JEE Main Dress Code 2024 for Male & Female Candidate

National Testing Agency has not set any specific guidelines for JEE Main dress code 2024 and what to wear at exam centre. The exam conducting authority states the Do’s and Don’ts on the JEE Main exam day. We have provided some general instructions related to JEE Main 2024 dress codes.

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Aspirants can read the instructions of JEE Main Dress Code 2024 and other guidelines on the JEE Main admit card 2024. It is said to follow the instructions given by NTA on the exam day. Read the article to understand the IIT JEE Dress Code and related guidelines.

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Guidelines for JEE Main Dress Code 2024

There may be some restrictions for wearing cap/scarf/ jewelry items to the exam hall. It is advisable to wear dresses appropriately with respect to the season and weather conditions. Read the detailed instructions for JEE Main Dress code 2024 – what to wear and what not to wear, instructions to Diabetic candidates, COVID-19 restrictions, etc.

JEE Main 2024 Dress Code for Male Candidates

Male candidates are advised to follow the guidelines of dress code prescribed to them.

  • Dresses or outfits possessing metallic pins, or clips should be avoided. Those outfits are subjected to severe verification.
  • Candidates are not allowed to cover over their head with cap/muffler/scarfs. 
  • Wear light-weight clothes. This prevents discomfort while exam in the JEE Main Exam Centre 2024.
  • Jewel or valuable ornaments are prohibited to wear.
  • Wearing goggles, smart watches, hand bands, etc are restricted inside the exam hall.

JEE Main 2024 Dress Code for Women Candidates

NTA has set up a unique JEE Main Dress Code 2024 for female candidates. It is necessary for female candidates to follow the guidelines.

  • Scarf is not allowed to wear.
  • Clothes with big buttons and badges are not suggestive.
  • Complicated hairstyles may lead to longer frisking sessions
  • Long-sleeved clothes or trousers with many pockets may not be allowed.
  • Jewelry like earrings, rings, nosepins, rings and anklets are not allowed. Bangles, Bracelets may also not be allowed.
  • Dresses including undergarments should not possess any kind of metal strips or clips.
  • Light-weight formal wear like Churidhar is allowed. Avoid draping garbs like Saree.

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Exam Day Instructions With JEE Main Dress Code 2024

NTA has instructed the following guidelines to be followed along with JEE Main 2024 Dress Code. They are:

  • Candidates should bring admit card and a recent photograph with ID proof.
  • Candidates without the above said documents or any one may not be allowed to attend the examination.
  • To maintain a code of conduct inside the exam hall is necessary. Examinees should not involve any malpractices.
  • Sanitizing frequently and wearing face masks are mandatory. Remember the pandemic threat has not vanished completely. So maintain the social distancing inside and around the exam hall.
  • Visit the exam center the previous day to know the route and travel time to the exam center to avoid unnecessary rush-ups.
  • Certain things like electronic gadgets including mobile phones, smart watches, calculators, study materials are not allowed inside the exam hall.
  • Bring a transparent water bottle with warm water.
  • Outside eatables are not allowed inside the JEE Main exam 2024.
  • Bring a ball point pen for a Paper Based Test.
  • Report to the exam hall one hour in advance and submit required documents to avoid lateness and confusion.

JEE Main Instructions for Diabetic Candidates

Candidates with diabetic health issues are permitted to enjoy certain relaxations. They are:

  • Diabetic candidates are allowed to carry tablets, eatables like fruits (Apple/orange/Banana) and drinking water bottles.
  • They are allowed to check their health benefits in between the examinations.
  • Wrapped chocolates, packed foods like sandwiches, juices, etc are not allowed to take inside the exam hall.
  • Else guidelines are applicable to the diabetic candidates.

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FAQs Related to JEE Main 2024 Dress Code

  1. Are the students allowed to wear religious identity like turban inside JEE Main exam hall 2024?

    There is no prohibition to wear a turban inside the JEE Main 2024 exam hall. Turban wearing boys are allowed with less specifications. Other religious specifications are subjected to long frisking procedures.

  2. What is JEE Main Dress code 2024 for hand injured candidates?

    Candidates with hand injury are allowed to wear comfort clothes. Dressing to injury is allowed with specific medical certification. However, a gentle medical check-up is done in the entrance area of the exam hall to ensure the injury.

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