    • Time & Distance
    • Profit & Loss
    • Simple & Compound Interest
    • Ratio & Proportion

CTET Mathematics Syllabus for Pedagogical Issues 

  • Nature of Mathematics/Logical thinking
  • Place of Mathematics in Curriculum
  • Language of Mathematics
  • Community Mathematics
  • Evaluation
  • Remedial Teaching
  • Problem of Teaching

Important Tips to Prepare for CTET Mathematics Syllabus 2024

Candidates must ensure they keep a few things in mind while preparing for the CTET mathematics syllabus for both the papers. On preparing efficiently they will be able to score well and perform efficiently in the exam. The important tips mentioned above will help candidates in preparing for the CTET mathematics syllabus 2024. 

  • The math section of paper 1 and paper 2 will consist of 30 questions each. 15 questions are asked from the content and pedagogy section. Candidates must make sure they go through all the important topics thoroughly. 
  • Candidates must analyze questions from NCERT books of classes 6th to 8th. This will help in building their confidence for the final CBSE CTET exam date and will help in understanding their mistakes. 
  • Candidates must make sure they refer to multiple sources and solve previous year question papers and sample papers. 
  • Candidates must ensure that they write down all the important formulas and revise them regularly, as this will help them understanding better the CTET exam pattern. 

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FAQs Related to CTET Maths Syllabus 2024 

  1. Does the CTET exam 2024 have negative marking?

    The CTET exam 2024 does not have negative marking. 

  2. What is the difficulty level of questions asked in the CTET mathematics section?

    The difficulty level in the CTET 2024 exam ranges from moderate to difficult.

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